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Product update – Teddy Frame

Mick Bayzand is the man, plain & simple. His long over due, first ever signature frame is due out in September this year. Here is the first sneak peak of it, more to be released soon. For now I thought I would share with you one of our 2010 colours, named Silver Storm. Hope you like it.

teddy toptube silver storm

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Mick Bayzand checks in…

Mick recently did a sight seeing roadtrip with some friends into the interior of BC in Canada. Looks like it was a good time by the pics he sent in. Some nice looking scenery for sure. It’s good to see you enjoying yourself over there mate !!


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Product highlight – Teddy Bars

Mick Bayzand is a champion, a true Aussie battler & a street weapon no doubt. He can take the biggest falls & get up smiling while going for it again. Pure legend. Every time I watch him ride I can’t help but smile. If you like to smile on & off your bike while throwing yourself down any rail in sight then perhaps Mick’s signature Teddy bars are for you? Check them out by clicking here now or at any bike shop near you that stocks Colony. Easy as that.


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Mick Bayzand back on his bike

For someone who has a messed up knee right now & maybe shouldn’t even be riding, Mick is doing pretty well it seems going by these pics he sent in. Mick is killing it over in Vancouver right now & it just goes to show how much of a trooper he is. In my eyes he is one of the toughest riders out there, period. You rule mate.


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Mick Bayzand’s nightmare

Mick sent me a pic of his nightmare at the moment that is his troubling knee problems. He hurt it a while back & it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It’s so bad right now that he needs to wear this brace here 24/7. I feel for you mate… I hope it starts to get better soon. Mean while he has been taking it ‘easy’ by digging trails in Canada. Rest up mate.


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Mick Bayzand is the man.

Yo… while searching the web for cool things that grab my attention I came across this short bio on Mick Bayzand on Focalpoint. Check it out here now.


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An oldie but a goodie…

Just an old video from last year when a bunch of the team travelled to Canberra for a week of riding. This video is the result of that week, good times. Enjoy.

Colony BMX in Canberra from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Blast from the past…

Had nothing much new to post today so thought I would share this edit taken from the bonus section of our ‘A Month In The Life Of’ DVD from 2007. Some of you may have or may not have seen it but still worth checking out even today. Featuring Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Matt King & Kenny Raggett. Enjoy.

Colony Bonus Mix 1 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Bayzand injured but OK

Mick sent me a quick email to say he has recently injured his knee & can’t ride right now. All good though as a few weeks off the bike wont kill him. He has been passing the time by partying it up & has also recently got some ink. Check it out. Rest up mate & get that knee all good soon.



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Product highlight – Teddy Bars

Mick Bayzand is a champion, simple as that. Put a set of these bars on your bike & you too will be sliding any rail in sight & smiling 25 hours a day. Mick’s bars are available now in a shop near you. Go check them out & see for yourself… or click here in the meantime for the full scoop on these 27.5″ wide bad boys.


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Mick Bayzand checks in from Canada

Mick Bayzand sent me an email with some cool pics of some local trails that they had a low key jam at the other day. Looks like one hell of fun place to ride. They had a BBQ there with some smokies as they call them over in Canada. Good times for sure. Mick hurt his knee at the end of the day but hopefully should be OK again soon.





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NYRM promo video

The guys over at NYRM have posted a cool promo video up on their blog. A pain the ass format to download but worth the hassle for sure. Featuring some really cool footage of Liam Fahy-Hampton & Zac Miner amongst others. Mick Bayzand even makes an appearance. All edited to a classic Ice Cube song. Well worth checking it out by clicking here now.


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Product highlight – Teddy Bars

Mick Bayzand is a street killer, there is no denying that fact. He takes more hard slams than almost anyone & still gets back up for more.

Mick rules & that one of the reasons we gave him his own signature bars late last year. Check them out in the new Bloody Black limited colour way below. These are available now while stocks last all over the planet.

If you need to know more on his bars, click here for the full scoop.



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Mick & his famous Teddy

Mick Bayzand just sent me a couple awesome pics his Mum sent him recently. Not sure when these were taken but it’s cool to see Mick on a bike way back then. Check out his cute little Teddy bear !! haha, awesome stuff.


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Mick Bayzand is freezing

Mick sent me a cool email with a bunch of random pics. It’s snowing over there in Vancouver right now & he seems to be enjoying it as well. He also sent me the first pics of his prototype Teddy frame as well, looking good. Mick also moved into a new house complete with a resident cat named, Millar. Awesome.




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Mick Bayzand in Vancouver

Mick had this edit made up from his footage collected in Vancouver so far. He says this is the stuff he doesn’t want in the Colony team DVD that we are working on. Damn… can’t wait to see what he produces for the real deal. Check it.

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Teddy Bars at Strictly BMX

The guys at Strictly BMX just did a huge email out with Mick Bayzand’s signature bars, the Teddy Bars. Mick rules so support his cause & pick yourself up a set now.


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Teddy Bars

We have graced Mick Bayzand with his own signature bars & here they are. Teddy Bars are out in shops everywhere right now so check the products section here for the full scoop on them.


While you’re at it check Mick’s mini section from a week in Brisbane earlier this year. Tough as.

Mick Bayzand footage

Mick Bayzand sent me an email yesterday & let me know he scored a bunch of clips in a Macneil/Tenpack web edit. It’s from a trip he did in Toronto earlier this year with the Macneil guys, including his good mate, Kym Grosser. Mick clocked some serious clips as usual which is good to see. Look out for Mick on the white bike with the gold parts. He always blows my mind with his rail skills, so bloody good.

Mick will also be riding the first sample version of his signature frame, called the Teddy, in the coming weeks. Expect more on frame that soon enough. Before you email us, it wont be available for 12 months.

Two new bars out now…

We have two new bars out now with our 2009 range that are available all over the globe. Check them out below…

First up we have Mick Bayzand’s first signature part with Colony, the Teddy Bars. Click here for full specs & details.


Then we have Ryan’s new bars which replace his Unlucky13’s, the Official bars. Click here for the full low down on them.


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New Bayzand advert…

Here is our next advert due to appear in Ride BMX, DIG, 2020 & Focalpoint featuring our Colonial Cranks & Mick Bayzand.


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Mick Bayzand update

Mick just sent me an email to say that he went up to Whistler on the weekend to ride & had a blast until he smashed his arm really bad trying superman seat grab backies into the foam. His fingers turned all purple & he had thought he had broken his arm. It turns out he just smashed it really good & will be off the bike for a while. I am sure Mick will be back on it sooner than later being the tough mother that he is.



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Colony riders pulling covers…

Colony riders are currently pulling covers left, right & centre right now. Firstly we had Mick Bayzand getting the cover of 2020bmx magazine along with some fantastic editorial inside it’s pages… check it out below.

Mick’s first cover.

Mick’s first full length interview.

Colony trip in Canberra.

Now we have Liam Fahy-Hampton scoring the cover of the latest & greatest Rebelyell magazine. Word. The way my team are going they will send us broke with photo contingencies due for their awesome work out there in BMX land. Well done Mick & Liam… keep it up boys.

Liam with his first Rebelyell cover.

Both magazines are due out this week… so keep an eye out for them at your favourite BMX shop.

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Mick Bayzand checks in.

Cover boy, Mick Bayzand, sent me a bunch of random pics from his times in Vancouver so far. He has been having a blast & riding heaps which is awesome to see. Plenty of good times by the looks of things & we certainly miss him here back in Oz.

A huge shout-out go to the guys at Tenpack for looking after Mick while he is there. Thanks !!





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Bayzand gets the cover of 2020

That’s right !! Our own Mick has been graced with the cover of the latest 2020 mag due out end of the month. I am so stoked for him. He also has a huge interview within the pages of the magazine. We also have a huge story on our trip to Canberra a few months ago as well as a giveaway on a Hell Stallion frame. Check it out below & get the mag when it’s available.

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Canberra web video…

Yo… a few weeks ago now a bunch of the team were in Canberra for a riding trip & we documented the action for a web video & an upcoming feature in 2020 BMX magazine.

Here we have the video… click here to see the action first hand.


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Report from Canberra

Here are a few pics from the trip so far. Expect a web video & story in 2020 soon.



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Finally in Canberra

After 3 days of driving while taking it easy, myself & Richo are finally in Canberra. Along the way we dropped into the 2020BMX magazine offices & Hell On Wheels. Both were cool to finally check out. It’s cool to see where all the magic for the mag happens & the shop is awesome too.

There was really bad weather the whole way down from Brisbane but as soon as we arrived into Canberra it cleared up. Perfect. We picked up both Mick Bayzand & Liam Fahy-Hampton from the airport & will be heading to check out Backbone BMX in the morning. Backbone is the centre of the BMX scene in Canberra & from what I’ve heard is one of the coolest BMX shops in Australia. Can’t wait to check it out. Then we’re hitting the streets. Yeah yeah !! Check back in the next days for news from our exploits here.


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Mick Bayzand video

An old one but a good one none the less. Some of this was filmed about 5 years ago but can still hold its own today. Mick rules, always has, always will. He heads over to Vancouver to live for a couple years soon but I am sure we will continue to see & hear great things from him. Be on the lookout for some coverage from an upcoming farewell trip to Canberra with Liam Fahy-Hampton, Zac Miner & myself.   

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Mick Bayzand bike check

Cooper from Focalpoint just sent me an email to say he has put a Mick Bayzand bike check online. I gotta say it’s one of the best looking set-ups I have ever seen. Mick inspired our limited edition Gold colourway & it absolutely looks amazing. Get it while it lasts at a store near you now. Bling bling.

Click here for the full bike check on Focalpoint. Thanks Cooper !!



Also if you haven’t already checked out Mick’s recent web video click here now.

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