Archive Of July 2011 - Colony BMX

Mick Bayzand checks in.

Mick is currently travelling around Australia, I will let him tell you the story though…

“Hey! This is Mick here checking in. After the DVD launch in Brissy I packed up my life in Melbourne and hit the road with my girlfriend to show her around Australia before she heads home to Canada. We rented a van to sleep, cook, and do pretty much everything in. First stop was Byron Bay where we explored the beautiful beach and hiked up to the lighthouse. I abandoned my shoes and became a barefoot bushman. We had mad adventures exploring the bush. We then kept moving until we arrived at the Glass House Mountains and spent the day at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo. Turned out to be Bindi’s 13th birthday, so we got to see some crazy croc shows with the whole family. I even got a piece of her birthday cake! Next stop we came to Noosa where we explored the mangroves and the river by kayak. We spent a few hours on a deserted island where we hung out and I had a stab at spear fishing. We got out of there quickly after our car was broken into and made our way to Rainbow Beach. Now we’re here for a few days exploring the sand dunes and hiking through the National Parks. This is such a chill place I almost don’t want to leave. The plan is to head up the East Coast until Cairns. I’ll keep you posted with anymore wild adventures we come across. Peace.”

King of the Jibs 2

We are proud to present the King of the Jibs 2 in conjunction with the Ausbike 2011 trade show down in Melbourne next month. As per last year, it is an invite only event with 30 of the best street riders from around Australia. Check the flyer for details & click here to get your tickets to watch the comp. A big thanks to Focalpoint for their support of this event once again.

Check out the video below from last years event for a taste of what to expect. Hope to see many of you there.

Thanks to Glen McLaughlin for editing the video.

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Daniele De Piccoli…

Our flow rider in Italy, Daniele Piccoli recently scored some coverage in the recent A.R.T. BMX magazine & he is also taking part in the Nike Chosen video contest with some of his friends. His crew is called the Wild Bunch so show them some support by clicking here now.

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Canadian DVD premiere…

There is a premiere set in Vancouver for this Friday… check the flyer below for details. Did someone say free beer?

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Product highlight – Super Slim Seat

Our Pivotal Seats use a improved base for strength & come in a wide variety of colours. Check them out at a dealer near you now. Or click here now to read more about them.

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Tom Stretton – Ten Clips

After working hard on filming for the Colony DVD, we wanted to play around with a web edit series that was a bit more relaxed, so the deal is…. The rider picks out a spot or park they enjoy riding and then they film ten clips at that spot. No pressure, just keep it fun and do the things they enjoy doing.

This is Tom’s local park so I knew this would be the place we would hit up for his Ten Clips. To mix it up and to work in with Tom’s work schedule, we got out the generator and filmed it at night whilst the local kids lurked in the background.

We moved the generator set-up around to each part of the park to film each clip which worked well.

Filmers: Cooper Brownlee (fisheye) Troy Charlesworth (long lens)

Edited by: Cooper Brownlee.

Product highlight – Beanies

Available this week at your favourite Colony dealer are our Beanies to keep your noggin warm in these cooler winter months. Limited to only 30 of each colour & only available in Australia.

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Weekend in Newcastle…

Zac Miner, Alex Hiam, Tom Stretton, Brock Olive & myself headed down to Newcastle on the weekend to ride & to attend a DVD premiere hosted by the guys at Drift Bikes. A huge thanks to everyone at Drift. On the way down we also hit up the new park in Nimbin which was a blast. Get yourself there sometime soon if you wanna ride a great snake run & park.

A huge thanks to Adam Ingles & all the Newcastle locals that showed us a great time. A special thanks also go to Matt & his boys for letting us ride his backyard ramps. Thanks for the Jack’s too, good times !!

Tom enjoying Nimbin’s new park.

In-store at Drift Bikes.

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Advert: Zac Miner

This is the first print advert for us with the new layout featured in the current issue of RideUS which tells a bit more of a story of the photos within the advert. I am really stoked on these. Zac Miner riding Ryan Guettler’s backyard. Photos also shot by Ryan.

Western Australia premiere

Thanks so much to Calvin Kosovich for taking the time to film this. The guys at Royal BMX had an instore premiere evening for the DVD and Calvin caught up with a few local crew to see what they thought of it. If you watched the interviews we did with the team about filming for the DVD you would know we talked alot about Perth, well most this crew in this are the guys that helped us out alot.

DVD review on DATA BMX

If you can read French then make sure you check out the review that Data Bmx did on the DVD. It seems like they enjoyed it so we are stoked! Thanks guys, you can read it here.

DVD premiere in Newcastle tonight!

For those in the Newcastle area Drift Bikes are hosting a premiere for our DVD tonight. Alex Hiam, Tom Stretton,Brock Olivemyself will also be at Drift Newcastle for an in-store & then going down to the park for a ride afterwards. Should be a great day on & off these great little bikes we all ride & love so much. Check the flyer for details.

Liam Zingbergs Interview

Liam has a solid interview in the new 2020, here is a photo of one of the pages of the interview. Make sure you pick yourself up a copy and have a read.

New splash page.

I just put up a new splash page which you can see larger here. This one features Zac Miner sliding a steep rail in Brisbane whilst dodging poles top and bottom.

More Valvo

Valvo recently did a box jump demo and sent in a couple of photos from the day, thanks for that Valvo.

Soul 71 & The Colony DVD

If you live in France, you most likely read Soul BMX Magazine on a regular basis. Well this issue they are giving you the chance to get The Colony DVD for a very small price with selected copies of issue 71. Check it.

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Liam Five clips.

Tim Towie put this together to test a new camera, liam throws down some good moves on an up-ledge.

Broc Olive oneclip…

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DVD premiere in Louisiana…

Our rider in the USA, Broc Raiford has been an integral part of organising a DVD premiere at his local indoor park in Harvey, Louisiana. Check the flyer below for full details… it’s on this Saturday. Get yourself there if you’re in the area.

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Advert: Brock Olive

Brock Olive has the current advert in the 2nd issue of The Albion. Solid truckdriver in Canberra.

DVD premiere in Adelaide…

For those down in Adelaide, Little Black Bike are having the Colony DVD premiere for tomorrow night. Check the flyer below for info.

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DVD premiere Newcastle…

For those in the Newcastle area Drift Bikes are hosting a premiere for our DVD this Saturday night. Alex Hiam, Tom Stretton, Brock Olive & myself will also be at Drift Newcastle for an in-store & then going down to the park for a ride afterwards. Should be a great day on & off these great little bikes we all ride & love so much. Check the flyer for details.

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DVD premiere in Koln, Germany

I have a soft spot for Koln, Germany. Over the years I have spent a lot of time there riding various contests & having a great time in general. I even lived there for a year back in 2001. I am stoked to see there will be a premiere there for our DVD as well. What better people to have host it as well with the good folks at The People’s Store. In conjunction with Freedom BMX Magazine’s 100 Issue party it is set to be an amazing night. Thanks to all involved including our distro in Germany, Fastpace.

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Marnold and Cooper Oneclips.

Both Marnold and Cooper have had recent Oneclips at their local park, check them out!

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Valvo edit…

Our main man in Brazil, Valvoline has recently been hooked up by Etnies in Brazil & this is his welcome edit filmed on some fun looking trails.

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Premiere night…

Big thanks to everyone who came out to the Brisbane premiere last night, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and the DVD.

The venue was at full capacity last night with well over 350 people, sorry for those that could not get inside.

The DVD will be available in all good BMX shops from this week onwards & all for a small price of only $10.00 each.

Crowd action captured on my iPhone.

Zac Miner interview…

The last in our series of interviews exclusive to TCU with the team is with Zac Miner. Check out what he went through whilst filming for the DVD & next time you see him ask him about getting married in Vegas. Funny shit.

Thanks to everyone for checking out all these videos this week & I hope you all like the DVD when you get a chance to check it out. Now it’s time for me to go get my party on for tonight… word. If your going to a premiere somewhere in the world soon, I hope you enjoy it & have a great time. Thanks !!

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DVD review on The Union

Kurt from over on The Union just posted up the first review of our DVD & you can check it out here now.

You can even win a copy of the DVD on The Union site as well, so get to it !!

There are a multitude of premieres happening all over the planet today, make sure you get yourself to your closest one to check it out.

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Brisbane premiere tonight…

For those within driving distance of Brisbane, make sure you get yourself along to our major premiere tonight at The Globe Theatre in The Valley.

It’s set to be one huge night. The entire Australian Colony team will be in attendance (with the exception of Ryan & Simon). The venue is licensed so no outside drinks allowed. There will be plenty available at the bar.

All ages are welcome with a parent or guardian but please note everyone must have photo ID to enter regardless of age (The Globe’s rules).

We will also have DVD’s for sale for $10.00 each. There will also be some lucky door prizes for a lucky few.

So get yourself along for a great night & get to hang out with the team & watch the DVD we have all worked on for 2 years now.

For those outside of Brisbane there are also plenty more premieres happening around the planet at various locations, times & dates. Click here for info on them all now.

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Cooper Brownlee interview…

Cooper Brownlee’s turn this time to talk about his experiences filming for the DVD. Not sure how he finds the time to progress with his riding in amongst all his work load but he get’s the job done. His work didn’t stop here with this interview as he filmed & edited this himself.

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