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Welcome to the Pro team – Brandon Van Dulken

Brandon Van Dulken has been repping Colony for us in Canada for a while now. Ever since we first met him in person about a year ago now in the USA, it was apparent that good things would come his way. He is a total ripper & can do anything he wants on a bike. To top it all off, he is a real down to earth guy, which to us means the most. He fits in with the whole team really well & we are very proud to be able to offer him the bump to the pro ranks. Congrats mate !!

Check out Brandon’s recent ten clips he dropped for proof of his diverse riding.

Brandon also has a very limited number of his own signature colour way 2013 Teddy frames available in Grey. Pick one up before they’re all gone.

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Custom Miner at Backbone BMX

The good crew over at Backbone BMX in Canberra have built up a very special Miner custom complete bike. Backbone know what’s up & are all BMXer’s themselves who ride daily. So you know this beast is legit.

Starting with one of the very limited edition Miner frame, fork, stem & headset kits in Black Confetti, they have built a very special bike that you can make yours now. Check it out in full detail by clicking here now !!

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Simon O’Brien interview

Simon has an interview over on the Flatland Australia website where he talks about his transition into The Australian Navy and how important BMX still is to him.

Alex Hiam bike check

Alex recently set-up a fresh bike for his travels overseas. Thanks to Crossley Cycles for always looking after Alex & making sure his bikes are running perfect.

Frame : Colony 2013 20.3 Sweet Tooth
Stem : Colony Variant
Forks : Colony Dagger
Bars : Colony Talon
Cranks : Colony Colonial V2
Sprocket : Colony Official 25T
Pedals : Colony Fantastic Plastic
Seat : Colony Alex Hiam signature combo
Rims : Colony Contour
Hubs : Colony Clone
Grips: Colony Muchroom
Brakes & Levers: Colony Transformer

South Eastern League – Sorrento

Get down to Sorrento in Melbourne this Saturday for the next round of the SEL comp series!

Colony DVD – Clint Millar & Pete Radivo

Another section from the 2011 DVD we dropped… Clint Millar and Pete Radivo’s section. Plenty of technical mini ramp riding in this along with Millar sending it down some legit rails.

Guettler Pro Q&A on Vital

Ever wanted to ask Ryan Guettler something? Well now is your chance over on the Vital BMX site, click here now.

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Ryan Guettler 7th place in Mexico

Less than 2 months after crashing hard & having his spleen removed, Ryan Guettler is back & placed 7th place in the Red Bull Dirt Conquers event down in Mexico. So stoked for you Ryan !!

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Brandon Van Dulken interview

Our boy in Canada, Brandon Van Dulken has an interview up on The Union site. Check it out here now.

Brandon also has his own signature colour way of the 2013 Teddy frame out now as well… jump on it before they’re all gone.

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Farewell Liam Zingbergs

Liam Zingbergs has decided to move on from the Colony family to pursue other avenues. It’s always sad to see a team rider leave the family but we also know a rider needs to do what they feel is right at the time. We do thank Liam for all his efforts over the years & wish him all the best in what ever may be around the corner for him. As a farewell, check out his recent few edits as a reminder of the good times had, thanks again mate !!

Here are some words from Liam…

I want to thank Colony and Clint for the last few years of support, it’s much appreciated. Although it sucks, I’m excited to see what the future holds for both Colony and myself, thanks! – Liam.

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Clint Millar over on RIDE

Clint was apart of a recent interview over on the RideBMX website talking about altercations with the law whilst out riding, have a read here.

Stas in Russian Kia Motors commercial

Stas Shatilo recently featured in a Kia Motors commercial over in Russia, here is what he had to say about it…

“Recently I took part in the filming of a new model of KIA cars commercial. The shooting lasted for 2 days. They built a quarter for me, and I was doing different tricks, but they chose only one, my favourite trick. I saw the commercial on TV very unexpectedly when I was sitting with my friends and having good time, I just said: “Hey, guys, here am I!”

Custom Colony…

Paddy Gross works at a bike shop called The Outer Rim in Portland & of course is a heavy supporter of us here at Colony. He has been selling plenty of Colony bikes & parts of late & sent in this about a special custom he just sold… Thanks for your support Paddy & Joe !!

Hey mate, Joe Prisel (Toledo Joe) was shopping at our shop and built himself a The Living Frame with Twenty Four Seven Bars, Variant Stem, CC Sprocket, Guardian Fork and a Fat Shield Seat. He’s been riding it since 2 weeks now and says it’s the best bike he ever had! He’s originally from Cleveland, Ohio and used to be a Chenga World local back in the day. I am stoked he loves it and I am also stoked it’s one more person riding Colony around here, hell yeah! – Cheers, Paddy

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Ryan at Woodward West

Ryan has a couple of clips from this video that the TCU guys just posted up.

Advert – Zac Miner

Latest advert of Zac Miner in the latest issue of Focalpoint. gap to pegs to gap past the sketchy rocks at the end of the rail.

Mainly BMX closing down sale

It’s a sad sign of the times with many riders choosing to buy online from over seas, rather than supporting the local BMX shops. This will in turn affect this great BMX industry & scene we have here in Australia. If everyone buys from over seas, then soon there will be no more events, no magazines, no sponsorships up for grabs & a decline in overall product availability in this great land.

Mainly BMX are the latest BMX store to be closing down & they have a huge blow out sale till their stock is gone. Be quick though, as with the deals on offer you know stock won’t last long. Drop in-store, call or email for the best deals now. Jump to this & think twice next time you buy from over seas.

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Modica Limited

Cooper shoots a alot, not just BMX and posts on a website called Modica Limited which he recently had a feature on an abandoned school that he located and shot.

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Brandon Van Dulken – Ten Clips

Thanks so much to Shawn Duffield for filming/editing this 10 clips of Brandon smashing out a 10 clips at Railside Park, Canada in style.

It’s riding like this that has earned Brandon his own signature colour way of the 2013 Teddy frame. You can check it out here now.

Product Highlight – Guardian Forks

Our Guardian Forks have been out for a few years now and remain one of the most popular and lightest forks available. You can get them in a boat load of colours, something to suit all riders get all the info you need when it comes to weight and specs right here!

Sam Davies-Bate update

UK rider Sam Davies-Bate sent through a few photo’s from recent sessions going down over there.

Brandon Van Dulken signature colourway

We are so stoked on Brandon that we teamed up with our Canadian Distro KEA and dropped these gun metal grey Teddy frames. There is only 10 of these available over there so be sure to hit up your local store or the guys at KEA to snap one up!

All limited frames come with a Colony tee and sticker packs as a extra bonus.

Chris Courtenay checks in…

As you most likely know by now Chris was recently in France at the Fise contest, here is a quick run down from Chris about it all…

“What a week it’s been, I’m sitting at the local pizza shop as I write this. I’ve been out here in Montpellier, France for the Fise contest. Such a good vibe and easily the best contests I’ve been to by far. If anyone gets the chance to come I suggest you do. You won’t regret it! Finished up 12th in miniramp and 8th in park, super stoked on how I rode but it’s time for this mission of a flight home now! Peaceeeee.”

Alex Hiam B-Roll footage

So a couple months ago we dropped the Alex Hiam video which has copped a whopping 129,000 views. As we said back then we spent a lot of time filming for this project partly because of Alex and myself living at opposite ends of the country and also a few injuries thrown in the mix.

As with most web videos that come out there is always some random clips left over, crashes and even a few riding ones so we wanted to put all that together for a little behind the scenes look into the filming of this particular web video. We will be dropping a few of thes ebehind the scenes videos in the coming weeks so I hope you enjoy them.

Happy birthday Bayzand!

Mick turns 30 today, I’ve been fortunate enough to know and ride with Mick for a good 10 years now and I look forward to many more. Mick has put in alot of work on the bike over the years so I am sure his body feels alot more like 50. Enjoy the day mate.

Dealer highlight – Strictly BMX

Strictly BMX have been a strong supporter of us here at Colony since day one. Something we are really stoked about for sure. They would have to be one of the major BMX shops on the planet these days. They carry our full range of products including our entire 2013 range of complete bikes. From the Premise to the Inception & Endeavour to The Living, they have them all. Go check them out in store & online now.

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Valvo limited edition 2013 Teddy Frame colourway

We are stoked to be able to hook Valvo up with a signature colourway of the 2013 Teddy frame. There is only 10 of these available, most of which are over in Brazil via Dream Bmx so get in quick before they are sell out! There are a couple of these frames available in Australia as well, so act fast if you want a unique colour way Teddy frame.

Jack Kelly web video

I am really damn stoked on how this came out, Jack went in hard for this over the course of 5-6 months and came through with the goods. Follow him on Instagram @killjack

Danny Heng update

All the way from Singapore our friend Danny Heng sent through some shots of him out on the bike. Always good to see crew from all parts of the globe shredding the parts.

More Chris Courtenay at FISE

This time Chris scores some footage in the Vital edit from the park event where he placed 8th over the weekend. Well done mate !!

FISE Montpellier 2013: Park Finals – More BMX Videos

Liam Zingbergs on the news…

Liam Zingbergs made the news down in Adelaide for “anti-social” behaviour while doing some feeble to whips. Spotted over on TCU.

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