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Larger than life Bayzand…

Check out these larger than life (well not quite) posters of Mick Bayzand doing his thing up stairs at Strictly BMX. These are next to all the complete bikes they have including a sample range of our 2012 models… go check them out here.

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Mick Bayzand update.

Bayzand has been all over the place up north of late, here is the latest from Teddy.

Hey guys, it’s Mick again to let you know some more of what I’ve been up to. Kimberly and I sailed on a catamaran for a few days around the Whit Sundays. It was amazing. We woke up in the early hours of the morning to snorkel the reef. Underneath the surface the coral and fish were mind blowing. I’ve never seen so many crazy colours altogether. One day we even saw a whale breach the water, it was right out of a documentary. We got to go to White Haven beach. It’s by far the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. We walked up to the lookout where you could see the water and sand swirl together down below like a painting. It was unreal. By night we got to drink with the others on board and the crew. Thanks to the Skipper and crew for making it such a great trip, something we’ll remember for a very long time.

Mick Bayzand – Ten Clips

We met up with Mick at his local park Prahran to film his ten clips, the park is just on the out skirts of Melbourne city and definitely has its own unique feel, interesting characters around all day long but as kinda sketchy it may seem from first glance, everyone was real cool and down with what we were doing.

Mick had previously filmed an edit at the same park a month or so before hand so he wanted to make sure he got some new lines dialed in and some different moves to what you may expect to see from him.

Filmers: Cooper Brownlee (fisheye) Sam Illman & Flagz (long lens)

Edited by: Cooper Brownlee.

Advert: Mick Bayzand

Here is our current print advert featured in DIG issue 82 of Mick Bayzand. Make sure you grab a copy of this issue, as always its got solid content.

Mick Bayzand trip update

Mick continues to run wild in the bushlands of northern Queensland…

Hey all! It’s Mick here letting you guys know what other adventures I’ve been up to. Kimberly and I drove into Byfield National State Forest just outside of Rockhampton. We lived in the rainforest fending for ourselves for a good while. I have to say, this was probably one of the best parts of the trip so far. We hiked along the rocks of the creek and got ourselves lost in the forest. I got to free climb some pretty cool rock faces before leading us through our own trails. We spent our nights by the campfire drinking goon, and I carved myself a couple tools for survival. We really got in touch with the more primitive sides of life. We chilled with a couple of crazy looking frogs, a bilby, and some other kind of marsupial my girlfriend thinks is said to be extinct. It was pretty amazing a part from having to shower out of breakfast bowls, but that’s all part of living in a rainforest. Stay tuned for our next adventures. Peace.

More from Mick…

Mick Bayzand sent in a quick email from his backpacking travels around Australia…

We went through Bundaberg today and had to stop at the Bundy Rum Distillery for Millar cause it’s his favourite drink. We wanted to get a shot with the Bear but he was hibernating so we got one with the giant bottle instead. This is what happens kids when you drink too many Bundys! Hope you enjoy Millar… I sure did.

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Mick Bayzand checks in.

Mick is currently travelling around Australia, I will let him tell you the story though…

“Hey! This is Mick here checking in. After the DVD launch in Brissy I packed up my life in Melbourne and hit the road with my girlfriend to show her around Australia before she heads home to Canada. We rented a van to sleep, cook, and do pretty much everything in. First stop was Byron Bay where we explored the beautiful beach and hiked up to the lighthouse. I abandoned my shoes and became a barefoot bushman. We had mad adventures exploring the bush. We then kept moving until we arrived at the Glass House Mountains and spent the day at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo. Turned out to be Bindi’s 13th birthday, so we got to see some crazy croc shows with the whole family. I even got a piece of her birthday cake! Next stop we came to Noosa where we explored the mangroves and the river by kayak. We spent a few hours on a deserted island where we hung out and I had a stab at spear fishing. We got out of there quickly after our car was broken into and made our way to Rainbow Beach. Now we’re here for a few days exploring the sand dunes and hiking through the National Parks. This is such a chill place I almost don’t want to leave. The plan is to head up the East Coast until Cairns. I’ll keep you posted with anymore wild adventures we come across. Peace.”

Mick Bayzand interview…

In conjunction with The Come Up we bring you a series of interviews with some of the team about their experiences filming for the DVD.

Starting today with Mick Bayzand there will be a new interview dropped each day over the next week leading up to the 16th of July. Hopefully you will get a bit of an insight into what went into the DVD & what to expect from the guys. The riding footage used in all these interviews is B roll footage that did not make the actual finished product.

Interview filmed & edited by Cooper Brownlee with additional footage filmed by Flagz.

The Colony DVD will be available worldwide from July 16th.

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One Love One Life

Among the million things he already has on his plate, Cooper Brownlee runs a lifestyle photography website called One Love One Life. Check it out by clicking here now.

Mick Bayzand with a feeble in Newcastle, NSW.

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Bayzand straight jibbing…

Mick Bayzand & his good mate Kym Grosser feature in this Blazeguard edit jibbing at their local park in Melbourne.

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Happy birthday Bayzand.

It was Mick‘s birthday yesterday and to celebrate he has the latest FP Oneclip…

Canberra/Sydney trip.

For the past week myself, Mick Bayzand, Zac Miner along with filmer Stu Munro were out on the road in-between Canberra and Sydney searching for spots and filming.

It was a pretty productive and fun trip besides Mick destroying both his wrists on the third day in Canberra we still got some stuff done and had a ball doing so. Here are a few random Iphone photos from the trip…

Mick Bayzand RideUS advert.

Here is our current RideUS advert that came out a couple weeks ago advertising the Teddy frame. Mick Bayzand downhill runup, over grind in LA back in September of last year…


Myself, Stu Munro, Mick Bayzand and Zac Miner are in Canberra at the moment, just a couple random shots from yesterday…

Bayzand out and about.

A couple of days ago we went out filming but it rained all day! So we missioned over to a warehouse spot that we new of and had a really fun ride for a solid 4 hours. This winter my friends, don’t let the rain stop you, just keep searching…

Colony x Strictly Teddy frames…

We teamed up with the guys over at Strictly BMX to bring you some worldwide exclusive limited edition Teddy frames. There are only ten of these puppies available in the Translucent Blue so you better be quick. Each of them have a custom sticker job by the main man himself, Mick Bayzand. Click here to get yourself one sooner rather than later as they wont last long.

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On the road again and again…

Myself, Zac and Mick drove down to Adelaide today/yesterday, Here for some unfinished filming business. We stopped into Little black Bike which is one of my favourite stores in Australia, so dialed! Matt and Jack hold down a good store so make sure you pop in if you ever come to Adelaide.

Royal BMX visit.

Myself, Marnold, Tom and Mick arrived in Perth yesterday and we went down to the local BMX store, Royal BMX and hung out for a few hours. None of us have been over here before and it was definately a treat to hang out with Ben and everyone down at the store. Thanks to everyone who came down, it’s awesome to see another legit BMX store in this country.

1,801 posts…

Random fact: This is the 1,801st post on our site since it went live back in July 2007. Yipee !!

Photo below of Mick Bayzand for no other reason than he rules & does rails like this better than anyone. This was taken back in October 2007 on our first USA team trip. Thanks to Fudger & the amazing Uni in Athens, GA.

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Brock, Mick, Liam & Zac…

One clip spotted over on Focalpoint featuring Brock, Mick, Liam & Zac. Enjoy.

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Damn weather…

All the boys got into town last night & we’re all itching to go ride but the rain is a real pain. Hanging in the office this morning doing bike maintenance & talking smack. Hopefully it clears up soon.

Don’t forget the Crossley Cycles in store tomorrow at 3pm. See you all there.

Paddy, Liam Z, Zac, Cooper, Mick & Tom.

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On the road…

We just got to Brisbane, it was a long drive! We had rain most the time but we did get a chance to hit up a couple of spots which was fun, just like this Swansea park in NSW that was just finished and super super fun!

Update from the road…

Cooper, Zac, Mick & Liam are almost in Brisbane now on their trip. Here is a photo of Coops before the rain hit in Sydney.

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Rainy Days…

So myself, Mick Bayzand and Liam Zingbergs are in Sydney at the moment trying to film some clips, the weather isn’t on our side but Liam did manage to get some solids at this spot before the rain hit us…

Bayzand one clip…

Mick Bayzand scores today’s one clip over on Focalpoint. Yeah boyee !!

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On the road again…

Cooper, Mick & Liam hit the road yesterday on their way from Melbourne to Brisbane via Sydney. Zac will also be meeting up with the guys Sunday morning for the last leg up here. They’re all coming up here to hang for a week then we all head back down to Sydney then Canberra the week after. Should be fun times.

Make sure to come along & say g’day at one of our store appearances scheduled over the next few weeks. They start this Thursday at Crossley Cycles then Friday at Helensvale BMX.

Cooper will be posting updates on our facebook page so make sure you’re a friend of us by clicking here now.

Liam & Mick… breakfast of champions.

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Mick Bayzand interview…

Over on the BMX Union site there is a full length interview with Mick Bayzand. It’s a pretty good read with some interesting facts from the rail king himself. Check it out by clicking here now. Thanks to Kurt for hooking it up as well.

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Found this random photo from last year’s Nora Cup & thought I would share with you all. Thanks to Ride BMX for hooking us up big time that night, good times.

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Colony shop tour…

Later next month, almost the entire team will be meeting up in Brisbane to ride for a few days then head back down south making our way to the BMX Games scheduled for February 25th, 26th & 27th in Canberra.

Along the way we will be dropping into some select Colony dealers with a bunch of giveaways, signings & a bunny hop comp open for all to enter. So come along & meet the guys at your favourite shop shown below.

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Product highlight – Teddy Frame & Bars

Mick Bayzand’s signature frame & bars are the choice of many of our team & for good reason. They have all the right dimensions plus Mick is a badass. Plain & simple. Check them out by clicking here & here now.

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