Archive Of September 2013 - Colony BMX

Brazil update

The guys over in Brazil seem to be having a blast going off the Instagram photos they’ve been posting. That being said Chris did dislocate his shoulder on the first day which is shitty but otherwise good times are being had.


Cooper Brownlee interview

Cooper has an interview over on the BMX Union website all about his work here at Colony and everything else he has going on. It’s a great read so check it out here.


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Alex Hiam interview

Alex has a quick interview over on the Focalpoint site giving you a bit more insight into what he has been doing of late. Read it here.


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Product Highlight – Bottom Brackets

Bottom Brackets might be a small part on your bike but they keep your cranks running smooth and looking good. We’ve had our own BB’s out for many years now and they’ve always been popular, probably because of the unique CNC detail that gives them that different look to many other options out there. Add in some dope looking colours and you have some dialed looking Bottom Brackets.


Marnold update

Marnold shot over an update of what’s happening for him right now…

“Sup everyone, not much happening down my way, I pulled 2 muscles in my back last Monday so I’m out of action on the bike for a while which sucks a lot but I gotta rest up to get better, so in the mean time I’ve just been hanging around working on my car and chilling out, recently brought a tattoo gun which is probably not the best idea I’ve had but who cares, gotta have fun some way or another!!”


Shane Badman update

Badman seems to travel more then me which is a good thing!

“Checking in from Europe! So for the past couple of months I’ve been living in Budapest, Hungary out in eastern Europe. Got an awesome apartment in downtown and have just been spending each day riding and having a good time on my bike learning old tricks and working on a bunch of new stuff.

It’s been summer over here so have been making the most of it with a few trips to the UK and Czech Republic along the way. One of the best things about BMX is having friends all over the world and having the opportunity to travel and visit them.

So I’ve got another few weeks here and then back to Australia for the summer there. One of my good mates from Hungary, Andras Pentek who runs a massive shop over here OG Bike Shop, is coming with me so we’re gonna spend a month doing a west coast to east coast trip with a heap of riding along the way. Good times ahead!

Ride on good peoples and will check in again soon…!”


Off to Brazil

Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay & Clint Millar are off to Brazil this week to meet up with Valvo & ride a mini ramp contest organised with our good mates at Dream BMX. Should be a blast for the guys with a small road trip planned after the event for a few days as well. Look out for updates here while the guys are there.


Jack Kelly goes hard

We had a pretty solid weekend here in Melbourne with the sun shining both days. Jack as always went in hard and came out with a few solids but paid the price on multiple occasions for doing so.


Seems like a good time to watch this again…

Jourdan Barba Instagram slam

Jourdan and a few of his boys get in on the latest TCU Instagram Slam. Damn that park looks slippery.

Wallpapers – Jack & Alex

We just cooked up a couple more wallpapers for download, You can grab the Alex Hiam one here and the Jack Kelly image here to freshen up your desktop background.



Zac Miner update

Zac shot through an update from down in Canberra…

Hey y’all.. So not much has been happening at my end, the weather in Canberra has only just kinda come good. With all the shit weather we’ve had before spring we made the most of the climate and went up to the snow for two days for a friends birthday. Couldn’t wipe the smile off my face up an down the slops all day, ate shit a heap of times but had ball. I’ve been rolling around a little at some of the local little parks near my house, but I get my license back in two weeks so i’ll be definitely doing some trips once I get it back, not sure where but yet? Other then that I’ve just been Laying low passing the time.


Tom Stretton 2013 web video

Tom is such a delight to film with, sure his clips may sometimes take forever to get but standing out in the freezing cold late at night is well worth it when he comes through with something special. We collected some great footage for this video, most of which was on roadtrips throughout Australia enjoying the sunshine and the places we came across along the way.

Have a watch then watch again!

Coppin’ it Sweet premiere

Stu Munro’s DVD is premiering very soon in Brisbane, Millar has a section in this which I can’t wait to see! Peep the flyer and trailer below.

coppinsweet flyer

Valvo update

Valvo sent in an update from Brazil…

This week I’m out of São Paulo (my city). I decided going to Belo Horizonte-MG, for a little trip and make a visit to my friend André Delgado, He’s local and know’s all the spots. So good because after recovering from a hand injury he’s back in the game again.



Product highlight – Freecoaster Hub

Our Freecoaster Hubs are proving to be quite popular right now & will be back in full supply around the planet in the coming weeks ahead.

Available in RHD & LHD version with a male axle we also have our own specific hub guard to suit for the non-drive side as well. You will also be able to buy them in a pre-built wheel laced to our Contour Rims in the weeks ahead.

Check them out at a Colony dealer near you.


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Wallpapers – Chris & Brandon

We’ve cooked up a couple nice photos for you to download for your desktop background. Brandon Van Dulken with a dialed 1 hand no foot can at Hill n Dale in Melbourne. Then we have Chris Courtenay 1 hand table at Woodgate park up in north Queensland. Download Brandon’s here and Chris’s here.



Advert – Brandon Van Dulken

The current online advert that we are running via Focalpoint online. This photo of Brandon is from his Australian trip he came on recently at the Snakewoods trails in north Queensland. More info about the plastic pedals here.


Chris Courtenay Instagram Slam

TCU just dropped an Instagram Slam with Chris riding the Vans park in California. Stoked to see fufanu to bars go down, more people need to be sending that trick.

Paddy Gross update

Paddy shot through an update of the latest happenings over in portland…

G’Day everyone, hope you all are happy and healthy. Here’s a little something of what I’ve been up to in the last few months. I’ve recovered very well from my broken ankle and got the official OK from my surgeon to go ahead and do my thing with riding. I’ve had a good chance to do that on our Colony trip to Woodward and thanks again for having me there. So now back in Portland I am working in a bike shop, running the BMX section. I’ll be going to California in a few days to visit Clint, check out the new Colony distro and have a riding sesh with the guys down there. That’s pretty much it, thanks for reading, enjoy yourselves and stay healthy. Much love, Paddy.



Focalpoint: Into The City

Cooper is a man of many jobs within Colony & I would be lost without him. I am amazed at how he can do so much & do it all so well. On point with everything he does, this new Focalpoint video is no exception. Check it out & look out for clips from Marnold, Jack & even Coops himself.

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