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Wallpaper – Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes blasts a great T-Bog at his local pool for the lens of Matt Cordova. Click on the images below then right click to download for your desktop background. More wallpapers here.



Wallpaper – Ricky Catanzariti

Out rail pegs bars from Ricky that was a clip in his latest video. Download it for your desktop below, click on the image then right click to download for your desktop background.


Wallpaper – Alex Hiam

Such a wild thing to see an actual tree stump in the middle of a park. We drove off the main path just for this thing and it was worth it! Click on the images below then right click to save for your desktop background.



Wallpaper – Victor Salazar

Same day Victor got off a plane from America he was blasting these 3 tables at Five Dock bowl, Victor was definitely in his element at this place. Click on the images below then right click to download for your desktop background.



Wallpaper – Chris Courtenay

ShoalHaven Heads park wasn’t on the itinerary for the Summer of Colony trip but after getting rained out at Kiama we headed south and got lucky with the weather. We had a pretty rad backdrop so I asked Chris to roast something for me and a table was his weapon of choice. Click the images below then right click to download for your desktop wallpaper.



Wallpaper – Nathan Sykes

Something for you to freshen up your computer or Iphone background. Large wall ride of Nathan Sykes shot by Matt Cordova. This was the last clip of Nathan’s most recent Colony video.

Just click on the image/s below to get the full resolution version for your desktop.

Desktop version…

Iphone version…

Wallpaper – Nathan Sykes

After dropping Nathan‘s welcome video last week we thought it would be cool to make up a fresh desktop background for you guys. Thanks to Matt Cordova for this dialled shot of Mr Sykes.  You can download the image right here and watch is latest video just below…


Wallpaper – Luke Parker

Shoutout to Dave Rubinich for shooting this photo of Luke from a recent trip to Adelaide. Luke smashed it all trip so be on the lookout for a video in the near future. You can download this image for your desktop background right here!


Wallpapers – Marnold

Large railhop photo of Marnold that never got used for anything but I was hyped on it. The landing was so shitty for this hop with it being soft dirt in between plants and tree’s. The run up also had issues being such a tight cut in but Marnold got it sorted 2nd shot. You can download the image here to freshen up your desktop background.


Wallpapers – Jourdan Barba

Jourdan really treated us last week with this spot, definitely one of the most amazing locations for a pool. Download the wallpaper here for your desktop. You can click here for more desktop downloads.


Wallpapers – Jack & Alex

We just cooked up a couple more wallpapers for download, You can grab the Alex Hiam one here and the Jack Kelly image here to freshen up your desktop background.



Wallpapers – Chris & Brandon

We’ve cooked up a couple nice photos for you to download for your desktop background. Brandon Van Dulken with a dialed 1 hand no foot can at Hill n Dale in Melbourne. Then we have Chris Courtenay 1 hand table at Woodgate park up in north Queensland. Download Brandon’s here and Chris’s here.



Wallpaper: Zac Miner

This shot was used in Ride Bmx a while ago now, large large wallride by Zac Miner that was in the Colony DVD. Download the widescreen version here and the standard version here.

Wallpaper: Brock Olive

Brock Olive, ice to bars. Download it here for standard or the much preferred widescreen here.

While you’re at it have another watch of Brock’s most recent Colony web video. In other news Brock is over in China with some of the team exploring Shanghai.

Wallpaper: Clint Millar

Clint Millar, nose pick in some Brisbane drains. Download it here for standard screen resolution or here for widescreen.

Wallpaper: Jourdan Barba

Jourdan may be new to the family but he is already kicking things into gear, I really love this shot taken by Jeremy Pavia. Download the standard screen size here and widescreen here.

Wallpaper: Marnold

Marnold no doubt has his ice game on, mellow ice grind on a local rail. Freshen up your desktop here for widescreen and here for standard screen.


Wallpaper: Alex Hiam

We used the fisheye version of this photo of Alex for an advert a while back but here is a long lens shot of it for your desktop. Download widescreen here and standard screen here.

Wallpaper: Shane Badman

We shot this a couple years back now and it ended up being used for a flatland calender, I really love this shot of Shane so I figured why not make it a desktop background? Download here for widescreen and here for standard screen size.

Wallpaper: Chris Courtenay

We used this photo of Chris in a RideUS advert fairly recently, now you can run it on your desktop if you are into it. 360 table at Browns Plains park in Brisbane. You can download the standard screen size here and the widescreen version here.

Wallpaper: Mick Bayzand

You might remember this from The Colony DVD, Mick gap to ice in Sydney almost a year ago now . Download here for standard screen size and here for widescreen.

Wallpaper: Brock Olive

This was used in an advert last year but it’s worthy of a desktop background aswell! Download here for Widescreen annd Standard screens here.

Wallpaper: Zac Miner

You may remember this photo from a 2020 advert late last year. Zac Miner Over ice. Download here for widescreen and here for standard screen size.

Wallpaper: Liam Zingbergs

Zingbergs desktop wallpaper, Luc-e to 360 in Sydney almost a year ago now. Download it here for widescreen and here for Standard monitors.

Wallpaper: Cooper Brownlee

From a recent filming with Troy Charlesworth for the new 2020 DVD. Coops seat ride to up crooks. Download here for widescreen and here for normal screen size.

Yo yo !!

Wallpaper: Alex Hiam

Alex at his local park Cleveland, footjam whip on the point of the ledge out of the quarter. Download for widescreen here and standard monitor size here.

Wallpaper: Marnold

Another wallpaper for you to download, this one is of Marnold back when we were filming for the DVD. The first shot at this hop got pretty loose with him ejecting just as he hit the peak.

Download here for widescreens and here for Standard size screens.

Wallpaper: Valvo

It’s a new year so lets spice things up a bit, the first in a bunch of desktop wallpapers we will be putting together. This one features Valvo whilst he was in Australia, blasting the vert wall at Browns Plains.

Download here for widescreen and here for standard size screens.