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Ryan checks in…

Guettler sent in a quick email on what he has been up to of late & a few pics…

I’ve been on the road for about 3 weeks now havin a blast went to Germany and Amsterdam. Just got done with the ASA box jump comp now I’m in Cali tonight and fly to Japan tomorrow. The box jump comp was a super fun comp I can’t believe I won it, I’m so happy. Everyone was having the best time.

Tomorrow I’m going to Japan I’ve always wanted to ride in Japan, seems like a wild place so I cant wait. I’ll keep you updated.

Having Fun,


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Down Underground 4

The finals for the Down Underground Flatland Comp series is set for July 4th in Brisbane. Click here for more info & updates. Love that flyer… so good.


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Kanga’s love Vans shoes

Josh Mette sent me this photo of a kangaroo he spotted that was sporting some of the Vans/Colony Whip 2 shoes. Nice one!


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Colour explosion !!

Damn… wanna buy a crazy one off colourful custom Hell Stallion complete bike? Then click here for all the scoop from the guys at Strictly BMX.


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Dig Magazine Issue 70

The new Dig Magazine is out now & has the story from our roadtrip in Australia earlier this year. Click here to check out what else is in this issue.


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Living The Dream

We just got our first samples of our new tees due out in a few weeks. Here is the ‘Living The Dream’ print. Totally stoked on how they came out. Due in stores in about 2-3 weeks in Australia only for now.


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Haimona & Colony part ways

Haimona Ngata has been a part of Colony for almost as long as Colony has been around but today he leaves our family. Everything is still totally cool & I must thank Ho for all his support these past years & wish him the very best in what ever may be ahead for him.

I am looking forward to the next time we can polish off a bottle of Black Sambucca & talk shit about mowing the lawn in Boks, haha. Only Haimona will understand that one. Thanks for everything mate !! You rule.


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An oldie but a goodie…

Just an old video from last year when a bunch of the team travelled to Canberra for a week of riding. This video is the result of that week, good times. Enjoy.

Colony BMX in Canberra from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Stitches please!

Richo got 6 stitches to his chin today after a feeble on a round rail went a little bit wrong. All good though as he will be riding again in a few days. On another note, Alex Hiam did his first street rail today, so stoked.


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Dirty Drains Jam

Today Richo, Alex, Cooper Brownlee & myself went to the Dirty Drains Jam in Brisbane. It was a really good turn out & a good vibe as well. I got way too much sun but still had fun none the less. Here is a pic of Richo in the long jump comp that went down. It was a great day & a everyone had a good time. It was good to see everyone having a good time in one place.


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Product highlight – Canvas Seats

Our Canvas Range of Pivotal seats are in stores now. Featured below is our Bones model. Click here for the full designs on offer.


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Our pedals featured on Ride BMX site

Our Fantastic Plastic pedals are featured on the Ride BMX site on their pedals buyers guide. Click here to check out details on a competition we have going on as well with Ride BMX.


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New Tee designs for 2009

Next month we will have these new Tee Shirt designs dropping into stock. (Australia only for now) The artwork was done by Cooper Brownlee of Focalpoint BMX who is our new art director. The top design is called ‘Freehand’ & the bottom design is called ‘Living The Dream’. Check the silhoette of Richo in Living The Dream. Hope you like them!

Be on the look out for more new artwork from the creative mind of Cooper in the months ahead.


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Richo gets new ink

Nick Richardson recently got some new ink. A chest piece is now his latest addition to his tattoo portfolio. Here is a pic taken from his myspace.


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Product highlight – 2009 Endeavor complete bike

Our Endeavor complete bikes for 2009 are out now in Australia & the Ukraine. Available in 4 different colours, Charcoal Black, Acid Green, Vibrant Orange & Polished Grey. Check them at a Colony dealer near you now. Click here for the full low down.


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Oscars Zajarskis edit

A video from our flow rider in Latvia with some cool stuff in an indoor park. Oscars is hooked up through our distributor in Latvia, Par BMX.

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Product highlight – Cube Frame

I have known Shane Badman ever since we started out as penpals (yes, before email existed) & we would write letters back & forth exchanging flatland trick tips & riding photos for years there. I am very stoked to have Shane as an integral part of the Colony flatland program & even more stoked to be able to offer Shane his first signature frame, the Cube.

Shane is known to be rather tough on frames, or any part for that matter, so we set out to make him a bullet proof flatland frame that would hold up to his brand of riding. I think we achieved it with this frame. For the full details click here now.

While you’re at it, you might as well check out the new Australian Flatland blog by clicking here as well.


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Ryan places in Germany

Ryan scored a 2nd & a 3rd place at the Extreme Playgrounds Dirt Comp in Germany on Sunday. He took out 2nd place in the best 360 comp & got 3rd in the head to head main event. Well done mate !!


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Product highlight – Poker Kit

Get them while they last, available only in Australia. Limited to 200 sets. Click here for more info.


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Kym Grosser edit

Kym put together this amazing edit from one day of riding over in Vancouver. It’s the first footage he has put out on his new Colony set up. Filmed but none other than Mick Bayzand. Enjoy.

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Guettler, Liam & Zac news on NYRM

Ryan has an interview up on NYRM. Click here to check it out.

There is also some other random stuff of Liam & Zac on there as well. So check it out now. Go on, right now!


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New bikes all round for the UK flow team

Spotted this up on Alans BMX blogspot for Colony in the UK. Both Jonny Devine & Liam Vance have new bikes & they both look amazing. Thanks to Alans BMX for making sure the guys bikes are always dialled.


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Guettler’s new bike

As promised a few days ago here is Ryan’s new bike in all it’s glory. Makes me wanna get a new bike together myself. Ryan’s list of Colony parts is as follows…

Official Stem, Official Forks, Official Bars, Official Sprocket, Transformer Lever, Colonial Cranks, Colony Mid BB, Fantastic Plastic Pedals, Clone Hubs front & rear, Oneway Pegs, Colony Mid Seat with Colony Post & a Colony headset to finish it off.





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More new stuff…

Just some more sneak peaks at some of our new colours shipping soon worldwide. Expect them in a store near you in the next 4-6 weeks.




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Shipping soon…

Is our next wave of colours & products. Shown here is our next batch of limited edition colours like Purple & Gold for the alloy parts with Purple & Acid Green for our painted parts.

The Acid Green is a Black with a very strong Metallic Green/Gold pearl through it. It looks amazing when in the sun light. You will be able to our frames, forks, bars & cranks in both the Purple & the Acid Green.

All will be available in about 4 weeks around the world or a little later depending where you live.




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Blast from the past…

Had nothing much new to post today so thought I would share this edit taken from the bonus section of our ‘A Month In The Life Of’ DVD from 2007. Some of you may have or may not have seen it but still worth checking out even today. Featuring Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Matt King & Kenny Raggett. Enjoy.

Colony Bonus Mix 1 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Alex Hiam wins the Coconet Classic

On the weekend Alex travelled up to Boyne Island near Gladstone in Queensland for the annual Coconet Classic. It’s an extreme sports & music festival that has been gathering momentum for a few years now. They have a BMX comp every year & this year the champion was none other then our own Alex Hiam. Congrats Alex !!


Thanks to Boo for the pics.

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See you there…

…if it ever stops raining that is.


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Product highlight – Oneway Pegs

Some say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. One thing that cannot be denied is that our Oneway Pegs have their imitators out there in the market place. Since we first bought out the ‘thicker on the bottom & thinner on the top’ design, our pegs have caused more than a few companies to follow suit. Check them out at a store near you now in either 7075 Alloy & 4140 heat treated Crmo. You can click here now for the full details online.



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Ryan checks in…

Guettler sent in a couple pics of his ramp with it’s new paint job. The black & red theme looks good for sure. Ryan is also off to Europe soon for the T-Mobile comp in Germany then to Japan & France for some trips, fun times ahead. Ryan also put together a new bike so expect a bike check in the days ahead.



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