Archive Of September 2009 - Colony BMX

Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon has been keeping busy of late with a few projects such as his next solo DVD which I am sure will be amazing. Can’t wait to see that one.

He also recently just got back from Sydney doing some demos at a b-boy break dance event. He said it was amazing with some of the best breakers in the world there. He also clocked some footage there as the scenery was amazing.

Simon also put together a couple new bikes based around his DejaVu frame, one for street/ramp & the other for flatland. Check them out below.


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Shintaro wins ‘One Cup 2009’

Shintaro just won the ‘One Cup 2009’ in Akita, Japan. It is a rather prestigious comp in Japan & huge congrats must go out to Shintaro. Well done mate !! Top 3 results were as per below…

1st. Shintaro Misawa
2nd. Kentaro Nishiwaki
3rd. Keiji Nakamura


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Peta Shepherd checks in…

Peta Shepherd dropped by the office today to pick up a new bike. She will soon be rolling on a brand new Teddy frame in our Candy Red decked out in all our new parts.

Peta also showed me her dislocated finger which she suffered the other day while riding, ouch. She will be off the bike for a couple weeks but this will give her time to get the new bike together. So all good. Check back for pics of her new bike soon. Photo credit on the tailwhip nosepick goes to Renee Junga, thanks Renee !!


In other news… our good friend Angela also put together a new Teddy frame in Purple Storm. Check it out below, looking the goods for sure.


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Interbike ’09 party pics

A small selection of pics from the many Interbike parties in Vegas last week. Was really good to see everyone & a great time was had by all. Now it’s time to get back to reality…


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Marnold advert

The Sanction have a fresh new advert featuring Marnold for their new tee design out now. Loving the NYC look.


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Colony/Interbike video

Ride BMX just posted a short video where I show you a couple of our new or refined products for 2010. Excuse my voice as it was rather hoarse from the Nora Cup party the night before. Enjoy.

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Interbike ’09 pics…

Here are some pics of our 2010 products that were on display here at Interbike the last few days. The show is now over but a big thanks to all those that came to check out our ranges. All these items are now available in both Australia & the USA with other countries receiving them very soon. Check out our products section for more info.


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Interbike coverage…

Over on the BMX Union site there are some pics of our 2010 ranges. Click here now to check them out.


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Nora Cup contest winner…

Thanks to all those that entered as we received just over 400 entries !! But a huge congrats go out to Chris Barnes from Australia who has won our Nora Cup giveaway. You will soon receive your Colony parts package in the mail. Thanks again to all those that entered.

NoraCup - Chris Barnes

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Tim Wood bike check

Fat BMX have a bike check on Tim Wood over on their site. Click here now to check it out.


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Liam Fahy-Hampton – One Clip

Focalpoint just put up a new One Clip & this time it features Liam Fahy-Hampton. Check it out.

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Interbike coverage

Vital just posted a quick video where I give you a little insight into some of our 2010 ranges. Check it out below.

Colony BMX - More BMX Videos

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Product highlight – Bloody Oath V2 bars

Nick Richardson’s new signature bars are out now. They are now wider & taller than last years. Click here for the full scoop now.

bloodyoath bars group4

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Jonny Devine video

Jonny put in some work for this impressive web video. Enjoy !!

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Tim Wood update…

Tim Wood just got back from the Dew Tour in the states with a very respectable 4th place in vert. Congrats Tim !! Head on over to the Ride site for a video of highlights form the comp by clicking here now.


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Vegas random pic #1

The Mirage Hotel’s Volcano show & some talking tree with myself & Niki. Check back for more soon…


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In Vegas right now…

Over in Vegas right now for Interbike. Should be fun times for sure. Will post some random pics over the days ahead.


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Product highlight – Clone Wheel Sets

Our Clone Wheel Sets are available now in Australia & the USA. Click here for more info now.

wheel rear group

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Jonny Devine checks in…

Jonny Devine has been keeping busy over in the UK recently it seems. He has got a little coverage in the latest Ride UK from a trip earlier this year, he also recently went to a Stephen Murray jam over there & below are a few pics taken by his friend Ian Wood, at the local trails that a bunch of mates have got going of late.


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Justin Burns checks in…

Justin Burns sent in a few pics of some recent street missions he has had over states side. The boys got some pop. Justin is also on his way to hang out at Interbike this week. Should be some fun times.


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