Archive Of June 2009 - Colony BMX

More FP premiere pics

Click here to check out a bunch of awesome pics that Cooper posted up on the Focalpoint site. Good times.


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Mainly BMX

Whilst down in Melbourne for the weekend I had the chance to drop in & check out Mainly BMX over in Geelong. Richard & the boys there have a really cool boutique style store going which is great to see. They have a very extensive range of Colony products in store right now so if you’re in the area make sure to drop in & check it all out.


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FP premiere pics

I made a photo collage of pics taken on my little digi from Saturday night. It was an awesome time & both the videos were amazing. Everyone involved did an amazing job & must be commended. Stand out sections by all including Liam & Marnold for Colony. Make sure you do yourself a favour & get this DVD when it’s available in a few weeks.


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Shintaro Misawa video

Shintaro Misawa is coming to Brisbane from Japan this weekend for the finals of the Downunder Ground flatland series. Check out this video of him riding on his Colony Cube. Make sure you make it this weekend to the comp. Should be a good time for sure.

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Bruno Faucon video

Bruno Faucon has a new video online courtesy of Data BMX. Check it out.

un jour avec Bruno Faucon from databmx on Vimeo.

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So much to do & see today…

There a few things happening today around the country, if you’re in Brisbane go check out the Vintage BMX Show N Shine or if you’re in Melbourne, make sure to get yourself to the Focalpoint DVD premiere tonight. Check the flyers below for full details.



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New look website…

Welcome to our new look website !! Take the time to check it all out if you can. You will notice the biggest changes are in the team section. It is finally up-to-date & reflects our diverse worldwide team. Enjoy.

The products section will be updated over the weeks ahead with all our new products for 2010 & beyond. So check back over the weeks ahead.


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Alex Hiam interview

Alex has a mini interview over on the NRYM blog which you can check out by clicking here now.

In other Alex news, his Fuel TV ‘New Pollution’ show is online now but I can’t seem to get it to work? Click here now to see if you can watch it. I am hanging to check this out.


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Paddy in Cologne

Paddy Gross sent me over a link to a video from the weekends jam in Cologne, Germany. Looks like it was fun for sure. Check for Paddy with the white long sleeve tee shirt on. Click here now for the video on Freedom BMX. I miss Cologne !!


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Guettler in X Games 15

Ryan received his invite for X Games 15 for Super Park, should be interesting to see what the park course is like this year. In other news both Ryan & Tim will be at this weeks Dew Tour opener. Good luck guys.

Photo stolen from Fudger. Thanks mate.

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Clone Rim update…

Our Clone Rims will be available in the USA & Australia in September this year. They will also be available built-up in our Clone complete wheels sets, in all other countries including the USA & Australia from September. Colours available will be, Black, White, Red, Purple, Dark Blue & Tangerine.


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Attila Godi video

Attila Godi is our flow rider in Hungary & he put together this awesome video. It has a cool little intro and then some great riding afterwards. Enjoy. Attila also crashed recently at a jam & smashed his elbow & lost a tooth, get well soon mate. Thanks to Harlee Shop for helping out Attila as well.  


Light street webvid from Hungary from bmiksz on Vimeo.

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Mick Bayzand back on his bike

For someone who has a messed up knee right now & maybe shouldn’t even be riding, Mick is doing pretty well it seems going by these pics he sent in. Mick is killing it over in Vancouver right now & it just goes to show how much of a trooper he is. In my eyes he is one of the toughest riders out there, period. You rule mate.


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Mini interview…

I have a mini interview over on the Flatland Australia blog, if your interested to check it out feel free to click here now. You can also check out my new flatland bike which was proudly painted by Rob & Ross at Lewis & Sons Powder Coating, thanks guys. Appreciated. Make sure to give them a call for any powder coating needs you may have.


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Vintage Show & Shine – 2009

Don’t forget the Vintage Show N Shine on next weekend at Lewis & Sons Powder Coating. I saw some of the new projects both Rob & Ross have been working on & they look amazing. See the flyer below for full details.


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Tim Wood in the X Games

Tim Wood got ‘the call’ today, (it was actually an email) from none other than the vert dogg chief supreme, Mat Hoffman, that he would be getting an invite to the 2009 X Games in the US for vert. Stoked. Tim heads over on Sunday for the first stop of the AST Dew Tour next week. After his Gold medal in China I am sure Tim should be doing rather well again. Good luck mate !!



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Paddy Gross checks in…

Paddy Gross sent me an email on what he has been up to of late, read on below.

I’ve just got back from the Vans “Let it Ride” European tour and the Vans “BMX Chess” contest in Switzerland last weekend which was pretty fun. I got third place tie with Bruno Hoffmann with my Colony machine and it seems like there is a lot people who ride Colony parts. Dude seriously, there have been so much riders with Colony parts, it’s been awesome to see that. Also a lot of guys been stoked on my bike. Good thing I went there, had a good time and I think it’s been good that a Colony rider showed up, the kids been stoked. Achim was there as well, he was one of the judges and was riding the miniramp, its always good to see him ride you know.

Well I am preety much getting ready for the next things, tomorrow I am going to ride a demo in huge amusement park here in Germany and on Friday I am heading to Cologne for the People’s Store Jam at the North Brigade skatepark.

Cheers, Paddy.


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Product highlight – Clone Hubs

Available right now at a store near you in Purple, Red, Gold & Black (not shown). Click here for the low down on the front hubs & here for the cassette hubs.


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Flatland session & new Cube bars

Over on the Flatland Australia blog there is a little report from a flatland session we had the other day & some sneak peaks on Shane’s Cube bars on Ross D’s bike. Check it by clicking here now.


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Roadtrip Glennie

Long time good friend of mine Glennie, just got back from his own little solo mission up north QLD & rode some cool spots, one being the amazing mini ramp you see here below at Woodgate. Glen said there were kangaroos right beside the ramp as you can in the pics & the beach right there as well, sounds like a dream come true. Will have to venture on up there soon I think. Glen also put together an alternative bike fully equipped with front brakes & 4 pegs… yeah !!



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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon O’Brien sent in an email on his travels in Japan the last weeks. Read on below…

So I’m at the end of my trip now, it was a fantastic time. Catching up with friends, sight seeing in Tokyo and 2 hrs north of Tokyo, went with my girl(Akane) up there for 2 days, went and saw some nice temples and stayed in a traditional japanese hotel,that was awesome! It was at a real small town and we went walking and came across a small shrine to the penis god, pretty funny.

I went to a small BMX jam in West Tokyo which was cool to check out some of the local talent, it was put on by a local shop in a side street, low key and fun. While in Tokyo I checked out Odaiba, Asakusa, Akihabara, Ueno Zoo, Kita-senju (amazing square and sunny diner) and lot’s of other places. Was a great relaxing time, lots of amazing Japanese food and beer,
and temples. Enjoyed it so much, already thinking of planning next trip back there! 🙂 – Simon.


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Michal Mycek checks in…

Our flow team rider in Poland sent in this pic of himself riding & worded me up on his crew’s website. Click here to check it out now.


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North Brigade Jam

Fastpace Distribution & Colony are getting behind a jam to be held in Koln, Germany at the infamous North Brigade on the June of 20th. Sounds like it should be a blast of a time. Damn, I miss good old Kolsch & Kartoffelsalat mit Wuerstchen !!


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Guettler’s new wheels…

Ryan recently bought some news wheels… not the norm for him but looking pretty stylish. Read on below on what he had to say about them…

I got so pumped in France on their scooters that when I got back to Greenville I brought 3 of them to race around town on to save on fuel. Yhey cost $2.50 to fill up and will do 130 miles, hahaha. So crazy. We’re getting bike racks built on them and soon they all will be painted soon. Theres the NYRM one and theres going to be a Colony one and a Beenleigh Bandits one too, hahaha sooo sweet. Here is 2 out of the 3 we got. – Ryan.



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Dedicated Colony fan…

The guys at Xtreme Cycles in Tamworth, NSW sent in this pic of a dedicated Colony fan down there. Click on the thumbnail for a closer view. Enjoy !!


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Focalpoint premiere

Can’t wait to see this one, looks amazing… see you all there !!


Focalpointbmx "The Waiting List" promo from on Vimeo.

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Zac Miner checks in…

Zac sent me a little email on what he has been up to lately, read on below… Thanks go to Nick Gascoine for the pics as well. NYRM.

There’s been a bit going on around here. Had a pretty wild weekend seeing as though the long weekend just been, means your allowed to buy fireworks in Canberra. Copped a firework to the ear from my housemate Thomas, apparently I bit him or something ha! Then on Monday went paint balling, which was awesome. We all def came out with some bruises. I lost a bet to Puniard and had to take a paintball to bare skin from 5 metres away… stinging a little today, haha. Nick Gascoine was in town so we shot a few things… here’s some filla I guess 🙂 Hope all is good – Zac.



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Marnold on his Colony

Here are the first pics of Marnold aboard his fresh new Hell Stallion set up. Looking fresh in Black with some Purple bits. Thanks to Focalpoint for the pic. Marnold’s Colony parts list is as follows…

Frame: Hell Stallion
Fork: Hell Stallion
Stem: Official
Bars: Bloody Oath
Barends: Konka
Headset: Colony
Cranks: Colonial
Sprocket: Official
BB: Colony
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Hubs: Clone front & rear
Pegs: Oneway Alloy
Seat: Colony Slim Pivotal
Seatpost: Colony Pivotal



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Latvian video

Our flow rider in Latvia, Oskars Zajarskis, sent in this cool little dirt edit today. Fun looking spot & some good riding to boot, enjoy. Thanks to Oskars & Par BMX for repping Colony for us in Latvia. 

funday from Oskars Zajarskis on Vimeo.

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Product highlight – Pivotal Seats

We have two series of seats available right now. One our Star Series seats which have been our original & most popular seats & we also have available our Canvas Series of seats inspired from looking at a seat as a blank canvas to express yourself on, just like an artist does a painting. Check them out a Colony dealer near you now.


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