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Colony Premise video

A mixture of riding clips from a bunch of the team along with an overview of our 2013 Premise complete bike which is available worldwide right now!

Canberra/Sydney update

We’ve been out in Canberra and now Sydney filming for some web video projects, the weather has been dialed so hopefully it continues so we can continue the clip count!

Canberra/Sydney trip

Myself, Mick and Zac are in Canberra right now filming for a few web video’s then off to Sydney for a few days, keep up to date on the happenings via Instagram! @colonybmxbrand

Adelaide trip update

On the drive back to Melbourne right now, here are a few photos from Mick’s Instagram @mick_bayzand1

Down time with Bayzand

Hey everyone, just a little update to let you no what’s been going on in my world. A few months back I had a bad crash on my shoulder whilst filming, I had a little time off but got back on the bike soon after even though it still hurt. which I tend to do alot. But over the past few months it has been getting worse and worse to the point were it feels like its going to fall off. Haha

So I made the decision to head back to Adelaide for a while to get it all cheeked out. I’ve spent the last week going to countless doctors appointments, getting scans and more doctors appointments. In the end they have come to the conclusion that my ligaments and tendons are inflamed and there is crazy growth on my cartilage causing sharp pain.

I’ve been getting quartazone injections in my shoulder to try calm everything down and help with the pain. Hopefuly this will sort it all out
and there will be no need for surgery. In the mean time I have been ordered to rest it as much as possible so i have just been kickin’ it back at home and my good friend Jack who has been helping me out with some physio and also I am becoming a Wii champion.

I do have a few thing I am working on in the mean time so even though I cant realy do much right now I should still have some new edits and some other stuff coming out real soon.

Fingers crossed I should be back bombing shit in no time. Peace…

The Package 7

Marnold, Mick and Cooper all have good clips in the latest Focalpoint Package web video

Yo yo !!

Perth trip rap up

Mick sent through more updates from the trip.

This was the last stop of my Perth demo travels. and I tell ya, we definitely finished off with a bang.
For these shows we headed up to Kambalda for the car, ute and bike show. Kambalda is a 10 hour drive from Perth so quite the mission.

When we got there they had a little caravan set up for us and we were greeted by the locals and headed straight to the pub. The locals were very generous and kept the drinks flowing all night. The next morning was demo time the weather wasn’t the best, it was quite windy and it rained a little but we still smashed out the demos.

We were lucky enough to have some locals from Kalgoorlie do the demos with us and Josh from NZ had a roll too and let me tell you these boys shred! After the demos it was back to the pub for another epic night. Thanks to all the locals for there generosity and welcoming us in to there town. Your a great bunch of lads and I would love to come back again.

The next day we headed in to Kalgoorlie to put on a comp at the local park, it was a great day, the sun was shining and there was a massive turn out. For a small town there was no shortage of shredders. everyone rode hard but Josh come out with the win, he definitely showed a good mix of tech runs and some burly tricks not to mention being real dialed. Once again thanks to everyone who came out entered or just had a roll. We hit the town once again with some good people and lots of laugh’s before starting the 10 hour drive back to Perth.

I have to say a big thanks to Shawn Jarvis from Freestyle Now for hooking me up with the demos letting me stay at his house and making me feel part of the team. and to the rest of Perth its been a pleasure and I look forward to it again next year.

Perth update #1000

Micky has been banging out a bunch of updates from his West Oz trip, this one has got me stoked on BMX…

“Today we drove out to Australind, W.A to do a couple couching clinics. It’s a little country town and the parks not the best but there’s a really good bmx scene there. A great bunch of kids that are really psyched on BMX. It was awesome to see the kids make the most of the park and go hard. We sessioned for a while, played some games and gave away some prizes. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the day as fun as it was. I really hope you guys get that new park you’re trying to get, you really deserve it.”

Perth Royal Show

Mick has been doing demo’s in Perth.

“We’ve been doing 2 shows a day for the past seven days 1 in the morning and another at night. It’s almost coming to an end now, it has been a lot of fun riding, hanging out and running a muck. Lots of laughs have been had, lots of stuffing with peoples bikes and lots of hollaring and random peeps. Pretty much what happens when lots of bmxers get together and have a lot of spare time on there hands. Thanks to my little homie Brady Thomas for the pics. and also a big thanks to Shawn Jarvis of Freestyle Now for the hook up.”

More Bayzand

Strictly put together this jib edit of Mick. Lots and lots of good lines at a bunch of Melbourne parks, enjoy.

Mick in West Oz update #2

Micky sent through another update from his travels over in the West…

Today was a jamed packed day of demos, I did the first box jump demo at the Royal Show then headed off to Armadale for the opening of the new youth center there. We set up some grind boxes, a little rail, a weadge and a kicker in the car park and had a realy fun getto seashion for a while. Then we hightailed it back to the Royal Show for the night time demo.

Mick Bayzand in Perth

Mick is over in Perth doing demo’s I will let him give you all the info…

I am over in Perth at the moment for the Perth royal show doing demos with the Freestyle Now team. We have spent the first few days fixing up the ramps, repainting thing and getting everything sorted. I am realy looking forward to hanging out and riding with everyone, there all a realy good bunch of dudes over here, I always have a good time. The show kicks of real soon so I’ll put up a bunch of riding photos from the demos. Big thanks to Shawn Jarvis for inviting me back.

Inception 2013 complete bike.

We put together this video of the 2013 Colony Inception complete bike so that you can see all the key features to the it. We also hooked up a bunch of clips from some of the team guys to top it off! Read more about the bike here, it’s available worldwide right now!

Colony Inception 2013 complete bike from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Mick Bayzand Teddy frame

Thanks to Strictly, Mick takes you through some features of the 2013 Teddy frame then hits up the local park.

Mick Bayzand Teddy V3 / Strictly BMX from Strictly BMX on Vimeo.

Bayzand checks in

Mick is still over on his Vancouver trip and here is the latest from him…

“Yo! What’s up peeps?

I’ve been out on a mission lately to destroy spots and rack clips. It’s all been going pretty well up until I got broke off the other day but that’s just a miner setback. I’ve been spending most of my spare time out searching and me and the lads have been out on some epic missions putting in work.

Alot of these clips will be in my frame promo edit which I am working on and should be well worth the wait. Here’s a little taste of what’s been going down. I have a lot more photos to come so keep checking back. Enjoy…..”

Bayzand sequence

Thanks to Stu Munro for shooting this sequence through of Mick Bayzand down at Prahran park a couple months ago. The park is also just around the corner from Strictly BMX.

Mick Bayzand web video.

Mick goes hard whenever he isn’t injured, actually he goes hard even when he is. Lots of variety in this web vid promoting his Teddy V2 bars.

Mick Bayzand from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Bayzand and The Woodyard.

Mick was fortunate enough to hit up a nice looking backyard setup recently…

“The other day it was Canada day and I was lucky enough to get invited out to a BBQ Canada style at Ron Murcers house where he has an amazing skate park in his backyard called The Woodyard. The place is sooooo much fun and has lines for days. It was a really good turn out and the locals are amazing riders and even more amazing as people.

We had a dope sesh, super chill, lots of beers and lots of laughs were had. It was an amazing way to spend the day. Thanks so much to Ron for letting us hit up his backyard and all the locals for being super cool.”

More Bayzand

Bayzand sent through another update to keep us in the loop of his Canadian adventure!

“We had some nice weather the other day so I made the most of it and headed down to the plaza for a roll. This place is soooo dope, lots of stuff to grind and the mellow down rail is amazing. they have all so added a few new things since last time I was here which is pretty cool. Thanks to my girlfriend who snapped a few pics while I was riding.”

Mick Bayzand update

Micky just sent through an update from OS…

“As most of you would know I am in Canada again for the summer. I nearly didn’t make it here as I had some passport issues, ticket issues and every other problem you can think of. But I am here now and it has been amazing so far. I have just spent the first week hanging out with my girl and catching up with all the homies over here. Such a good vibe and everyone’s so nice. The weathers just starting to get real good aswell, summer is definitely starting and I just put my bike together thanks to Ride On shop here in Canada, so expect a lot of riding photos and lots of crazy adventures. you no how I do. till then peace out and keep checking the site.”

Mick Bayzand bike check

Our main man Mr. Michael Bayzand, who is currently over in Canada at the moment, has a fresh new rig setup…

Frame: Colony Teddy V2 20.85
Forks: Colony Guardian
Headset: Colony
Stem: Colony Official
Bars: Colony Teddy V2
Grips: Colony Muchroom
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
Sprocket: Colony CC 25T
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Wheels: Colony Contour Wheels with a female bolt hubs front and back.
Seat/post: Colony Fat Shield Combo
Pegs: Colony Oneway CrMo
Hubguard: Colony

Mr. Bayzand

Mick met up with a few riders today for a roll down at the park in Prahran. Here are a few words from the man himself…

Today was an awesome day. I met up with my little homies at Strictly BMX were we hung out for a bit, sticker’d up some bikes & then headed to the park for a roll. It was a good chilled session. I want to thank everyone who came down & hung out with me. It was a really fun day & we should do it again soon. Keep shredding homies, peace.

Yo yo !!

Sequence Saturday: Mick Bayzand

Shot during the filming of the DVD. Uprail to bars by Mr Bayzand.

Get yourself along to Prahran Skatepark in Melbourne today at around lunch time to hang out with Mick & get yourself a copy of The Colony DVD for free as well. He will be there from lunch time to have a roll around. Of course if it’s bad weather Mick wont be there.

Mick off to Canada soon…

Mick Bayzand has been resting up from his recent shoulder injury but is well on the road to recovery. He is also heading off to Canada for a few months on June 10th, expect updates from there.

On other news… Mick will be having a casual roll at Prahran Skatepark in Melbourne this Saturday from lunch time onwards. He will also have a bunch of free copies of The Colony DVD for those that are keen. So if you’ve ever wanted to meet Mick in person head out to Prahran this Saturday & meet the man himself.

Yo yo !!

Mick Bayzand down again.

Mick has been having a rough time of it lately with injuries. After just getting back from a few broken fingers he had a fall where he did some damage to his shoulder tearing his rotator cuff and AC joint. Hopefully it’s not to bad, once the swelling has gone down he will know more.

Mick is back!

After a month off his bike from destroying his hand in Canberra Mick is back on it, although his hand is not 100% we took a day trip to Geelong yesterday to film and Mick seem to get straight back into the swing of things. He will have a web video coming out over the next couple of months which I am excited about!

Mick Bayzand checks in…

Micky is always up to something…

“Hi guys just checking in to let you know I’ve been off on some adventures again. Sadly, it was my girlfriends last couple of weeks in OZ and I wanted to do something nice for her and it just so happened I broke a few of my fingers on a recent Canberra trip. So I thought what better time for another holiday road trip.

So we hired one of those vans you live in and hit the road. (I highly recommend this by the way, soooo much freedom and so much fun) First stop was Adelaide to see the fam and all the Adelaide homies, we had a nice BBQ at my parents place, then hit the road again set for the Great Ocean Road.

It’s only supposed to take two days to do it but we had 10 days up our sleeves so we hit up everything from caves to beaches, rain forests, waterfalls, lakes and volcanoes. It was so much fun camping out in the forests again going on mad hikes lazing out on the beach and just experiencing so much stuff, we even had a mad water fight, one for the books I tell ya!

If you live in Melbs or Adelaide or anywhere near there and have never done the Great Ocean Road, I really recommend it and take your time. We definitely had a lot of adventures; good times and saw some amazing sites. But like all good things it comes to an end Kimberly had a great send off and I should hopefully be back on the bike soon.

I am currently working on my frame promo edit witch I am pretty psyched on and a few more things in the works to so be on the look out for some web vids coming soon.

Peace out everyone. Go grind some shit!!”

The Package #5

Focalpoint have come through with another great instalment of The Package. Look out for clips of Mick Bayzand, Brock Olive & Cooper Brownlee. Word.

Yo yo !!

Canberra update

Myself and Mick are in Canberra right now filming for some web video projects. The weather has been perfect and things are flowing along pretty good.

Out in the heat

We had a bit of a heat wave here in Melbourne over the weekend but Mick was still keen to get out and film some stuff. We’ve been working hard filming for a fresh new Micky web video which I am excited about.