Archive Of March 2023 - Colony BMX

Sam Grace – 2 Days @ Rampfest

Sam Grace recently spent a few days ripping Rampfest indoor park so we documented all the wild moves he was doing. Extra special cameo clips from Mick Bayzand.

Colony Sweet Tooth Pro Complete Bike

The Colony Sweet Tooth Pro is a high end BMX bike setup for all types of riding. Be it hitting parks, trails or street riding this bike has you covered.

The current all Black model also features the Colony Swarm Freecoaster hub.

For The Love Of Transition – Jayden Fuller

Jayden Fuller’s love for deep bowls is almost unmatched so we spent 5 days travelling from Victoria to Queensland riding some of the deepest transitions we could find. While we were on the road we sat down with him and talked about why he loves riding deep ends so much…

City Roaming 001

A new little video series I am working on capturing the going on’s during city rides with friends.