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I see red…I see red…I see red.

Split Enz were right when they sang that song back in the ’80’s. Check here for proof. Thanks to Christian for the fine edit. haha.

Oh yeah… we also make some damn fine (if I don’t say so myself) parts available now in Red all over the planet.


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Focalpoint update…

Cooper Brownlee does an amazing job with his baby, Focalpoint Magazine & now it’s available online for all to enjoy all over the world. Click here for your online fix. 

For those those don’t know Coop’s work it’s an underground magazine that covers all aspects of BMX in Australia & we here at Colony support it 110%. We have the back page advert for life & am very proud of this fact. Focalpoint is limited to just 2,500 copies per issue & the fact that they are totally FREE is a credit to Cooper’s passion for BMX. Cooper rules.

Our backpage advert in Focalpoint. Fuck yeah Kenny.

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Simon O’Brien video on Vital

Check out a video on Vitalbmx from Stewart Munro by clicking here.


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Beyond custom one off new whip…


I just got done putting together a new frame, and I gotta say that it looks pretty amazing. I get helped out by this awesome burger chain over called burgerfuel, they’re totally into the sweet shit in life, like muscle cars, hot chicks, and huge feeds, and since I’m vegetarian they make the best fuckin vege bugers ever! suits me to a tee pretty much.

Anyways, a while ago we came up with a sweet idea to get an Oath frame, and do something a little bit different, a few weeks later and this bad ass colour job is the result. They have a fleet of classic cars over here which they use for promo vehicles all over the country, and they all have the same paintjob, so we thought why not get a frame done up as well. add in a couple of new parts from shadow and Colony, and she’s good to go, if my frame was a brand new guitar, thats what I’d look like playing it, bbrreeee wheeee eeeee, skkeerrreeee!!!! get all Jimi Hendrix on that shit!. Also, our friend Justin from redbull rounded a few of us up the other day and hit the road with the hummer, he has a sweet blog going and there’s a couple of pics from our lil adventure on it, peep it here.


Peta’s new bike…

Peta Shepherd just put together a 2008 MVP frame in 20.75. She wanted something a little longer than her Sect 20.5 which was actually one of the original prototypes that we ever had made.

Soon this frame along with all our 2008 frames will be available worldwide. 

Thanks for everyones support out there & waiting patiently, we appreciate it.



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Hell Stallion Forks… update

We received the final version of the Hell Stallion forks yesterday & we’re totally happy with how they came out. Liam will soon be smashing the shit out of these proving that they will indeed live up to their lifetime warranty.  

Liam’s forks have a 30mm offset making it that little bit easier for nose wheelies. They also feature tapered legs with straight guage tubing for strength. You will also find street ready 6mm drop outs with weight saving CNC detail. Add all this up with an impressive weight of only 870grams (1.91lbs) & you have a pair of forks capable of standing up to Liam’s abuse.

They will be available firstly in kit form, along with the Hell Stallion frame, Official stem & our own headset in June/July or you can get them seperately in August/September. Liam Fahy-Hampton fans everywhere rejoice!



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Colony in the UK… again!

Check this press release taken from the Alans BMX blogspot.



At a time when there are so many similar products out there, we really like Colony because a/ the stuff works and b/ Clint has tried hard to do things differently. We previously had a lot of success with Colony when Shindig did it and it would of been a real shame if it wasn’t represented in the UK. We are stoked with this partnership with Colony and plan on supporting it fully with a team and promotion. While we plan on primarily supplying Colony thru our website, subject to costs and margins we would be happy to supply a small number of similar-minded dealers, interested parties can call or email us at
– Alan Woods, Alans BMX.

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mmm, I like spots!


So anyways, over on Zombie Mike’s site, there’s a whole bunch of pics from what is probably one of NZ’s most best kept secrets…Just this big alleyway of giant walls, myself, Mr Mike and The Wazman went up there the other weekend and buzzed out like crazy for a few hours, then we went and got as drunk as skunks. We like drinking Heineken mini kegs and Jim Beam’s on the beach in front of the womens public toilets. ha, fun friggin times! Got some more funny and/or interesting news in the next few days, ha! and it will involve drinking booze and bikes.

Alans BMX to distribute Colony in the UK

After many months of having no source for Colony in the UK we have hooked up a deal with Alans BMX to become the main place to get Colony from in the future.

For all you riders out there hanging for some Colony products you will soon be able to get direct from Alans. They will receive their first 2008 order including our long awaited frames in about 6-8 weeks.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience & appreciate your support for Colony.


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Zac Miner checks in…

Zac just sent me an email about what he has been up too… Also about a cool jam he is running in June… Read on below.

Hey mate….. plenty has been goin on and will be happening over the next month or so.Just recently painted the Bloody Oath… I’m really lovin’ the bike ‘n’ how it’s goin! Been filmin’ a bit with Troy Charlesworth for his Underground Visual series, I’ve got a section in that so I’m trying to produce the goods. It should be out by June/July. I’m heading to Melbourne this weekend to ride with Liam and film with Dan Gascoine, should be fun. Got invited to the Redbull downhill dirt halfpipe comp in Mount Beauty at the end of May…. That’s goin to be a massive event so I’m really keen on that. Also to everyone keen on having a rad time… on the 7th of June I’m holding a jam at Weston Creek to celebrate my birthday. There’s going to be subs, rails, boxjumps etc. It’s gunna be awesome and it would be sweet to see some northern shredders come down. Anyways, I’m goin for a ride, talk soon. Zac.



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Pete Radivo back from China

Pete recently went over to China for a comp over there held in Shenzen, in the south of China. It’s held at a theme park every few years where they have a park set up all year for demos.
I was there a few years ago & it’s plenty of fun. Pete rode well enough for 7th with Mark Webb from the UK winning the comp. Seems Pete got up to his favourite past time & got in some serious drinking time while there. 


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Colony Tee shirts are coming!

Yes, finally! You will soon be able to purchase a range of Colony Tees. These will be available in the next 6 weeks or so around the world. There will be be 5 designs in the range to start off with & plans to expand into Hoodies & other clothing items soon enough. We will have all the designs on the website soon.

Shown here the ‘Calendar’ print.

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Vintage Show & Shine

The 18th of May marks the day for a vintage BMX show & shine in Brisbane. Should be a great day for sure & I will be there to check out the masterpieces from a BMX era before even my time. Check the flyer for full details. Rumour has it, that John Buultjens is making a guest appearance? Only time will tell.


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One for the girls…

Angela Dobbie sent me a reminder about her girls video comp that she is organising. It’s a great chance for the girls from all over the world to win some great prizes from Colony. Get out there filming & send in your section to Angela. The comp finishes the end of the month. Check her flyer below for full details & message her myspace if you want more info.



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Hooking up your mates…

We just flowed one of Ryan Guettler’s good friends a 2008 Sect frame, complete with a whole bunch of our parts. Josh Boatright has been riding Colony stuff for a while now out of Ryan’s personal stock pile. Josh needed a new frame & we hooked him up. It looks pretty damn good too. Enjoy your new ride Josh. 



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Product highlight – Oneway Pegs.

Our unique Oneway pegs have given birth to a slew of imitators. But that’s cool, as they say imitation is the best form of flattery. Our pioneering internal offset machining (meaning thicker on the bottom where you grind & thinner on the top where you don’t) makes our pegs some of the lightest around while still looking normal.

You can also get our pegs with or without an optional built-in chain tensioner to save you even more weight. Top that off with a large array of colours available & you have a a very popular peg. 

For those that are dubious to the grindability of our heat treated 7075T6 alloy, just ask Liam or Mick next time you see them sliding some crazy rails.


Cut away view showing the internal offset machining.

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2008 Frames shipping very soon.

Our complete range of 2008 frames including the Sect, MVP & long awaited Bloody Oath are getting painted now & soon will be shipped out.

Don’t forget that all these frames come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY to the original owner against cracking or breakage. We are so confident in the quality of our frames that even though they’re all below 4.9lbs we can still offer this warranty.

Get them in a bike shop near you soon all over the planet.

Thanks for all those who have pledged support for Colony & your patience for these frames to be available, we appreciate it.




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Kenny Raggett in town.

Kenny Raggett is in Brisbane for the weekend to ride & hang out. We’re going to be hitting up all what Brisbane has to offer in the way of riding places. I will post some pics after today & tomorrow. I captured Kenny here early morning just a few minutes ago while still sleeping on my lounge room floor. So excuse the weird look he has on his face. Off to ride soon… yeah!


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Go for Gold !!!

Our next limited edition colour was done just for Mick Bayzand. He has ridden Gold parts now for years & he is going to love these new parts. You will be able to get all the parts shown here in Gold as well as the Transformer Lever, Official Sprocket, Fork Top Bolt & Konka Barends. To match will be Matt Black painted parts like our forks, bars & frames. These are strictly limited so be quick. Shipping now, so available in most countries very soon.

For those in the UK, hang in there as we may have finally secured ourselves a new distributor. Full details soon enough. 


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New bike for James.

James Steele, our rider in Canada recently sent me some new pics of his freshly built-up MVP frame. Seems James has lost his brakes & loving it from what he tells me. He recently was in Montreal for a riding trip with John Heaton & Ben Kaufmann (photo credits due) & is heading out to Vancouver in little under a month. The weather is finally getting better over there he tells me, so more riding is just around the corner. 





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Custom Chrome anyone?

We recently made Ryan some very custom chrome Unlucky13 bars & Official forks. Ryan wanted to have some to keep for a show piece in his house so we of course got them made for him. He also built up yet another new bike with these on them too. Check it out. Old school look for sure.


I also just received a very cool email from a rider in Australia by the name of Grant Armessen, who had his own Unlucky13 bars chromed out. Shown here with Kenny Raggett (yes, those knee pads are huge! haha) also check the Sect Ltd complete bike in the pic on the right as well. 


Long live chrome… I know Ross Lavender will love that some Colony parts actually exist in chrome. Note… don’t expect any productions of chrome parts from us anytime soon.

However, if you do hunt around you may be able to find some of the chrome Bloody Oath bars that were released last year. If you’re lucky that is. 


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