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Broc wins again…

Our flow shredder in the USA, Broc Raiford recently won a comp at his local park in Louisiana. You can click here for a full report over on the Ride BMX site. Congrats Broc  & thanks for repping Colony mate !!


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Chris Courtenay… upgraded

When I asked Chris to join the team a short seven weeks ago, I knew it wouldn’t be long before he proved himself & received an upgrade to the pro ranks. Well that time has come & Chris is now officially a part of the pro team. Like everyone on the pro team he had to prove himself first, which he has done so with ease like in his banger web edit below.

Welcome to the pro ranks mate, keep up the shredding !!

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Mick Bayzand… & a little giveaway

Strictly BMX team rider & our main rail boss Mick Bayzand scoping out a very nice looking rail. I wonder what he did on it? First correct answer emailed to will get a free pair of LFH Grips. Entries only open to Australian residents sorry.


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Simon O’Brien’s new solo DVD…

Simon O’Brien’s sequel to ‘Made You Look’ is due out in the next month worldwide & by the look of this trailer is set to be a banger. Deja Vu features flatland riding from the mind of Simon as well as many other forms of BMX riding with other lifestyles thrown in for good measure. Produced by Simon & Mason Rose it will be available worldwide at all good BMX outlets including Newcircle & Flatland Fuel to name a few by the end of May. Check it out.

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Amigos Day…

Don’t forget this Saturday is the Amigos Day at Nerang. Come along & show some support for Dave Montoya in his time of need.

If you’re in the market for a new bike we have a 2011 Descendent (yes, 2011 model not even released yet) up for grabs at a great price of $799.00 including postage anywhere in Australia. Payment can be made via direct debit or credit card. You should call the office during business hours on 07 3801 1555 to secure yourself this one of a kind bike in Raspberry Purple. 100% of the proceeds will go to Dave’s medical fund.

last flyer

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Nathan Charles Birthday Jam

May 22nd is set for an awesome day to celebrate Nathan Charles’s birthday… come one, come all.


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Product highlight – Clone Rims

You can get our Clone Rims by themselves or pre-built up in our Clone Wheel Sets in all of our 2010 colours. Check them out online by clicking here now or at a Colony dealer near you.


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Know the team – Chris Courtenay.

Chris was recently added to the flow team, then proceeded to bang out this rediculous wed edit. Read on for a little insight into his world.


What are you up to today?

Well its a nice sunny sunday so perfect! im gonna go riding with Troy Charlesworth and Nitai and hopefully get some photos and clips for a lil something we’ve been working on!

Have you always lived in Queensland?

Yeah I was born in Mackay then moved to Brisbane!

I would say you are more known for your park riding but lately it seems you have been riding a bunch of street, what has been the motivation behind that?

I guess it was just something that I really didnt ride much and just started playing around with skatepark street sections! I find it alot of fun going out and trying to find something cool to ride but yeah, I do love riding skateparks.

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

My family has a sweet beach house on a island haha!

You went to the states last year to ride, what was your best memory from that trip?

Probably a road trip to Orlando, Florida I did with two friends, Brandon Cristie and Josh Perry! Just was a real fun trip got to ride a fair bit and got a sweet hook up into Disney World which was amazing!

Any plans to travel overseas again this year?

I’m heading off to China for the Asian X Games at the end of May then back over to America for a few months! It’s coming up soon so getting pretty excited!

Photo random.

This photo is of Zac Miner from the recent trip we did from Brisbane to Canberra, wallride from bowl to bowl. I guess you could say this is Zac’s local park as he seems to know all the lines when you watch him ride there.


Fresh paint.

I do enjoy painting my bike, keeps things fresh and for me personally it gives me a good feeling about being on my bike.


Nick Richardson trails session.

Richo recently went up to the Maryborough trails and filmed a fun little session from the day.

Video’s galore…

If you’re bored & need some form of entertainment then why not re-visit some of our previous web videos on our Vimeo page? Click here now to get some refreshment. Enjoy !!

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Interview over on ugzine…

James Wade from ugzine was cool enough to approach me about doing an interview for his site. Done over a couple of weeks you can check it out by clicking here now. Thanks for hooking it up James… appreciated. James also runs Dishonour Clothing & you can check it out by clicking here now.


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Random photo…

I came across this photo on my computer whilst I was cleaning up. It was shot at the BBQ we had back in January to celebrate one year of Colony’s independence…


Mick Bayzand – Know the team…

Well rounded traveler, Mick Bayzand gives us a quick Q&A. Pretty interesting read this one…



What are you up to today?

at home chillin whatching cartoons reovering from a big night last night….

Micky, You just got back from living in Vancouver Canada for the past couple years, what was your favourite part about living there?

Oh mate soooo much good street soooo much, good parks if ya in to that, epic trails and I mean epic! sickest spot ever. Meeting a whole new crew of amazing people, and of course the girls woooowwwww. Oh and Reases chocolates……

What did you miss most about Oz?

My family, riding with the crew, all my mates, road triping with the Colony boys, the aussie accent, meat pies, warm weather and neighbours.. hehe.

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

i made millions in the stock market and pissed it all up the wall! Naa, I have a IQ of 1700 hahaha nah more like two but I do have a black belt in taekwondo and I really enjoy cooking with a little help from some one who actually knows what there doing.

You tend to enjoy grinding rails, what is your favourite thing to do down a rail?

well I have to say I do love doing double pegs and over’s just because you can do them down some really ridiculous rails and that’s always a crazy rush. Saying that, I am quite fond of a big ice to, oohhh yeaah hangers feel amazing and I am just starting to get in to luc-e grinds. Pretty much anything down a rail is amazing..

Lately you have been travelling a fair bit, what has been your favourite place to ride?

Wow that’s a tough one, I have so much fun traveling and riding new spots that’s probably my favourite thing to do ever I love it that’s when I get my best riding done but as for spots Canada trails, Brizzie trails, the over vert drains in Melbs. Every state and every where you go has mad spots I just love being on my bike with my mates searching and shredding cant beat it hey……………………….

Into flatland?

Newcircle is the exclusive Australian retail outlet for Colony flatland products & the guys have just recently received a huge shipment. With pretty much anything you so desire flatland wise in stock you are bound to get your fix. Hit them up by clicking here now to their online store.


Of course not to be left out, the guys over at Flatland Fuel in the USA also carry our full flatland ranges & you can check their online store out by clicking here now.


Both Newcircle & Flatland Fuel will ship anywhere in the world. So between the two they got you covered.

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The barn…

Jonny Devine sent us over this rad edit from a bunch of sessions the boys have had in his private barn set-up this past winter over in the UK. Things like this get me motivated for the winter months ahead.

What is this?

… more on that later. Stay tuned.


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Coco Zurita edit…

Spotted this on the net & thought it was cool, so much style. Coco rides a Phantom frame by the way… word.

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Amigos of Dave bike deal…

Dave Montoya has been going through some serious life threatening situations recently & he needs your help. A bunch of his close mates have gotten together to organise this inaugural event. Come one, come all to this 100% charity event to support Dave & his numerous life saving operations he needs.

As a special deal… we are offering to one lucky person out there a Colony Descendent complete bike in Matt Black for a special one off price of $700.00 !!

100% of the proceeds will go to Dave’s medical fund so you know it’s for a good cause. Payment can only be made credit card or direct debit & you should call during office hours on 07 3801 1555 to place your order now. This offer is only available to Australian customers. First in first served !!

If a Colony Endeavour is more your thing then contact the guys at Helensvale BMX as they have an Endeavour for the same deal.


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In Melbourne.

Mick Bayzand has been in Melbourne for the past week hanging out and having a roll. It was a real solid weekend of riding. We went around and hit a few favourites, Mick hasn’t been to this spot since the very first day I rode street with him a  good five years ago, good memories for sure. Mick heads back to Adelaide tomorrow, we will miss you Micky!


Product highlight – Phantom Forks

Liam Fahy-Hampton’s signature forks are built to withstand his own unique brand of street riding. In short they will take pretty much anything you can throw at them. Light enough, more than strong enough & with a sharper handling feel with a 30mm offset. Check them out at a dealer near you now. Click here in the meantime for more info.

phantom forks yo

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BMX Union interview…

Kurt over at BMX Union sent me over a bunch of questions recently on Colony & you can check out the end result by clicking here now. Thanks Kurt !!


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Why not…

… re-post Chris Courtenay’s amazing welcome to the team edit? It’s just so good !!

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Cooper Brownlee edit…

Cooper joined the team officially a few months ago & had been collecting footage for his first edit as you see here. Some good stuff in there for sure with some good tech lines. Not only does Cooper take care of our artwork here at Colony, he is also our team manager & official photographer & can ride damn well too. Enjoy.

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What’s this about?

More in the weeks/months ahead… till then, let the rumours start.


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Nick Richardson – Know the team…

Queensland shredder Nick Richardson hit us back with some answers for the next Know the team, continue reading to learn a little more about Nick…


What are you up to today?

Just drinking a few VB tallies, watching this chick have her photo shoot! Nothing better to do because my ankle is f@cked!!

You were over in the states a few months back hanging out with Ryan, how was that? Do you plan on heading back sometime soon? Or are you loving it being back in your home town?

It was awesome hanging out with Guet again! Greenville has some amazing street and some f@cking rad people! I f@cking love it! I also love being back home, Australia is the nicest place on earth hands down! but yeah I wanna go back this year for sure to ride and party! 5th street is calling!!!!

How are the trails going at the moment? Didn’t they recently get washed away from Queenslands crazy rain?

They are dead and gone! Could be some more going somewhere though!!! =)

Your signature frame is called the Gnarkill, where did the name come from?

The name came from my badass greyhound! He gets all the girls haha

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

I love playing the drums! I bought a drum kit the other day and I’m in love, I haven’t had one for years! We have a band starting soon baby woo!

Shintaro at JomoPro…

Here is a video of Shintaro’s 3rd place run at JomoPro on the weekend just gone. Killing it Shintaro !!

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Core Series 2010… it’s on again

We are proud to announce that we have come on board as the major BMX sponsor for the 2010 Core Series. The Core series is a 3 parts comp series with the first one set for this Saturday the 17th April at Morayfield skatepark. Make sure you get yourself along for the day to ride, watch or even compete for some great prizes & a chance for the year end championship. Can Alex Hiam defend his 2009 pro title? Only time will tell…

You can click here for more info on their website… look out for a new website in the works too.

Rd 1 - Final

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Ramp age Contest.

We are supporting a jam going on in a couple of weeks at Rampage park in the USA. Make sure you head down if you are in that part of the world…