Archive Of December 2013 - Colony BMX

The 5th Annual Blake Butterfield jam

For any crew in the QLD/NSW area set aside the 26th of January for a good days riding down at Kempsey for a great cause which we are getting behind as per every year.


Ave BMX in Poland

Our friends at Ave BMX in Poland do really good things for the BMX scene there & they compiled this video of their highlights for 2013. Enjoy !!

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Product Catalogue

Incase you missed it, we posted the 2014 parts catalogue a few weeks back which is stacked full of some sold riding shots aswell.

Clint Millar 39th birthday session

Millar and Glen teamed up a few months ago to film a session in his backyard on his 39th birthday. Being 39 and still progressing is pretty damn impressive and motivational in my eyes.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone out there a very merry christmas & a great start to the new year ahead. Thanks for all your support through out the past year & all our past years. 2014 is set to be a great one & looking forward to what is ahead for us all.


Hill n Dale jam

We helped support the Hill n Dale jam that went down in Melbourne 2 weeks ago and Focalpoint just posted some great shots from the day. Luke Parker and Pete Radivo get in the mix. You can view all the images right here.


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Brandon Van Dulken photos

Our buddy Shawn Duffield over in Canada who shoots photos and footage of Brandon for us just had a photo feature over on The Northern Embassy which has a bunch of great photos including a few of Brandon, check it out.


Web Advert – Jourdan Barba

This pool Jourdan took us was seriously in the best location ever! As you can see from the photo’s it was a sunset chasers dream. Oh yeah the pool was amazing also.

jourdan promo

Insta giveaway

We are having a little giveaway over the weekend via our Instagram. Make sure you are following us (@colonybmxbrand) then just repost this image and the #colonyfreebies and we will pick 4 winners on Monday and post them out.


Jourdan Barba – Hazyinaz

We helped support this TCU trip that Jourdan went on recently up to Arizona. All the guys killed it and the vibe of this edit is real cool. Put together by Nate Richter.

Welcome to the team: Justin Care

Pottstown, Pennsylvania resident Justin Care is the newest addition to the family over in the USA. Justin has been doing good things for a few years now with his parts sponsor Merritt and we wanted to help him out with a few things aswell to keep his bike rolling nice and smooth.

I can’t wait to work with Justin on some more projects in the future so been on the lookout for things to come from this kid. His team page will be up very soon. Thanks to @ryanscottphoto for the photo.

justin care

Chris Courtenay video

Brand new Chris Courtenay video to start your day off! The majority of this was filmed on a trip between Sydney and North Queensland over 3 weeks along with some footage from Chris’s recent time in the USA.

Set Ups with Zac Miner

Zac recently set up a fresh new bike so we spent some time with him in Canberra and shot this feature showcasing his ride.

David Pinelli video

A couple weeks ago we announced that we were helping out Perth based rider David Pineli. Well today Bret Trigg was cool enough to shoot over this video he made of David for Enough Threads. David kills it with some crazy dipped 3 style and a deep bag of tricks.

Nothing beats a jam

Yesterday afternoon in Melbourne we helped put on a jam at the Hill n Dale box jumps. It was a great turnout and the weather was pretty perfect. Seeing so many crew come out and have a good time together was a treat. Thanks to everyone that came out along with Riding Way and Input BMX for doing their bit.

Here are a few photos from the day.





Hill n Dale jam

For anyone in Melbourne today, from 4pm we are helping out with the jam at Hill n Dale with the free BBQ for all the crew. Head down for a shred and goodtimes with everyone.


Spotted – Limited Edition Guettler frame

I just spotted this over on the Vital BMX website where it looks like Sacramento rider Mike Donnelly picked up the 1 off fluro The Living frame kits that Dans Comp had over there. There is still a Teddy, Sweet Tooth and Miner frame up for grabs all of which only 1 of each went to the USA (only 4 in the world of each). If you are in the USA hit here for more info.


Polly video

Our buddy Polly just dropped this dialed video of him riding a few of his local parks, reppin’ Sealy’s Cycles which is where he works out in Frankston, Victoria. Props to Aidan Rice for filming and editing this.

Product update – Rainbow Stems and Sprockets

We are so happy with how these Official Stems, Square Back Stems and CC Sprockets came out. They are available in the USA right now, Australia next week and the rest of the world early January. These are limited edition so get in quick for a treat.


Product highlight – new colour 2014 complete bikes

If you live in Australia, then you would be lucky enough to be able to walk into a Colony dealer now & grab yourself one of latest colourway 2014 complete bikes.

Check out the Premise in Purple Storm with Black & the Endeavour in Silver Storm with Purple. Plus we just landed re-stocks of all the previous colours like the Premise in Bloody Black with Red, the Premise in Matte Black with Purple, the premise in Mint Green with Black & the Endeavour in Matte Black with Red, the Endeavour in Purple Storm with Polished & the amazing Endeavour in ED Gold.

Don’t also forget the 2014 Inception in Dark Red with Black & The Living in Matte Black with Chrome. Available now at all good Colony dealers. You can check them all out here now. Other countries will receive these bikes in the new year.



Premise in Purple Storm with Black



Endeavour in Silver Storm with Purple

Premise in Bloody Black with Red

Premise in Mint Green with Black

Endeavour in ED Gold

Yo yo !!

Web Advert – Tom Stretton

Pretty sure Tom pulled this off camera and we thought we were going to cop the deadly camera curse but it actually didn’t take that long to get. Some local guy just chillin’ in his car was so hyped on it, as if he’d never seen anyone coast on the front wheel before. I guess that would be pretty amazing to an outsider.

tom promo

Shane Badman update

Shane always seems to be up to something cool…

“Busy past few months for sure. Since coming back from my trip to Europe I hit up the final stop of the DownUnderGround Flatland series in Australia in Melbourne and was stoked to take the win!

A good mate of mine from Hungary, Andras Pentek also came for a month to travel, ride and shoot some photos and video for some magazine and web projects that he’s got going on back in Europe. We started in Perth, then Adelaide, then onto Melbourne and a roadtrip through Tasmania. Good times.

While in Tassie, I also did some demos for one of their biggest country festivals, the Derby River Derby which was a lot of fun.

A couple of weeks back, I got an invite to do a flatland show at a professional photographic studio in Melbourne as they were doing a product launch and needed an action subject to test the equipment to an audience of pro photographers. Good times and thanks to Chris Polack for that one.

Gonna be on the road for 16 days over Christmas and New Years across Victoria and South Australia so will keep you guys updated!

And don’t forget to follow me on instagram @shanebadman. I’ve also been updating my site a lot with what I’ve been up to with a heap more detail as well”

Photo: Matt Harvey

Shane Badman - photographer Matt Harvey

Spot Roast Jam next weekend

If you are anywhere near Tampa, Florida in the USA next weekend be sure to get down to the Skatepark of Tampa for the 5th annual Spot Roast Jam which we are helping support.


Parts Catalogue re-up

For anyone that hasn’t seen the all new online catalogue we posted up earlier this week, make sure you check it out below.

Jourdan Barba HayzinAZ trip

A couple weeks back Jourdan went on a trip for TCU and he shot through an update about it. There is a real nice photo gallery from the trip that Wes McGrath shot you can check out right here.

“The trip was fun we stayed at a friend Robbie’s house for 5 days rode a couple schools and spots, skateparks at night and we filmed a Instagram slam video that was fun to do with the whole crew… Dan Norvell,Jackson Ratima, Raul Ruiz, Glen Girboven, Nate and Wes! We rode and saw a lot of famous Phoenix spots, rode LA for a couple days after Arizona and went to the OSS store opening which was a good time! Over all it was a good trip and the video should be dropping soon for everyone to check out!”




Brandon Van Dulken video

We’ve been sitting on this video for a little while now and I am stoked to finally have it out. Brandon really went hard when he visited Australia for a month which is where a good chunk of these clips came from. Dude hits anything that is put in front of him. Thanks to Shawn Duffield for the Canada footage. This video and 17 others just like it are available on our free dvd that is available through all Colony stockists worldwide.

Croydon Spot

Cooper, Jack, Luke and Marnold all have some dialed lines in this video from their local spot.

Yo yo !!

Ricky Catanzariti video

As we posted the other day, Ricky is getting some flow from us for killing it on a bike over in Adelaide. Then the next day he drops a random web video he filmed over the past month or so, killing it.

Glennie went to Cairns & back…

Our Australian warehouse manager, Glen McLaughlin, recently took a week off & decided to road trip solo up to Cairns & back. He filmed a bunch of stuff along the way in the chilled fashion of Glen. The cool thing is this was all self filmed, he did some tech tricks to get those panning shots with no one moving the camera. A mixture of Canon 7D & iPhone footage, it turned out a treat showing the relaxed week he had away.

Just goes to show everyone that works at Colony rides & has done so for more than 20 years. Now, it must be Keith Treanor’s turn to do a video hey?

Yo yo !!

2014 parts catalogue

We’ve got all the parts goodness packed into one catalogue right here! Everything from Colony in the range that is available right now across the world. We’ve also included some solid riding images from the team so make sure you hit the flipbook below for a good read.