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Alex Hiam @ Van Doren Invitational

Alex has some great clips near the start of this highlights video from RIDE for the Vans bowl qualifying. Finals are tomorrow so make sure you check it out.

Trails weekend with Nathan Sykes

The DIG crew caught up with Nathan for a few sessions at some Californian trails spots along with good friend Matt Cordova and the result is 3 minutes of effortless style and creative moves…

More trails goodness…

Dean Anderson video bike check

Fresh of his recent Colony video part we have Dean Anderson smashing around a new park in Leongatha, Victoria. Dean is running the Sweet Tooth frame along with a stack of Colony parts.

And checkout Deans recent video part:

Anthony Napoitan @ UK dirt

Last week we mentioned Anthony had won a round of the UK BMX dirt series. Well here is the video of the contest for you guys to check out, that place looks really fun.

Jourdan Barba @ the LA Street Series

RIde BMX posted up a cool video from the Street Series jam that went down in LA and Jourdan has some good clips in it befoire he got worked on the long rail at the end.

Jack Kelly wins Adelaide Street Series

Congrats to Jack Kelly who won this years street series jam that went down in Adelaide over the weekend. You can watch the video from the day below where Jack seems to destroy every spot the crew hit.


Michal Mycek’s rig

Damn Mycek’s bike is looking fresh. Built around a Monash frame, this beast is stacked with Colony product.


Andre Jesus video

Andre Jesus, our team rider from Brazil worked in this nice video filmed in in the cities of Taubate, São José and São Paulo.
Always riding with solid and big moves, Andre it’s now living back in Brasil catching contests and enjoying the good weather, always amazing to see such a nice riding from Jesus.

Filmed and edited by Utida Tico.

If you can’t watch the Youtube version then hit below…

Alex Hiam – How to Toothpick stall

Alex Hiam linked up with RIDE BMX to help you out with your toothpick stalls. Alex gives you a run down on how they are done and then shows you a few variations to try when you’ve got them mastered.

Alex Hiam update

Hey guys,

I just got to California after spending 12 days in England. I’m here for 3 months. I wanted to say Thankyou so much for getting me out here. It’s truely a dream come true I had such a amazing time that I will never forget In England and I’m looking forward to the next 3 months In Cali.

England :
First day I had a super chill ride taking it easy and ending up having a fall and got concussed , spending the first 24 hours in hospital. It was rough. I am never riding with jetlag again. I got picked up from the hospital And drove 3 hours straight to Mongoose Jam the first weekend , met a lot of people there and had such a amazing time but unfourtunatly did not get to ride the contest. I was told I didn’t have to ride Saturday so I stayed in the hotel to rest and
Over come jetlag , then on Sunday I was feeling good to ride the Park and Street but because I wasn’t there Saturday my spot got taken. It was good to watch a contest and take it all in. I learnt a lot.

Then the second weekend I rode in Nass World contest. That was super crazy it was at a Huge music festival with kids, tents and techno music. I spent 3 days camping at the festival and riding all the contest. I competed in Dirt and park. I made it into the finals Dirt out of +40 riders and ended up placin 16th in the world finals for dirt. Pretty stoked, this was my first time riding a dirt contest so I surprised myself.

Park was what I was looking most forward to and what I am most comfortable on. The qualifiers there was 70 riders so it was Only 1 run to qualify to save time. Unfourtnaly I messed up my run and didn’t make the finals. Overall I had the best time competing at NASS I met so many cool people and learnt a lot. So looking forward to going back next year and I know what to expect.

In between the two contest I got amungst London city and rode a bunch of street. I shot these photos with Eisa Bakos for an interview in Endless Magazine ( popular UK BMX mag ) I love London the place is crazy I was in heaven riding through the streets there.

I also filmed a WEBISODE for one of the days.




Jayden Fuller video

When we surprised JDOG with the welcome to the team accouncement on his 21st birthday over the weekend Shane Allchorn also made a cool micro edit to welcome him officially. We are going to start soon on a full length video part for him but for now check out this one below and also the video he dropped a couple weeks back.

Instavids – Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay and Josh Dove

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

A video posted by Josh Dove (@dovey03) on

Nathan Sykes update

Hey guys summer is here and that means fun in the sun! This month I took a trip to Florida with my girlfriend for her sisters wedding. We drove from Southern California to Pensacola Florida and back in 12 days. Lots of miles across the United States, 3 rental cars later, 2 new tires and our 4500 mile trip there and back was a success. Was able to meet up with style cat Chad Osborn in Texas for a morning sesh at a really rad park close to were he and his family lives. Made for a nice break in between all the hours Aubri and I had been putting in on the road. On your way home we stopped at a few spots in Arizona that are a must go to. Antelope Canon and Horseshoe Bend.

After getting back from the trip I have been getting some riding in down a Bundy Trails. Great place to ride right now with the weather being really warm. The trees hold back some of the sun most the day so it’s been nice cruising laps down there.

And as of now I also just finished the first week of BMX Summer camp with Team Soil in New Port. Had a rad group of kids for our first week. Mike Hucker Clark and Ryan Brennan and myself along with Dylan Stark for a few days help kids learn basic BMX skills, from riding quarter pipes and learning to jump and gain bike control. It was great week on the beach with this young riders. Can’t wait for week two!





Anthony Napolitan in the UK

Congrats to Anthony who won the first round of the UK BMXSeries, looking forward to seeing footage from the event.


Service Centre – how to replace Freecoaster Driver

Our latest Service Centre video gives you a run down on how to replace the driver in our Freecoaster hubs.

If you need help adjusting the slack then check out this video…

More how to videos right here.

Chris Courtenay update

Yo Guys quick check-in, Just finished up a promo campaign the other week with Sony Mobile which I was stoked to be on board with, got some pretty rad content out of it which should be below. Apart from that, we just did some new upgrades to The Village which are soo much fun to ride, also been putting a bunch of videos up with myself and all the boys on our channel if you guys have some time give them a watch right here. Until next time. Peaceee!




Welcome to the team Jayden Fuller

I am very stoked to welcome Jayden Fuller or “jdogg” as most of us know him affectionately as, to the team.

Jayden has been hanging out with us all for a few years now. He’s come along on a few team trips here & there as well. He is someone who is just so stoked on BMX & always has a smile on his face. Ecatly what we’re all about. Have fun – ride bikes.

It just made sense to have him officially on the team. What better way to welcome him to the team on his 21st birthday hey?

Happy birthday mate !!


Yo yo !!

Print Advert – Ricky Catanzariti

Ricky has the new Colony advert in the current issue of RIDE BMX rocking the Monash frame. Make sure you pick up a copy. Rick banging out an NBD with this rollercoaster ice grind to crankflip bars. Make sure you watch Ricks Melbourne video below along with the DIY video that features the clip of this photo.


Day at the trails video

I met up with Nathan Sykes and Victor Salazar for a day in the sun at Stephen Murrays trails and then onto the Hood Rich trails. Thanks to the guys for letting us have a session we really appreciated it. Check the video below along with the photo feature from the day right here.

Simon O’Brien Tokyo trip

Hey guys, Recently I was super fortunate to be invited to the G-Shock Real Toughness contest at Tokyo Dome. This event is organised by BMX legend Hiroshi from 430 and G-Shock. They are doing a lot for the
culture of BMX in Japan! The event was nothing short of amazing! From the best flatlanders, top street riders, skaters and best bboys in the world!! The action that went down was nuts!!

Unfortunately for me, a few too many touches kept me from proceeding in the comp. I was happy with some of the tricks i did, but just couldn’t ride away properly. I was only in Tokyo for a few days but the rest of the time was spent partying with the street and flat riders. Ed Zunda, Lashaan, Fudger, Reed Stark and the other boys love a drink, so it was a fun time….they are cool guys!

Once again…..another Epic Tokyo memory! Huge shout out to Hiroshi uehara / owner of 430.



Photos by Jason Halayko.

Bruno Faucon’s rig

Bruno‘s Monash setup is looking super fresh!


Ben Thompson ten clips…

Tech machine, Ben Thompson sent through this little ten clips video at his local. Check it !!

Ben does it for Colony through Bicycle Centre in Townsville who carry our full ranges. Hit them up if you’re local.

Yo yo !!

Jackie Straiton update

Jackie recently went under knee surgery which seem to go well. We wish him all the best for the following months of recovery. No doubt he will be back doing will moves in no time. Check his most recent Colony video below.


Alex Hiam trip update

England has been a battle so far, had a crash first ride that shook me up quite a bit. Then went straight to mongoose jam. During that I have had a gnarly chest cough ( bronchitus ). I’m resting up all week to ride for NASS contest this weekend. Also shooting picutures for a interview for Endless Magazine ( popular UK BMX mag ) while I’m here.

Nass ends the 10th then I fly to USA on the 13th for vans US open invitational bowl comp with 50K purse !! So keen.



Instavids – Alex Hiam

Alex Hiam is currently over in the UK and has been banging out some great clips so far. Follow him to keep up to date.

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

Victor Salazar in NZ

Wow this is shot really well. The first half has some good riding and some great scenery, the last half is at the farm jam with some amazing riding including Victor Salazar killing it the entire time…

Win a new CC seat!

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Simon O’Brien update

I’ve just got home from my trip to Hawaii for the annual Flatland ‘Aloha Jam’ ! I had heard a lot of good things about Hawaii, and I sure wasn’t disappointed! In total I spent 8 days in Honolulu with some day trips around the island. The jam was on the saturday in a park which had two basketball courts, overlooked some of the city and the ocean. It was a little windy on the day but some great riding went down with no pressure to perform for a contest. The whole vibe of the jam was to hang out, meet new people, BBQ, and enjoy the basic feeling of BMX which is just hanging out and riding! Prizes were handed out throughout the day.

I was lucky enough to get to swim at pipeline, swim with turtles, meet lots of new people, enjoy great weather and enjoy riding as usual. The Hawaiian crew are a great bunch of people! Hopefully I make it again next year.



Jourdan Barba 2016 video

You may think Jourdan would be slowing down since he has 2 kids and a wife but you would be wrong. Jourdan makes good use of his time when on the bike as you will see in his new video. No slowing down for JB. Thanks to Chris Bracamonte for putting this piece together. Check out Jourdans signature Menace guard sprocket right here.