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Mick Bayzand web vid

A few weeks ago Mick came up to Brisbane & stayed with me for a week. Mick must have had some kind of curse on himself because as soon as he got off the plane things started going slightly wrong in almost every way possible.

It all started with the worst 4 hour traffic jam from the airport on a trip that normally takes about an hour. On the first day it was a crazy 43.5 degrees celsius (110 degrees fahrenheit) heat wave while trying to ride. The 2nd day Mick re-injured his wrist from a feeble grind gone terribly wrong & then it rained for days on end after this. Over the last few days of his visit he totally wrecked his body over & over again in between the rain showers. But he kept getting back up for more, proving that Mick really is the toughest rider in Australia.

Check out his offerings from the days that he did get to ride without the rain, heat, injury or hangovers by clicking here now. I reckon you did an awesome job Mick & you’re welcome anytime at my place. Yeah yeah!


Yo yo !!

Mick Bayzand is in town

Yo… Mick Bayzand is in Brisbane for the first time in almost ten years. He is staying at my place & we will be hitting up what B-town has to offer in the way of street, parks & what not. Should be a good week. Look out for a possible web video from the weeks adventures. In fact, were off to start filming this afternoon.


Yo yo !!