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Andre Jesus update

Hey Guys, Andre Jesus from Brazil here, want to say a little about what’s popping with me. I went to ride at Ceu Aricanduva- São Paulo, Brazil few days before I travel, it’s a small and fun park with spine, volcano…

Right now I changed the Hot summer from Brazil and I’m living at Tallinn,Estonia, just got here few days ago, my Girlfriend lives here and I will stay here for few months, riding Baltic Games in Poland in few days and later this month riding on the amazing Simple Session, and also checking out some others contests here in Europe.



Jack Kelly

Jack has been going in real hard of late filming for his next Colony video. Here are a few photos from last week whilst we were out.




Jack’s video from last year…

Set Ups with Ryan Guettler

Ryan recently set up a fresh new bike and came through with some solid photos to document it all.

Alex Hiam leftovers

Alex put together this video of footage filmed last year that hasn’t made the cut for his next full length but trust me there is some really good stuff in there…

Brandon @ Chillemall

Our lovely friends Killemall (and distro for Colony over in Canada) put on a trails jam under a brisge as it’s the middle of winter and if you’ve ever been to Canada you know its cold and wet so it’s pretty awesome that this was able to happen. Brandon features all the way through the video.

Bayzand footage

Mick has some good lines throughout this video Kym Grosser put together of them riding their local park.

Jourdan clips

Larry Alverado came through with a bangin’ mixtape of crew from the West Coast in the USA and Jourdan stacked a few nice clips in the mix…

California Capers Street Mix – More BMX Videos

Cooper Brownlee interview…

My main man, Cooper Brownlee has an in-depth interview over on TCU which is well worth a read.

I for one always find it amazing how Cooper finds the time to punch out solid video sections when it counts with the work load he takes on. I tip my hat off to you Coops, you’re the man. Thanks for all your hard work & dedication to all that we do.

Click here now to read his interview.


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Liam Marshall bike check

Liam Marshall over in New Zealand just setup a new rig loaded with Colony product

Miner frame 21tt
Guardian forks
24/7 bars
Colony Headset
Squareback Stem
Colonial cranks v2
Wasp hubs laced to Contour rims
CC sprocket
Fat Shield seat
Pivotal post
Fantastic plastic pedals


BMX Bandits cinema showing

For anyone in Melbourne, we are getting behind the showing of the iconic BMX movie which no doubt introduced many people into riding including myself so to see it being played at the Rooftop Cinema in Melbourne will be a treat! Head over to our Instragram to see how you could possibly score a double pass to the event.

bmx bandits

Jourdan Barba photo

Spotted this great photo of Jourdan in a photo gallery from Wes McGrath over on the Albion website. Check all the photos right here.


Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon O’Brien sent in a quick update on what he has been up too of late…

Been riding a bit and filming…have a new edit out soon. Recently started a facebook athlete page for a bit of fun. My holidays are nearly up and then back to work. Here is bit of an old pic but I like it. Thanks – Simon.

Simon will also be at today’s DownUnderGround as well, so if you can, get yourself along for a good day with the countries best flatlanders.


downunderground round one sydney january 2014

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Zac Miner update

Hey guys just a quick update… This last month has been that good, with everyone just having a couple of weeks off on holidays it has been perfect. Between getting outta Canberra and heading down the coast to this amazing spot we always end hitting up, snorkelling, camping etc. I’ve been busy with a backyard project, I’m so fortunate to have amazing house mates and the result will be having my own 4 foot ghetto bowl with wall rides and all sorts of stuff. I’m about half way there, so stay tuned for some photos. Anyways until then I’ll be busy building. Talk to ya’s soon…

photo 1

photo 2

Jack Kelly update

JK just got back from the USA but didn’t take his bike?

“I spent the last month or so in the USA without my bike unfortunately, but I got to visit LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Florida and New York with my girlfriend. While in LA I got to visit the OSS store and met Adam and Alfredo, I was also lucky to meet Tyler creator from Odd Future .Next time I go to the US I’ll make sure to take my bike.”



Ryan Winterbotham bike check

Head over to the Vital BMX site for a complete bike check from our UK rider Ryan Winterbotham.


That BMX Jam is on again…

We are getting behind a local jam at the Hazard County Skate park at 353 McDonough Pkwy McDonough GA 30253 on the 15th February. If you’re in the area, get yourself along for a fun day on the bike no doubt. As well as the chance to win some goodies from us.

EVENT copy

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Tom Stretton update

Everyone’s favourite Tom Stetton just sent over the latest happenings up north…

“Hey guys, just wanted to tell everyone what I have been up to. At the moment I have been at home and just riding as much as I can. It’s been hard with all the partying through the holidays but I have been having so much fun on my bike.

I recently just went into the warehouse and picked up a fresh wheel set up and what I have to say is my new favorite part EVER, the 4 piece Hardy Bars. I have been riding with them for 2 days now and I can’t get enough of them. So yeah, thanks a lot as always Clint and Colony. 4 piece forever! haha.

Been riding with a lot of different people and filming a bunch for different shit which is always fun too. So expect to see some footy In the near future guys. For now an edit of Bobbie and myself is online. Was a whole bunch of fun to film so check it out if you want.

Big shout out to Lux BMX store for always rigging my bike up dialed. Follow them on Instagram @luxbmx and follow me while you’re at it haha @tom_stretton


Polly update

Polly shot through an update from the holiday season…

“Christmas was a crazy one at the bike shop last year (Sealy’s Cycles) so over that period of time I didn’t get much riding in, but with the new year that just rolled in and the good weather kicking off down in Melbourne I’ve been back on it a heap after work which has been really, really good!! Here’s a couple snaps from my after work sessions!! ……Also last year big time, big money pro rockstar bmx pro, Dave Dillewaard started following me on instagram which is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life.”


Michal Mycek bike check

Michal Mycek our rider in Poland, teamed up with the guys at Ave BMX to bring you this cool take on a bike check. Some good moves in there with a chilled vibe, check it out. Filmed & edited by Mateusz Kanownik

MICHAL MYCEK presents his new COLONY set up for 2014:
Frame: Colony Teddy 21″ by Mick Bayzand
Fork: Colony Guardian
Headset: Colony
Bar: Twenty Four Seven by Cooper Brownlee
Stem: Colony Squareback
Cranks: Colony Colonial v2
Sprocket: Colony CC 28T by Chris Courtenay
Support: Colony mid 19mm
Seat: Colony Shield Fat
Rims: Colony Contour 36
Freecoaster: Colony 9T RHD

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DownUnderGround Round One 2014

Next Saturday, on the 18th of January is the first round of the DownUnderGround Flatland Series for 2014. Being held in Sydney it should be a good central event. Word has it that our Shane Badman & Simon O’Brien will be attending.

The organisers would like to make a point of letting everyone know, that all riders are welcome, especially those that are not actual “flat landers” themselves. It will be a great day to hone in those bike controls skills, like hang fives & nose wheelies that are all so integral to modern day BMX riding.

So get yourself along for an awesome day with some of the best flatland riders in the country, should be good times for sure. We are once again proud to support these events & must thank Freestyle Now for organising them as always & for 2020 Magazine for their continued support for series as well.

downunderground round one sydney january 2014

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Luke Parker update

Luke Parker shot through an update from his time off work…

“Hey guys, I did plenty of riding over Christmas at the skateparks just working on a few new little things. I went back to work Monday so I’ve been getting them late night sessions in and destroying myself trying to learn grind combos on a flat rail!”



Product highlight – Much Room Grips

We recently changed up the rubber compound that we use on our Much Room Grips making them more durable yet still soft to touch. So far everyone seems really happy with the new compound. They are available in a wide variety of colours as well. Check them out at a Colony dealer near you now.


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Tom Stretton & Bobbie Altiser doubles video

A few months ago Tom and Bobbie spent some time in the USA and during that time they came up with the idea of shooting a doubles video together. As you can see their riding styles gel well together so we knew it was going to be a treat! This was a lot of fun to shoot so hopefully that shines through in the video.


Make sure you are following us on Instagram, all the team has the login so you will see plenty of different posts including sneak peek new products and giveaways @colonybmxbrand


Alex, Chris & David in Freestyle Now mini ramp shows…

Perth based show team, Freestyle Now are over on the east coast in QLD doing some demos for this week in Morayfield. You will be able to watch our team riders, Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay & David Pinelli shred it up on a 6 foot mini ramp inside the Morayfield shopping centre. Click here for more details.


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Quick trip

Marnold and I just got back from a quick 2 day trip up in north Victoria in searched for fresh spots. We came up on a few good things so it was worth the trip. Thanks to our buddy Tenna for the accommodation and Daniel Johnson for slinging us this first shot.

photo edit




Product highlight – Pinnacle & Pintour Rims

Looking for a more affordable rim that can still withstand today’s riding? Then perhaps take a closer look at our Pinnacle Rims & Pintour Rims. Both are more affordable rims using pinned technology rather than the more labour intensive welded join. Check them out in the aero style Pinnacle Rim or the Pintour Rim which mimics our Contour Rims. Available now worldwide.



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Luke Parker

Spotted this amazing nac photo of Luke Parker over on the Focalpoint website from a jam we supported late last year in Melbourne. More photos can be seen here.


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Team pages

We’ve added in some new team pages so if you want to learn more about Mike Brennan, Justin Care, Luke Parker or Glen Mclaughlin our warehouse manager here in Australia then click here.


Thanks for another great year!

Thanks to everyone out there for your awesome support during 2013. It’s been a great year for Colony & we look forward to what 2014 will bring us all. So from all of us here at Colony, thanks & may 2014 be a great one for you all.


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