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Micky Bayzand is back in Oz and killing it! We have been up in Brisbane for a couple weeks now and will be driving back down to Melbourne next week. This photo is from another hot day in the sun, taking it easy late in the day.


Connections BMX Birthday Jam

Connections BMX are having a birthday celebrations jam on February the 13th. We’re getting behind the event with prizes galore. Should be a fun day for sure. Hit up Connections for more info.

birthday flyer

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Broc Raiford crash…

Here is a little video with Broc’s first attempt at an in & out rail set up from his last web edit. Pretty brutal but he got it done regardless. Thanks to Andrew Sanford for putting together the video.

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Custom Gnarkill over at Strictly BMX

The guys at Strictly BMX put together a Gnarkill in Purple Storm with our Gold parts for a customer. Click here now to check it out.


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Guettler has been busy…

Check out these two videos from Ryan. One from an Australia Day trails jam & one random video of his amazing dogs. Enjoy !!

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Party pics…

Here are a few more random party pics from last Saturday night’s festivities for mine & Niki’s post wedding party. Thanks for all those that came along… it was an awesome night for sure.


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Shane wins Flatitude 2010

Shane Badman won Flatitude 2010 down in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend. Congrats mate !! You can click here now over on the Newcircle site for results.


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Glennie made news over on the Strictly BMX site… click here now to check it.


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Paddy Gross update.

Paddy Gross sent us over some photos of a recent demo he did at a car yard the other week. Definately one of the most random demo’s I have seen.


Jonny Devine update…

Jonny sent over some photos from a session he had over at his grandad’s barn where they have a few ramps set up, no doubt it’s crazy cold over there at the moment so riding inside must help keep the guys sane over there in England.


Broc Raiford edit…

Broc Raiford put some work in for this edit put together by Andrew Sanford. Enjoy.

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Sunny Days.

It gets stupid hot up here in Brisbane during summer, yesterday some of the boys went down to a dive spot and got pretty loose off the bridge.


Party Time.

Last night was Clint and Niki’s wedding party, it was a pretty fun night with a bunch of crew in town.


Product update – Top Load Official Stem

We have been working on this for a little while now & finally got the first samples the other day. It’s our top load version of the Official Stem. It weighs in at the same weight of the front load version & is made of the same 7075T6 alloy.

It won’t be available until August/September this year & we will release more details as they become available.


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One year to the day…

Today is exactly one year to the day, that I made it official & Colony became an independent company. It has been an amazing past year & we have come a long way. All this could not have been made possible without everyone’s support out there.

So, I would like to thank all our team riders, our employees, our distributors, our loyal shops all over the planet, our agent & suppliers in Taiwan, the websites & magazines that gave us coverage & last but not least, every single rider out there that has supported Colony in some way. Thanks to anyone that has ever bought one of our products, come riding with us or was just down with what were about. Thank you.

2010 is gonna be a banger of a year for us & I can’t wait to show the world what Colony is capable of. Word.


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It just happened to work out that I was going through the small town of Kempsey (NSW) when their jam was on yesterday so I stopped in for a bit and had a roll and watched everyone shred. It was good to see a small town putting on a cool day with a bunch of riders making a fair trip out to be there. Thanks to Brodie for the photos.


New Shintaro video…

Shintaro Misawa sent in a new video he did recently… enjoy.

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Long time friend & all round nice guy Glennie, started work last Monday as our warehouse manager & is fitting in rather well. He also put together a fresh new Gnarkill frame & will be shredding after work most days. Glen also joined the home owners club this week. Stoked.


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Mick Bayzand rules…

Mick Bayzand dropping bombs with his good mate, Kym Grosser. Bloody awesome.

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Random photo #768

I found these photos on my laptop tonight, so I thought better off posted on the website then tucked away. Zac Miner from back last November at the new Woden park in Canberra and also a few days before hand in Sydney at the Halloween Jam.


More Zac Miner…

Click here to check out Zac’s new haircut… maybe a few too many drinks that night hey mate?

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Guettler checks in…

Guettler is back in Brisbane now & wrote this little update on what he has been up to of late…

So after Xmas and new years, Vans invite me to there zoomys 100k, which is a huge awards party up in the SNOW, (This is my 2nd time ever seeing snow by the way) I go up there with Jerry badders, Nasty and Steve Van Doren. We play in the snow Nasty & I tried to snowboard for a while which was so funny. Then the night of the big party was amazing, we got to hang out with Snoop Dogg and PJ Penn and Dustin Dollin (everyone was there ) it was a very fun night.

Then the next day I flew home to Australia and meet up with the Colony crew and Richo takes me straight to the trails, we have been filming a lot so wait for an edit to come soon. But now I’m home and having a blast. It was crazy going from snowboarding with Nasty one day to riding trails, getting sun burnt with Richo the next hahahaha such a great time…



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Last times with Shane Badman

Shane Badman has a little mini interview over on the flatmatters website. You can read it now by clicking here.


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This Wednesday…

Is the memorial jam in Kempsey for Blake Butterfield & don’t forget that all proceeds go to the Weastmead Childrens Hospital. If you can make it there go & support these guys. Should be a fun day. Word.


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Memorial Jam in Orange, NSW

We have got behind a memorial jam being put on at the new Orange park for Steven Dark. If you’re in the area or up for a road trip, then head yourself there for a fun day on your little bike.


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Alans BMX & Colony in the UK

Alans BMX have been our official outlet in the UK for some time now. Alan & the guys have been doing a great job for us over there & they have just put on a new rider to their Alans BMX/Colony team – Alex McGimpsey. You can check out more info on the Colony UK blog site ran by Alans by clicking here now. Plenty of interesting stuff up there including a desk top wall paper of a custom Teddy.


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Product highlight – Clone Hub Guards

Our Clone Hub Guards have been out for a little while now but are the best way to protect your rear hub & spokes from grinding abuse. The best bit is there is no need to spread your frames rear end to fit it all in, you simply replace your non driver side cone nut. We offer them in all our 2010 colours.


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Wangaratta Comp.

Myself, Marnold, Liam and Zac went to the jam/comp at Wangaratta yesterday and had a ball, besides the crazy heat it was a super fun day, big thanks to Dre and the Sanction for organising a good day.


Marnold web video…

Marnold put some work in with Cooper & Big Salad on this one. Turned out pretty damn good I say. I always love to see what Marnold has to offer & as always does not disappoint. Check it.

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Downunderground teaser video…

Presented by Newcircle the Downunderground series 1 went down in Perth late last year & the full video will be online soon. Check this teaser featuring our own Shane Badman who won the event.

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