Archive Of October 2016 - Colony BMX

The all new Colony Griplock tyre

Quick video detail of the new Griplock tyre which you can see more of here.

Luke Parker @ Noble Park

Luke Parker spends a gloomy Melbourne day at one of the funnest parks around.

Victor Salazar – Versatil frame hype

Victor Salazar wants to give some of you free tires. Watch the video for more information.

Make sure you jump on Instagram and use hashtags #versatilframe & #colonybmxbrand

More info about the Versatil frame can be found here.

Leeham video

We are flowing LeeHam some Colony product at the moment through MAD Distribution over in China and the guys came through with a cool video to kick things off…

Alex Hiam’s new bike

Alex just built up a fresh new Sweet Tooth and it looks the goods! More images soon.


Nathan Sykes bike build

Nathan built up a 2017 Tradition frame in his signature Metallica Red colourway and it came out really nice.

The frame is available now and you can read more about it here. You can also see more on his signature seat right here.

Strictly BMX custom Tradition bike

Strictly BMX have a deal on a custom Tradition build that is looking the goods! Get all the info right here.


Paddy & Bobbie @ Baco

Both Bob and Paddy have some technical clips in the last half of this video that BMX Union just put out. The Baco jams always look pretty crazy. Congrats to Paddy for winning the #frontbrakebrethren jam

Jack Kelly bike check

Included with all the new goodies landing at the moment is Jack Kelly‘s signature Monash frame. So as soon as he could get his hands on the production model he pieced it together with a fresh stack of parts including the new Makita frame colourway. Check it all here in detail.


Chris & Jayden session The Village

Chris Courtenay and Jayden Fuller session The Village with some great local lines.

Polly images

A couple photos of Polly from the weekend.



Product Highlight – 2017 Colony Premise

The 2017 Premise is out now and looking so fresh! you can read all about the bike right here and watch the video below.

Emerald is coming!

When we posted this photo on Instagram it created quite a lot of hype. The new Emerald colour will be dropping real soon so keep an eye out for it at your local store or mail order.


Anthony Napolitan “What I ride”

Head over to the Ride BMX website for an in-depth look at Napo’s rig along with a Q&A about why he runs what he does. Check it all here.

What I Ride - Anthony Napolitan

What I Ride - Anthony Napolitan

Nathan Sykes update

What up guys! Just wanted to send through an update on what I have been up to. Just got back from a week trip in Colorado doing shows with Team Soil. Had a really fun time riding and adventuring around Colorado. We drove from Huntington Beach to Long Mont. 1200 miles with the truck and trailer. Meet some rad people on the way and have many good memories.

Just got home last night and already excited for another trip.

Next week my signature color in the Tradition frame comes out in Metallic Red. Very stoked on that! Also I have a new signature seat that will be releasing also. Lot of good stuff and I’m excited for you guys to be able to get your hands on it!





Ricky Catanzariti in the 406 mixtape

Ricky has a tonne of great clips in this along with all his friends. Make sure you check this out.

And incase you missed his Melbourne video make sure you check that out…

2017 complete bikes NOW AVAILABLE!

We are very excited to announce that our 2017 complete bike range is now available here in Australia with the rest of the world to follow suit in the coming weeks.

Check out all the models below in this playlist of videos we’ve put together.

You can view the full spec’s of every bike right here.

Focalpoint Package 4 video

Jack, Polly and myself have some clips in the new mixtape from FP. Check it out…

Nora Cup

Bracamonte was on hand to shoot some of the happenings at Nora Cup this year. JK and Millar were floating around whilst the camera was on.