Archive Of August 2015 - Colony BMX

Zac Miner – Thanks for the good times…

Zac Miner decided to take a step back from the PRO side of things within BMX so we wanted to send him off right with a video of all his most recent un-seen footage. We had some fun trips with Zac all around the world which I will miss but thankfully our friendship doesn’t end here so the good times will continue no doubt…

Be sure to check out his section in the Backbone BMX dvd that recently came out it’s a wild one!

Thanks to B-Dog for the additional clips.

Mick Bayzand @ Noble Park

Mick recently headed down to the brand new Noble Park in Melbourne with a couple of his boys Kym and Sean from Strictly BMX. The guys put together this video from the session, i definitely recommend hitting up the park if you are ever in Melbourne.

Cooper Brownlee photo feature

Over on Vital there is a photo feature with Cooper Brownlee from his many recent North American adventures. A few of the team guys such as Nathan Sykes, Jourdan Barba, Brandon Van Dulken, Polly & Victor Salazar all have some great shots in there.

As always, Coops’s photo skills are on point, check it out here now.


Yo yo !!

Mick Bayzand update

Hey Guys,

Over here in Melbourne we have been lucky enough to have some new parks pop up of late. Last weekend myself and the boys went and hit the new Noble Park skate park, it’s a pretty epic park with something for everyone from big bowls to really fun jib rails. we filmed a little mixtape there which I have a few clips in so be on the look out for that. I also have some clips in another mixtape that’s about to drop soon.

Also with daylight savings on its way and summer coming I am working on another solo web edit and also a special project with Cooper Brownlee I am real pumped on.

So dont be lazy, get out there on your bike. have fun, keep learning and get creative.




Canadian Concrete – Penticton

KEA are always doing great things for the Canadian scene such as these comp/jams. Brandon happen to win this round and from the video you will see him blasting some crazy gaps along with everyone enjoying the good looking park…

Bruno Faucon video

The French connection, Bruno Faucon recently set-up a new Monash frame surrounded by other Colony goods. He shot this video of building it up then putting it to work at the local park…

Stacked BMX Jam

Jourdan has some good clips throughout this video from a recent Stacked BMX jam…

Print Advert – Jack Kelly

JK has a double page advert in the current issue of Soul BMX over in Europe. The photo was shot by Daniel Johnson where Jack opposite crooks a large rail for his most recent video. All the 2016 frames are now available in Australia with the rest of the world in the coming weeks.


Jourdan Barba video

Jourdan Barba is the man! Even with handling fatherhood he still manages to find the time to go out and hit beast mode as you will see from his new video.

Filmed and Edited by Larry Alvarado.

Happy birthday Alex !!

It’s Alex Hiam’s 20th birthday today, happy birthday mate !!

Alex is over in the states right now & on the east coast for a Vans Invitational contest doing what we all love, riding bikes.

Hit him up on Instagram @alexhiam & wish him happy birthday.

His brand new 2016 range of Sweet Tooth lines has landed in Australia this week & hits USA stores in 2 weeks time. The rest of the world will have them in the weeks ahead.



Cooper Brownlee over on TCU

Cooper Brownlee, the man behind many a job title here at Colony & our other brands, has an in-depth interview over on The Come Up. Sit back, grab a coffee & check it out by clicking here now.


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Nathan Sykes bike check

Head over to the RIDE BMX website for an in-depth bike check interview with Nathan about his current ride including a look at the new Tradition frame which actually just landed here in Australia with the rest of the world in the coming weeks.


Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 7.31.03 am

Luke Parker out in it.

Luke has had a bad run of injuries but has been back at it lately full speed. Here’s couple photos from the weekend along with some recent Instavids you should enjoy.



A video posted by Luke Parker (@lukeparker.bmx) on

A video posted by Luke Parker (@lukeparker.bmx) on

Chris Courtenay bike check

Chris Courtenay‘s bike is stacked with some fresh new parts including the Sweet Tooth line and also Chris’s signature sprocket along with his new signature seat which will be available in the coming weeks. Thanks to Matty Rogers for the riding image.

FRAME: Colony 2016 Sweet Tooth.
FORKS: Colony Sweet Tooth.
BARS: Colony Sweet Tooth.
STEM: Colony Squareback.
HEADSET: Colony.
CRANKS: Colony 22’s.
SPROCKET: CC Sprocket.
PEDALS: Colony Fantastic Plastic.
SEAT: CC Combo.
HUBS: Colony Wasp.
RIMS: Colony Contour on the rear, Pinnacle on the front.
BAR ENDS: Colony Konka.











Nathan Sykes update

What a great month! Cooper just left and headed back to Oz but while he was here we had the chance to do a trip to Canada. Had the best of times riding and hanging out with all the shredders up north. Shop stops and skate parks in Vancover were to good! Defenitly can’t wait to make another trip back.

Been working on a seat promo video. Been really excited about the release of my Colony X Locals Only seat. Cooper and i have been plugging away at that and hope to have a wrap on it this month.

Lots of good things to come as I just started working a new project I have wanted todo for a long time. As that unfolds I will have more details, but for now its just ride and seek and enjoy every moment inbetween!




Product update – 2016 bikes & parts

We’re excited to say that towards the end of next week our 2016 range of complete bikes & parts ranges including new frames, will be arriving into dealers Australia wide. Other countries like the USA, will start to see them arrive into dealers at the end of August / early September.

Below are a few sneak peeks at what we have coming out. Full details released next week. Exciting times !!

2016 Premise complete bike in Firestorm

Yo yo !!

Simon O’Brien update

Just a little update of what i’ve been up to of late……..

I’ve been doing a lot of recovering from being unwell towards the start of the year, which has involved finishing off study ( Diploma in Safety / WHS ) , getting back on the bike and finding work in my not so booming area.

I recently got hooked up on American clothing company ‘Biggest and Baddest’ who are right down my alley being all about hip hop, graff and breakdancing! I love their style and direction. Be sure to check them out everyone…such good quality!

I’m hanging out for the release of Colony’s EXON flatland line, it’s gonna be great! I’ve been working on a dvd section for Stewart Munro, which is good motivation.

Also starting to film for a section for Viki Gomez for the Tokyo film festival, I also have an upcoming art gig which will be different and fun. And heading to LA and Denver in October. Busy with my BMX which is great!

Photo by @michaelharrisphotography




Alex Hiam – Day in the Life

More from Alex over in California in the form of a day in the life video. Good to see him doing well over there and making the most of it.

Genesis Crew Mixtape

Jack Kelly has a few clips in this new Mixtape from the Sydney based crew, the whole thing is well worth a watch…

Product update – Pursuit Sprocket

For years now, I’ve wanted to make some products here in Australia for Colony. But it’s proven much more difficult & less viable than expected. Sad but true, it’s not that easy to have BMX products made here in our country.

But, I am stoked to release first images of our prototype Pursuit Sprocket here made by Input for us, right here in Australia.

Inspired by the legendary stock steel pursuit wheels on many a iconic Australian car.

Full details will be released over the weeks ahead. They will be available in limited supplies towards the end of the year.

Sweet pursuities bro…



Yo yo !!

FOD session

We met up with Alex at the FOD trails yesterday evening for a golden hour session and it was a real treat! Shooting photos during this time of day in California is priceless. Alex was pretty beat from the day before but he still got a session in and Nathan was doing kickouts and tables as usual…




Street Jam in France

We are supporting the street jam going down in Lyon, France in a few months. No doubt this is going to be a good time.

france jam

Product update from Taiwan

Over in Taiwan once again & thought you would all like to see this behind the scenes look at our Official Stems being made. Every step of the way from the original idea, to sketch on paper, through to the beautiful CNC machine detail you see here makes out stems stand out from the rest. Designed in Australia, made to perfection in Taiwan.

Yo yo !!

Oriol Bike Shop jam

We headed out to Oriol Bike Shop on Saturday for the street jam which was amazing. So many riders came out and held it down at all the spots we rode. Shoutout to the guys who made it happen.




Sunny days

The other day we spent that day riding with Jourdan and some of the Stacked guys, they treated us to some great spots out in the heat.









Alex Hiam update

Hey guys! I am currently in California for the next 2 months with Boyd Hilder. We are here riding the U.S. open Vans invitational Bowl contest at Huntington Beach this week! It’s gonna be a hella good time lots of sunshine and smiles. We are staying at Ryan Guettlers for the next week then going else where after that!!!

The past week I have had a hurt foot from getting my foot caught in the frame/crank doing a fakie. So I have been resting it But the physios at the vans contest are treating me and I have just started to ride again for this contest. Hope it holds up!!! Today was our first practice, I’m really liking the course !!

Here’s some pictures from my first week in Cali.







Have Fun, Ride Bikes with Patrick Kelly

A very strong supporter for Colony & all round good guy, Patrick Kelly has just dropped an awesome edit featuring some great riding on a Prody Frame & some great use of the front brake. We’re keeping the front brake dream alive one bike at a time !! Enjoy.

Yo yo !!