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New team pages…

Everyone worked hard to get some new photos for their team pages along with new Q&A’s. I am stoked on how they came up! Check them here, have a read to learn a bit more about the team. Extra thanks go out to the photographers from around the world that helped out with team riders photos. The photo below is of Liam Fahy-Hampton from a fairly recent trip from Brisbane down to Melbourne, it’s amazing what you will find in small towns.


Strictly BMX holiday video…

Ools from Strictly BMX did up a little iPhone holiday edit from a trip up to the Gold Coast earlier this year. Not the best quality but worth checking out. Look out for clips of Strictly team rider, Mick Bayzand & a little of Alex in the mix.

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Classic Bayzand.

I spotted this on Facebook, it’s a healthy reminder of how rad Mick Bayzand is, most of this footage is a good five years old. It’s a section from an old video magazine called Rollcall which isn’t around anymore but was cool while it lasted.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner !!

We have the winner for the Mick Bayzand give away & the lucky recipient of the pair of LFH grips is Ciaran from Duncraig, WA. He guessed it correctly that Mick did an over double peg & a tooth hanger, congrats !!

So no more email entries please… thanks for all those that entered !!


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Mick Bayzand… & a little giveaway

Strictly BMX team rider & our main rail boss Mick Bayzand scoping out a very nice looking rail. I wonder what he did on it? First correct answer emailed to will get a free pair of LFH Grips. Entries only open to Australian residents sorry.


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Mick Bayzand – Know the team…

Well rounded traveler, Mick Bayzand gives us a quick Q&A. Pretty interesting read this one…



What are you up to today?

at home chillin whatching cartoons reovering from a big night last night….

Micky, You just got back from living in Vancouver Canada for the past couple years, what was your favourite part about living there?

Oh mate soooo much good street soooo much, good parks if ya in to that, epic trails and I mean epic! sickest spot ever. Meeting a whole new crew of amazing people, and of course the girls woooowwwww. Oh and Reases chocolates……

What did you miss most about Oz?

My family, riding with the crew, all my mates, road triping with the Colony boys, the aussie accent, meat pies, warm weather and neighbours.. hehe.

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

i made millions in the stock market and pissed it all up the wall! Naa, I have a IQ of 1700 hahaha nah more like two but I do have a black belt in taekwondo and I really enjoy cooking with a little help from some one who actually knows what there doing.

You tend to enjoy grinding rails, what is your favourite thing to do down a rail?

well I have to say I do love doing double pegs and over’s just because you can do them down some really ridiculous rails and that’s always a crazy rush. Saying that, I am quite fond of a big ice to, oohhh yeaah hangers feel amazing and I am just starting to get in to luc-e grinds. Pretty much anything down a rail is amazing..

Lately you have been travelling a fair bit, what has been your favourite place to ride?

Wow that’s a tough one, I have so much fun traveling and riding new spots that’s probably my favourite thing to do ever I love it that’s when I get my best riding done but as for spots Canada trails, Brizzie trails, the over vert drains in Melbs. Every state and every where you go has mad spots I just love being on my bike with my mates searching and shredding cant beat it hey……………………….

In Melbourne.

Mick Bayzand has been in Melbourne for the past week hanging out and having a roll. It was a real solid weekend of riding. We went around and hit a few favourites, Mick hasn’t been to this spot since the very first day I rode street with him a  good five years ago, good memories for sure. Mick heads back to Adelaide tomorrow, we will miss you Micky!


On the road again…

We’re on the road again heading our way down from Brisbane to Sydney then Canberra & some of guys making their way back down to Melbourne. On the road we have Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Alex Hiam, Nick Richardson, Tom Stretton, Chris Courtenay, Cooper Brownlee & myself. We have also got Stewart Munro along to capture the video moments.

Come along to the Above All grand opening on Saturday too… should be a blast. Click here for all the details.



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Mick and Liam arrive.

Last night we picked up Mick and Liam from the airport, should be a fun week in Brisbane then we head down south. I look forward to meeting some new faces along the way.


Mick Bayzand advert…

Mick Bayzand scores his well deserved second Colony advert in the latest 2020 magazine. Check out Mick’s Teddy frame & bars at a store near you now.


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Us vs Them… is today !!

Riders from Colony are confirmed as Alex Hiam, Zac Miner, Mick Bayzand & myself. See you there !!

Us-vs -sThem-A3-Print

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Bayzand back in town!

I picked Mick up from the airport today as he is staying in Melbourne for a week to ride and he is also apart of the Us vs Them Comp on Saturday.


Us vs Them

Bought to you by Strictly BMX with support from ourselves, is a new approach to a BMX comp. The Us vs Them format puts two teams of 8 riders going head to head for a winner takes all prize pool. This invite only comp is set for March 6th in Melbourne & will be an interesting one to watch no doubt. Riders from Colony that will be competing will be Alex Hiam, Ryan Guettler, Mick Bayzand & Zac Miner. See you there.

Us-vs -sThem-A3-Print

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Mick Bayzands bike.

Mick put together a new setup recently, repping as always the gold parts! His Colony parts list goes a little like this…

Frame: Teddy 20.85
Forks: Official
Bars: Teddy
Headset: Colony
Hubs: Clone
Rims: Clone
Seat: Focalpoint X Colony
Seat post: Colony pivotal
Cranks: Colonial
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Sprocket: Official
Pegs: Oneway Alloy


On the Road.

When you are on the road a lot you see some random stuff all the time, like the other day when we were heading out of Sydney we parked to hit a spot and Mick spotted this goat along with a cow in a front lawn of a suburban house. Every house was packed in like normal suburbs these days yet this one place had a little extra land so Mick fed it some McDonalds chips and the goat was stoked!


Product highlight – Teddy frame

Mick Bayzand is a champion. Plain & simple. I can’t get enough of his riding & he always has a smile on his face. He also always brings a smile to anyone who is around him. You too will share that same smile while riding his signature frame, the Teddy. Check one out at a store near you now or click here for more info if you can’t wait that long.

teddy frame red

Check out his recent web vid with his good mate, Kym Grosser. Words cannot describe.

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Cooper & Mick update…

Cooper Brownlee & the entire Australian team were up in Brisbane recently for various celebrations & just to kick it for a while. We did a little day trip up to Gympie last weekend while dodging the rain. It was a good day full of fun times, BMX how it’s meant to be. Mick Bayzand took this photo of Cooper doing his thing. Both Mick & Cooper are on their way back to Melbourne via Sydney & Canberra right now. Keep an eye out for them at a town near you. Word is that Mick already slid a rail in Port Macquarie that eluded me a few years back.

Click here for some pics of Mick over on the Focalpoint site.


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Micky Bayzand is back in Oz and killing it! We have been up in Brisbane for a couple weeks now and will be driving back down to Melbourne next week. This photo is from another hot day in the sun, taking it easy late in the day.


Mick Bayzand rules…

Mick Bayzand dropping bombs with his good mate, Kym Grosser. Bloody awesome.

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Mick Bayzand…

Mick has ridden for Strictly BMX has long as I can remember. He recently scored their website splash page & you can check it out by clicking here now. You can also check out our entire ranges by clicking here now.


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Defero online

First online issue of Defero, this one features the recent Flem Banks Jam. Zac, Marnold, Mick, Clint and myself all have footage in this one. Such a great day!

Flem Banks…

Myself, Mick Bayzand, Zac Miner, Marnold & Liam Fahy-Hampton (although injured) will be there flying the flag for Colony. Should be a fun day. See you there !!


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Bayzand is back home

Mick Bayzand is back home after his 18 month stint in Canada. Welcome home mate !! Here are a few pics that George Bolter from NZ got while he was there. Thanks for the pics !!

Gotta love a backie on street.

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No, not the Ice T song from the ’80’s but rather our new colours for 2010. They have been getting plenty of positive comments from all kinds of people out there & our Candy Red is no different. Shown here on a Teddy Frame & Bars with some Official Forks. Word.

Speaking of Teddy, (Mick Bayzand) is due back in Australia this week after 18 months in Canada. Will be good to have you home mate !!


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The best man…

Mick Bayzand was the best man at long time friend, Kym Grosser’s wedding recently. Congrats Kym !! Looking sharp in the suits boys !!


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Product highlight – Teddy Frame

Mick Bayzand’s first ever signature frame will be available in Australia & the USA from next week & you can click here for all the info about his frame. All other countries that have a Colony distributor can expect to see Mick’s frame & our full 2010 ranges in the coming weeks. Word.

Just cause I love it, check out his edit from a couple years ago below. Can you say tough?


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World travellers…

Thought I would let you all know of some of the travel plans the team have going on now or very soon…

Tim Wood was in Singapore last weekend for some demos at a brand new concrete park there, it was amazing park according to Tim. He took a bit of a spill on the vert bowl there but is OK.

Nick Richardson is off to the USA for 2 months to stay at Ryan’s house in Greenville. Expect some good things to come from Nick while over there. Nick also recently put together a nice new 2010 Gnarkill Frame.

Zac Miner & Liam Fahy-Hampton are off to China at the end of the month for an invitational comp over there in Beijing. Should be interesting.

Shane Badman is due back to Australia soon after a few years in Europe.

Mick Bayzand is also coming home in October after 18 months in Canada. It will be good to have him back in Australia.

I am off to the US in a couple weeks for Interbike. So looking forward to the Nora Cup party once again, just not the day after.


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Mick Bayzand checks in…

Mick sent over some pics of him shredding on his new 2010 Teddy frame & it looks like he is liking it for sure. I always love the stuff Mick does, always keeps me on the edge of my seat. You rule mate !!


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Mick Bayzand’s new Teddy frame

Mick sent over some pics of his new Teddy frame built up & it looks the goods for sure. True Bayzand style of Black & Gold, gotta love it. Check it out below. Mick’s Colony parts list reads as follows…

Frame: Teddy 20.85
Fork: Official
Stem: Official
Headset: Colony
Bars: Teddy
Cranks; Colonial
BB Kit: Colony
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Pegs: Oneway Alloy
Seat post: Pivotal
Seat: Pivotal Mid


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Product update – Teddy Frame

As promised we have the full specs on Mick Bayzand’s signature frame due out in September. Click here for the full low down now.

 teddy backend candy red

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