Archive Of December 2014 - Colony BMX

Jourdan @ Stacked

Larry from Stacked BMX in Riverside, CA recently had a jam outside the shop which was littered with flat rails and ledges for everyone to shred. Jourdan features throughout this video doing some really creative moves on the rails set-ups…

Jack Kelly down

Jack Kelly had a rough day last week taking a few harsh slams but getting up and continuing the day out but towards the end of the day he took a fall which did’t look that bad but unfortunately tweaked his foot which is going to keep him on the bike for a couple weeks. For now check out his most recent video.

Some how he got back up from this crash…

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 9.34.00 pm

Flem Banks left overs

Some of the crew have clips throughout the left overs video from the Flem Banks jam that went down in Melbourne last month…

Primary website

Our friends over at Primary Threads just changed up their website, it’s looking a treat. Check it out here

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 10.10.14 pm

Filming days

Caught up with Tom and Luke earlier this week and one of the spots we hit with the guys they were really into it and some moves went down. Here are a few photos from the session…




Luke Parker bike check

Luke has been running one of the new Castaway frames for a few months now so we caught up and shot some photos of the rig. Luke runs the 20.8 version of the frame along with Guardian forks, Square Back stem, 24/7 bars, 22’s cranks, Menace Guard sprocket, Fantastic Plastic pedals, Wasp hubs, Pintour rims and Anyway plastic pegs.

Luke has been working on a few video projects ever since he got back from his broken foot so keep on the look out for them to surface in the coming months.









Custom Sweet Tooth

The guys at Strictly BMX have built up this amazing looking custom Sweet Tooth. It’s packed full of our products and is set at a great price. Hit this link to see more of it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 9.34.56 pm

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 9.35.12 pm

2015 completes catalogue

Incase you missed the catalogue we dropped a few weeks ago, it’s loaded with all the bikes that are available now worldwide. Also spread out across the catalogue are some great riding shots of some of the team…

2015 Colony Castaway video

We put this video together to give you guys an overview of the 2015 Colony Castaway which is currently available worldwide from all Colony stockists. More info right here

Alex Hiam update

Hey guys!

I just returned home after road tripping down to Bondi beach along the coast & back. I got invited to be the Photographer & the back up filmer for Epic TV with Brett Trigg filming Ryan Guettlers Australian web series. I would have been a rider on this trip but unfortunately my injured wrist wasn’t healed in time.. I should be back on the bike next month.

Even though I couldn’t ride, I had such a amazing time being on the road with Ryan, Kelsey & Brett. Ryan proposed to his girlfriend Kelsey to start the trip on a good note. We had 2 days driving down to bondi beach, Stopping at the Big prawn, Big banana and a couple of Zoo’s. When we got to Sydney we did some touristy stuff to show kelsey around Australia. We went to the Harbour Bridge and Opera house. The day after Bondi Beach Kelsey flew back to the USA so it was just the boys left.. This is when the road trip home started. We hit Newcastle Beach skatepark, Port Maqaurie, Ballina, Nimbin snake run and Beenleigh for the final ride. Most of the skateparks we went to had a really cool scenery on the beach. The weather was stinking hot the whole time and we got hit with the classic Summer time thunder storms every afternoon as well. One of the highlights of the trip was partying in Byron with the crew from Brisbane. I met a lot of cool people on this trip and learnt a lot of cool things. Mostly about filming and photography and learnt it takes a lot more hard work than it looks. Respect to all the filmers and photographers out there.

Thanks, Can’t wait to be back riding. Hit Instagram @alexhiam for some more pics !!!





Day trip

On the last day in Melbourne with Zac we hit up a couple spots to finish off a few things he wanted to film. Tom Stretton was also in town so he and Polly came along for the ride and fun times were had by all.


Tight spot for a tooth handled by Stretton.


After nearly losing his face, Zac came out of this pipe with a pretty awesome clip.


Polly finds a table spot everywhere we go.


Summer days at the most scenic spot in Melbourne.


Polly taking it all in at the beach.


I even got a roll in at the U-pipe.

Zac Miner in Melbourne

Over the weekend Zac came down to Melbourne for 3 days to film for his next video project and although we had some security guard problems we came out on top at the end of the 3 days. Zac really produced some serious clips and put in work doing so. Here are a few shots from the days without giving away too much…


The vent has always been an issue for this wall ride but Zac locked and loaded and roasted straight past it.


This was insane, great way to finish off the day.


I think Zac was just happy to be alive after this clip.


We’d been kicked out of this spot on Zac’s last filming trip to Melbourne but fortunately luck was on our side this day.


Game changer.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.30.13 am

2 days in a row with no luck thanks to security being super tight now days at this place.


Hot moves from some of the crew in this mixtape from the ECC. Ricky’s last clip is amazing.

Simon O’Brien video

Simon O’Brien is the man. We have some big things underway in regards to our Colony flatland range for 2015. More on this soon.

Check out the video below from Simon.

Flem Banks Jam video

As usual we got behind the Flem Banks Jam, This was such a good day as you will see from the video below. There is also a large photo gallery from the day which you can view right here

Nathan Sykes bike check

Nathan sent through some rad looking shots of his current ride after having his bike stolen back in September. Nathan rocks the 2015 21″ Burna frame, Dagger Forks, Square Back stem, V2 Colonial cranks, Fantastic Plastic pedals, Wasp rear wheel, Clone front wheel, Fat Shield seat, Pivotal post and Talon bars.








Zac Miner – Colony DVD section

We finally got a chance to upload this to the worldwide web! Zac’s part from the 2011 Colony DVD was one hell of a section!

You can check out his signature Miner Frame by clicking here now. Available worldwide right now.





Simon O’Brien update

In between these crazy storms I’ve been getting a bit of a ride in on the new bike. I haven’t had a new set up in so long, so I’m really enjoying it! Also getting used to a new style of bike is always fun. I have an edit coming out shortly, which I’ve been working on for a while…watch out for that! Follow me on Instagram @simonobrienofficial and my Facebook athlete page!





Video overload

We’ve been dropping some solid videos from the team over the past couple months. Here are a few of them incase you missed any or you just need something to get you stoked to head out for a roll…

Product highlight – 2015 Premise complete bike

Our 2015 Premise complete bike is our best selling complete bike & for many good reasons. Full CrMo construction, full sealed bearing, great choices of colours & a great all rounder geometry make it a great bike right out of the box.

Check them out at a Colony dealer near you now. Click here in the meantime for more info.








Yo yo !!

Connor Keating

Connor is reppin’ our product through Albes Bmx and thanks to Alex Burnside we have this brand new video of him which is packed full of dialled lines. Hit play and enjoy…

Shane Badman update

2014 has been a hectic year! Crazy to think that it is December all ready, it wasn’t that long ago I was thinking what I wanted to do this year riding wise and now I’m starting to think about 2015.

The past few months have been super busy. I got a chance to go on an awesome riding trip to Japan for 8 days with some really good crew. Such a good place for BMX for sure with so many young riders that dominate! We rode at Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto – all with amazing scenes and Japanese awesomeness.

On getting back I got the demos done for the T20 International Cricket competition in Adelaide and Melbourne. We had a really small space to ride, but stoked that over 50,000 people got to see BMX and Flatland up close and personal over the two shows. Good times.

We also recently had the last round of the national DownUnderGround BMX Flatland series that Colony are behind and have supported since day One (thanks guys!). Strong turnout in Pro and I ended up finishing in 3rd place and 2nd overall for the year end title. Pretty happy, but keen to do better next year for sure!

The best thing that has happened though… The prototype frame and parts that Simon O’Brien and myself have been working on designing with Clint and Colony on, have arrived. This includes: frame, forks, bars, stem, cranks, sprocket and pegs. They are riding really good and the feedback on them from everyone has been awesome so very stoked on that for sure. Massive thanks to Clint and Colony for supporting Flatland all these years!!

Summer officially has landed so it’s all about riding as much as possible! Hit me up on instagram @shanebadman


T20 International Cricket Demo_Shane Badman


Product highlight – 2015 Stainless Steel Kits

We’ve just released in selected countries such as Australia, the USA & Spain these very limited edition Stainless Steel finish frame kits using our 2015 frames. This includes Mick Bayzand’s Burna frame, Alex Hiam’s Sweet Tooth V4 frame, Zac Miner’s Miner V3 frame & the team issue Castaway frame.

Be fast as there are only 5 of each model made for the planet. Check them out here now in more detail.





Yo yo !!

Shuhei raw clips

Shuhei has a couple raw clips up on the Addiction Youtube page, always good to see footage from Japan.

Andre Jesus images

Andre sent over a few shots from recent sessions over in Brazil. Thanks to Scott Connor for shooting them.



2015 Colony Inception video

We put this video together to give you guys an overview of the 2015 Colony Inception which is currently available worldwide from all Colony stockists. More info right here.