Archive Of March 2009 - Colony BMX

Product highlight – Hell Stallion & Forks

Liam Fahy-Hampton is the kind of rider who always surprises me with something different every time I see him ride. He definately looks outside the square & comes up with some really original ideas on & off the bike.

His signature frame & fork were designed with that same principal in mind. His frame is low, super responsive & super tough. His forks are built to withstand the torture that his brand of riding produces on a daily basis.

Check them out at a shop near you now or check our products section here & here for more info.



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Black & Yellow Hell Stallion

Here is a sneak peak of a custom Hell Stallion that our guys in France, Unleaded have put together. The combination of Black & Yellow looks the part for sure.


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Zac Miner went down but not out

Zac recently had a hard crash & ended up fracturing his skull & bruising his brain. Not cool. You can read all about it by clicking here now on the Backbone site. Rest up mate !!

In other news despite his recent head trauma, Zac is heading off to China for the Asian X Games in Shanghai. Zac will be over there the end of April for a week to shred. Take it easy mate & don’t forget your helmet this time.


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Welcome to the team…

I am proud to announce that we have added Justin Burns from Livermore, CA to our flow team. Justin came to light with a very impressive section in the DVD release last year called, These Days. Check out his section below. You can buy the DVD in the states by clicking here now or check your local shop in your country.

Justin will be repping Colony hard for us all over the USA on his new Bloody Oath & is working on a web edit as we speak.

Check out the new episode of the Big Big BMX Show in Vital BMX for details of a competition we are having in the next day or so.



Justin Burns from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Exclusive for Australia

Strictly BMX have an Australian exclusive on our Fantastic Plastic Pedals in Fluro Yellow & Red, check them out on their site now by clicking here.


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Crank buyers guide

Our Colonial Cranks have been featured on the Ride BMX crank buyers guide on their website right now. Check them out by clicking here now.


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Carhartt Gran Canary video

Over on the Carhartt website there is a really well put together video from their team trip last year to the Canary Islands. Looks like it was an amazing time for sure. Check the video out by clicking here now.


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Custom Sect build

The guys at Spokes NT in the Northern Territory, Australia have put a brand new 2009 model Sect frame complete with everything we make in our parts range. Looks the goods for sure.


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Alans BMX/Colony advert in Ride UK

Alans BMX in the UK sent me the new advert they have for the next Ride UK. It features Alans/Colony team rider, Liam Vance. Liam is the ripe old age of thirteen years old & killing it over there.

While you’re at it, click here for all things Colony in the UK. A huge thanks go out to Alans for their support for both Colony & Liam.


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Product highlight – Official Bars & Forks

Ryan Guettler’s own signature bars & forks are available in our Fluro Yellow colour way right now along with an array of other colours. Check them out at a store near you now or click here & here for all the details on them.


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BMX in Colombia

It’s so good to see BMX alive & well in all corners of the globe. Our distributor in Colombia, Community BMX, has just hooked up Ricardo Rodriguez with flow on Colony. Here is little video of what the BMX scene is like over there & what they have to ride. Ricardo does some good stuff & I welcome him to Colony with the help of Community BMX.

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Bruno Faucon video

Hell Stallion frame rider & our longest running flow team rider in France, Bruno Faucon, has a cool little edit up on DataBMX which you can check out by clicking here now. Enjoy.


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Greetings from Taipei

I am over in Taipei right now for the trade show here & thought I would share a couple random pics with you all.

In a parking lot full of scooters & the worlds tallest building, the Taipei 101.

Rhysty, myself, Niki, Ashoal & his girl friend. Also saw this sign warning not to pull cows horns or they may fart? haha.

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Guettler took a bunch of product pics for me a few weeks ago. This is one of my favourites of them, it’s so very tempting to put a new bike together with all these new colours. All these parts & more are available at a store near you now.


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Alex Hiam gets promoted

13 year old Alex Hiam has been promoted up to the rankings of our pro team & is being graced with his very first international Colony advert. Expect to see this in magazines such as Ride BMX, 2020, Dig & Focalpoint. In the months ahead expect some more big news about Colony & Alex… more on that one later.

Oh, by the way. We will finally have our team section of the website over hauled real soon too… been way over due on this one.


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Product highlight – Pivotal Seats

These days with the many Pivotal seats available on the market it’s kinda hard to come out with anything new or different. Well, we have done our bit to try to do something a little different & have come out with a coloured plastic base seat using the Pivotal patented technology. Check one out at a store near you now. Available in both Slim & Mid styles.


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Product highlight – Official Stem

Ryan Guettler’s Official stem is still one of my favourite products we have put out since we started as a company a few years ago. I guess it’s just the mixture of it’s unique look, clean design, light weight & overall finish of the stem that I like so much. Many other riders out there must feel the same since our stem is one of the most popular stems on the market. Check one out at a store near you now & see what you think yourself.


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Haimona on the Big Big BMX Show

Our main man in New Zealand, Haimona Ngata, is co-hosting Vital BMX’s latest episode of the Big Big BMX Show. Check it out by clicking here now.


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Focalpoint Samples Vol. 1

Cooper Brownlee just released this cool edit from footage that won’t make the cut in the next FP video due out later this year. Worth a watch for sure. Click here to check out more about Focalpoint BMX.

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Australian exclusive at Strictly BMX

The guys at Strictly BMX have an Australian exclusive on our Fantastic Plastic pedals in two new colours… Fluro Yellow & Dark Red. Check their site here for full details & hurry before they are all gone.


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Bike Hub – Hyperdome

Bike Hub Hyperdome in Brisbane, Australia have just dedicated an entire section of their showroom to Colony, check out the pics below. They have our entire 2009 range on hand with everything we make. Drop in, call or click away for all the details you will need. For full contact details check their website by clicking here now.



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Product highlight – Bloody Oath bars

Nick Richardson’s bars have been out for a while now & ever since they first came out have been out there on many bikes doing taybos or just plain looking cool as hell.

You can get them in all kinds of colours right now including classic Black or White & while stocks last, our Fluro Yellow & Bloody Black.

Check them out at a shop near you now. In the meantime click here for all the info on these bad boys.


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New Colony flow rider in France

The guys at Unleaded have hooked up another rider in France with Colony recently, his name is Libellule. Check out the cool bike check video below with some really good riding on his Bloody Oath frame with Official forks & our Colonial cranks. Many thanks go out to Unleaded for hooking him up.

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Guettler at the race track?

Ryan just sent me a cool email about him going racing… what? Read on below.

I just got done with the ’09 Winter Nationals in Phoenix, AZ. I arrived back from Australia on Monday and Jerry Badders (Vans team manager) asked if I wanted to watch him race in Phoenix on the weekend and then fly to Greenville after.

I was down but as soon as I heard Nasty was going to race I wanted too also. Jerry got me a bike and full face and even went to Vans and got all matching long sleeves Tees. Jerry drove the Vans bus on Thursday and I stayed behind in Cali and rode Sheephills and got my berm and race sprints on then got a flight that night. On Friday we got to the race track, did a few starts but I soon realised I suck at gate starts. I was getting waxed by every man and his dog, even a little girl on a pink bike smoked me off the line!

Once I got going it was smooth racing though. Saturday might of been the funniest and fun day I’ve ever had. I never knew Nasty used to race and he is fast as, jumping the triples and easy won his class. My class was harder for me too win but I came through with a win and I’m pumped as.

Racing is super fun and I’m going to try and go to a lot more races. Thanks to every one who gave me pointers about gate starts and to Jerry, Vans shoes, Monster Energy and Mirra co for getting me a bike, helmet and loads of fun. Dig deep and pedal like you stole it hahahahha.




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From Russia…

Our Russian team rider Oleg, (Bibu is his nickname) just sent me this cool web edit he put out recently. It has an artistic feel to it which is refreshing to see. Pretty cool stuff in there & good to see BMX is alive & well over there. Oleg also runs a really cool Russian BMX website, so if you can read Russian check it out here.

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NYRM promo video

The guys over at NYRM have posted a cool promo video up on their blog. A pain the ass format to download but worth the hassle for sure. Featuring some really cool footage of Liam Fahy-Hampton & Zac Miner amongst others. Mick Bayzand even makes an appearance. All edited to a classic Ice Cube song. Well worth checking it out by clicking here now.


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More Bloody Black

Liam Fahy-Hampton’s signature forks, the Hell Stallion’s, are another product we have available in our limited edition colour called Bloody Black. Check them out below & at a shop near you now before they are all gone. For full details on Liam’s forks, click here now.



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Product highlight – Teddy Bars

Mick Bayzand is a street killer, there is no denying that fact. He takes more hard slams than almost anyone & still gets back up for more.

Mick rules & that one of the reasons we gave him his own signature bars late last year. Check them out in the new Bloody Black limited colour way below. These are available now while stocks last all over the planet.

If you need to know more on his bars, click here for the full scoop.



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Fantastic Plastic Pedals highlight

Our Fantastic Plastic pedals are available now in all good BMX stores near you & have already started to be on many bike shops best sellers lists. We wanted to make a pedal that was light weight, inexpensive & have a good grip. I think we achieved it but make your own decision on that fact. Check them out at a store near you now.


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Colonial Cranks highlight

Our Colonial cranks have been out for a while now & have been getting a bit of a following out there, partly due to their simple light weight design. Our cranks feature a 2.5 piece design utilising one bolt to hold them all together. Check out our products section for full details by clicking here.


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