Archive Of March 2013 - Colony BMX

Brandon Van Dulken

Brandon Van Dulken and Owen Dawson took advantage of the nice weather Vancouver recently provided and dropped this mix edit.

Day in the life of Axel Reichertz

I was really stoked to see this video of Axel Reichertz from Germany. I first met Axel at Beenleigh back in 1997. I then went and stayed with him in Cologne, Germany for the 2000 worlds. He is an inspiration and one of the coolest down to earth guys you will ever meet. He also runs a cool shop called Zupport in Trier, Germany. They stock our products So know what’s up!

Yo yo !!


Damn I wish I could make this, if you own a bike, get to it!

Bruno Faucon in ART mag

Bruno Faucon has a really good interview in the new ART online mag over in France. It’s all in French but even if you can’t read it, the photos throughout the mag are well worth checking out.

Peta Shepherd update…

Peta is off to the ACT jam this weekend so be sure to say hi to her if you get the chance whilst out hitting up the jams happening all weekend. Thanks to Angela for the photo.

Colony x Type 2 Detectives

Here is something a little outside the usual BMX world here but one many will appreciate regardless. For many months now we have been working on this joint project together with Type 2 Detectives in the UK, who are one of the more famous VW custom shops on the planet. To have them contact us and offer such a colab was an honour and one that we could not pass up.

Basically the plan was to build to our own look and specs, an awesome and very rare, 1965 VW Type 3 Squareback panel van. The idea was to make it into vintage look company car, complete with roof racks for a couple bikes. The perfect promo vehicle and a lot of fun to boot. It was debuted at the world class Volksworld show this past weekend in the UK with some great feedback. The end result turned out awesome and exactly how we wanted it to look. Thanks heaps to Paul and his team at the Type 2 Detectives. Hit them up for any of your VW needs. Check out their website and their FB page.

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Dean Anderson video

Dean filmed this video with Tom Brown (who also edited it) over the past 6 months and it really shows Deans progression. Kid is killing it right now!

Marnold in Brisbane.

Marnold just sent through this update from his Brisbane trip, thanks to Stu Munro for the photos.

Yoo guys, on the weekend I went up to Brissy to film with stu for his dvd. I had a blast, rode some amazing spots and the crew I rode with were awesome, way to many laughs and shit talking! It was hella hot up there like 30 both days and so muggy that when you were just sitting down you were sweating, but other then that it was good to get out of Melbourne and ride. Thanks to Stewie, Raph, Bongsey, Anton and Tiny for a good weekend!

Stretton how to footjam tooth.

Tom Stretton gives you a very good insight into learning footjam tooth stalls, have a watch then get out there and learn them.

More Zac Miner…

Miner shot through another update…

So in the last week or so I’ve been hitting a few places just out of canberra. I went to Goulburn for a roll, the place is huge but the ramps are weird which makes for an interesting ride. Also went out to Bungendore which is only half hour outta canberra but its got a sick little bowl and the kids there were loving the chance to get some free stickers! Also big news in Canberra. Act jam is back and it’s gunna be sick. Over the long weekend there will be jams at 3 iconic skateparks finishing up with a BBQ at Backbone. Gunna be an epic weekend, everyone should come!!

Liam in TCU trip gallery

Zingbergs has a dope photo within TCU trip photo gallery, all shots by Devin Feil so you know they are the goods, check it.

Alex Hiam top fives

Alex has a top fives over on the Focalpoint site for everyone to read, check it out here.

Jourdans custom paint

I spotted this online and was immediately psyched on it! Custom artwork on frames is something I am really into so I’ve hit up Jourdan for some more photos but for now you get to see a sneak peek with this shot.

Ryan Guettler update…

Ryan just got back from Woodward West trip where he learnt some new moves and had a blast, there is a comp on up there this weekend which Ryan will be at as well. You can see in the photos he is trying out the new Protec full face helmet so we will see how he goes with some more testing. Ryan has also been invited to a Redbull comp in Mexico called Red Bull Dirt Conquers! So be on the lookout for that very soon.

Jack Kelly – Ten clips

The latest 10 clips video with our newest team rider, Jack Kelly. Filmed at Chadstone park in Melbourne.

Zac Miner update…

Zac shot through an update…

It’s been a crazy couple of months of late, I moved into a new house with a couple of locals around my area, I went down to Melb’s for a weekend a while back which was good to hang out with the crew down there, watching Marnold trying an ice down a sketchy rail was crazy! I’ve also been up to Sydney a couple of times. Went to bowlarama in Bondi to watch my cousin skate, pretty much rained out the whole weekend which sucked but got to party with my mum and aunty at the after party which was hilarious! Along side of working an 8 to 5 I’ve picked up a job at Smoque which is a Texas smoked bbq restaurant, the food is off the chain, if your ever in canberra you’ve gotta give it a crack.

Chris Courtenay update…

Yo guys!

I’ve been riding a bunch lately trying to get up on some clips to finish off my latest edit! I didn’t end up making it over to simple session but I’m heading to Fise at the start of May which should be a heap of fun! To keep up with where I’m at or just say whatup follow me @chriscourtenay on Instagram

South Eastern League – Warragul

As with every year we are getting behind the SEL series happening in Melbourne. Get down to Warragul this Saturday for the first round.

Elizabeth Comp

Over in Adelaide in the coming weeks is a competition at the Elizabeth park which also happens to be where Mick Bayzand is from. We are getting behind it so be sure to hit it up if you are in South Australia.

Perth trip

The sun was out so we hit a few parks in the heat before heading down to Mandurah to check out the comp setup for today, if you’re in the area make sure you get down today for the event. Dean tuck at Claremont park just out of Perth city…

Perth trip day 2 & 3

We had some heat then some rain over the past 2 days. We hit some good parks then a classic pool that you may recognise from the Colony DVD. A bunch of crew were already there which made for a good time. Unfortunately it looks like Alex has broken his hand from landing a bit wrong on a flair barspin. Yesterday it rained all day which stopped us from rolling but the weather looks good today so bring it on!

Jourdan video

Jourdan and his crew put together this video with footage from good looking spots, pools and trails.

Perth trip day 1

Myself, Clint, Alex, Tom and Dean are over in Perth for the week filming and heading to the Mandurah comp on the weekend. Today was a fun start to the trip hitting up a few parks and hanging out with local crew. Few random shots from the day, follow us on Instagram for some solid updates during the day/nights @colonybmxbrand

Liam Zingbergs

Liam recently got back from the USA and the Young and Retarded trip that he went on put together by The Come Up. Here is the trailer for the video that will be dropping soon, can’t wait!

Chris Courtenay video bike check

Alli Sports put together a video bike check with Chris Courtenay where he runs through all of his parts along with some solid mini ramp riding.

Advert: Cooper Brownlee

Long crooks by Coops for our latest print advert in The Albion for his signature 24/7 bars.

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Jourdan Barba update

Jourdan recently took a trip with a bunch of crew…

“I just got back from a Reno trip filming with the ODI crew for the new Black Book DVD coming out soon! It was a rad time, we spent a week driving from Riverside to Reno hitting all the city’s in between… Fresno,Sacramento and Woodward Tahoe I took a few big falls but made it back in one piece and was stoked on the clips I did get!”


Backbone Bmx have organised to get the ACT jam’s back on! We are behind it 100% as we know it will be an awesome long weekend!

City Park comp this Sunday

Be sure to come out and hit it up on Sunday if you’re in Melbourne.

Undercover dirt spot in Vancouver

Brandon Van Dulken scored a pic or two in a photo gallery over on The Union site. They are at a special undercover dirt spot in Vancouver, Canada. One of the only dry spots to ride at the moment over there.

Thanks to the guys at Kill Em All Distro for the heads up. For any dealers in Canada looking to get our products, hit Kill Em All up for the goods.

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