Archive Of June 2012 - Colony BMX

One Hot Product: CC Sprocket

Chris Courtenay gives you a quick run down on his signature CC Sprocket thanks to the guys at Ride BMX. Check it & then go buy a sprocket here or at any Colony dealer worldwide.

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Brock Olive and LUX

Brock recently went on a trip with his shop sponsor LUX. He shot through this update about the trip…

“I just got back from the LUX trip last Thursday and it was amazing, one of the funniest trips I’ve Ever been on.

We drove up to Gladstone and rode parks along the way and all the way back to Brissy. We’re gonna have the edit as a little premiere at the LUX 2nd birthday party in 2 weeks so should be a good night.”

Tom Stretton How to: Wheel Barrow

T-Strett is on fire !! This one we filmed when in LA the other week & was a lot of fun. You gotta try this trick & if you are not laughing & smiling whilst doing it then something is wrong… it’s the funniest trick ever. Get to it !!

Thanks to the guys at Ride BMX & for the words below…

While kicking it with the Colony team a few weeks back, I overheard Peta Shepherd say to teammate Tom Stretton, “You should do a wheelbarrow on the banks,” while riding the famous White Banks in Los Angeles. I looked over, asked what a wheelbarrow was, and Tom immediately hopped on his bike, rode up to the banks, did some sort of running nosewheelie/whiplash on the banks and rode away. Soon after, we were all on our bikes trying to do it and simply put, having an absolute blast doing a simple and fun trick on flat ground and on the banks. After a bit of coercion, Tom was convinced to say a bit about the trick, and that leads to this week’s How To. Sure, this is a pretty easy trick to get done but as Tom proves, there’s plenty of ways to do it and I’m positive that someone will take this thing to a really creative and high level at some point. Until then, see Tom’s tips (in both normal English and the Aussie slang version) and get out and have some fun – Ride BMX.

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Tom Stretton video

Jack Birtles really did well with this edit of Tom. Such a good vibe throughout and it just makes you want to go ride your bike, enjoy!

Anton at Woodward East

Anton McGuirk has been riding heaps at Woodward East the last few weeks & will have a ten clips edit come out really soon. Watch this space…

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Bobbie Altiser – Ten Clips.

Bobbie really put in work for this and I am stoked how it came out. Filmed at the MLK park in Long Beach CA. We lost a fisheye in the process but it was bound to happen one of these days.

Bobbie Altiser – Ten Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Q&A: Jens Kahlstrom

Our man in Sweden, Jens Kahlstrom banged out an update for us…

Last movie you watched…

Project X, It was pretty fun!

A musician you are hyped on at the moment…

I’m into classic rock at the moment like Creedence and such, Im also still hyped on Lucero!

What did you get up to yesterday…

I got up to work and then I went for a ride in the evening.

Last time you came off your bike pretty hard…

I have been lucky lately!

Websites you have been hitting up of late…

I watched some videos on TCU and check the Colony site, also my emails.

Last clip you filmed…
It was a truckdriver-manual-180 barspin on a box with quarters.

Last meal you ate…
Pasta carbonara for lunch at a pasta place, It was good.

Newest part on your bike…
The Dagger fork, I’m stoked on it!

Oldest part on your bike…
That would have to be my headset.

Last web video you watched…
Some sections from the Levi’s video that were reposted on TCU.

Last SMS you received…
It was from my girlfriend asking me what I’m up to.

I just started using Instagram, You can follow me @jenskahlstrom.

Thanks to Mats for the photos.

Custom The Living at LBB now

The guys at Little Black Bike in Adelaide put together this awesome The Living beast ready for the trails & more. Check it out.

Available now to make all yours in Little Black Bike’s brand new online store, so get to it pronto !!

Check out Ryan Guettler riding the city trails in Adelaide with Valvo last December in their joint ten clips below.

Advert: Zac Miner

Zac scored the advert in the UK version of new Albion magazine showing off his signature frame. Fast and hard gap to wall ride from our trip to Adelaide a little while back for the Colony X Vans shoe. If you watch the video below you will see the clip of this photo. If you are in Australia, Strictly BMX have copies of The Albion with the proceeds going to The Leukaemia Foundation which is pretty awesome.


Guettler, trails are shouting!

Ryan has a few good clips in the early stages of this web video from the jam that went down at Stephen Murray’s on the weekend. Looks like a real good vibe going down.

Mick Bayzand update

Micky just sent through an update from OS…

“As most of you would know I am in Canada again for the summer. I nearly didn’t make it here as I had some passport issues, ticket issues and every other problem you can think of. But I am here now and it has been amazing so far. I have just spent the first week hanging out with my girl and catching up with all the homies over here. Such a good vibe and everyone’s so nice. The weathers just starting to get real good aswell, summer is definitely starting and I just put my bike together thanks to Ride On shop here in Canada, so expect a lot of riding photos and lots of crazy adventures. you no how I do. till then peace out and keep checking the site.”

The Shed Contest Series

The Shed Skatepark down in Cranbourne, Melbourne are having a series of comps leading up to a grand final in April next year with some great prizes up for grabs. More importantly though, good times on your bike to be had. I would expect that you will see our newest recruit, Dean Anderson there shredding. You may even be blessed with the Pete Radivo show. Pete rules. Check the flyer below for details.

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Alex Hiam randomness…

Alex through some raw random clips out there… check it.

Words from the man himself, “This vid is nothing serious, just all my stupid sketchy funy clips left over :)”

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Jourdan Barba bike check

Jourdan has one dialed setup right now and he is putting it to good use!

Frame: Colony Teddy V2 20.85
Forks: Colony Guardian
Bars: Colony Twenty Four Seven
Headset: Colony
Stem: Colony Variant
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
Sprocket: Colony CC 25t
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Wheels: Colony Contour
Seat: Colony Shield Fat
Post: Colony Pivotal
Pegs: Colony Oneway CrMo
Hub Guards: Colony
Rear tyre: Colony Agenda 2.15

Vote 1 Colony in Vital BMX survey

Head on over to the Vital BMX website & make sure you fill out their new 2012 survey they are posting. Be sure to vote for your favourite Colony team rider & your favourite Colony bikes & parts. You could win yourself a Vital tee shirt for doing so. Click here now to head to the Vital site. Be sure to check out Ryan’s Power Hour if you have not already & Jourdan’s recent video from Vegas as well.

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Cooper, Tom and Peta reflect on their time spent in California over the past few weeks. Thanks to RideBmx for putting this together.

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Marnold at it again…

Marnold features heavily in this mix edit from one of his local parks.

Ryan Guettler power hour!

As you will see in this video, Ryan took a few harsh crashes whilst filming this power hour for Vital but he got it done and did well. Ryan puts in alot or work down at Sheep Hills these days so it was fitting to shoot it there. Thanks again to Ryan Galvan for banging this out.

Power Hour: Ryan Guettler at Sheep Hills – More BMX Videos

How to predator grind…

Cooper did a good how-to video with Ride on how to do predator grinds on flat rails, be sure to watch this to help possibly learn a new trick.

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Ryan Guettler & Dagger

Here is a cool video with Ryan explaining the origins of his Dagger Forks & Bars along with some insight into Dagger the name sake. You can check out his Dagger forks & Dagger bars in our products section.

On a funny story to go with Dagger & myself… One year I stayed at Ryan’s place back in Greenville & I stayed up stairs in the poker room on a make shift bed. Somehow, while we went away for the weekend, Dagger decided to climb up all the steps to the top of the house & leave me 6 little brown Dagger nuggets on my bed !! The little bastard !! Guess that was his way of saying thanks for sneaking him extra food when no one was looking. Miss you Dagger – R.I.P.

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