Archive Of October 2012 - Colony BMX

Oskars Zajakskis web video

Our friend from Latvia, Oskars sent over this cool video he put together. Lots of diversity and style.

a few clips with Oskars Zajarskis from Janis/PARBMX on Vimeo.

Sam Davies-Bate bike check

Flow rider from the UK, Sam recently set up a fresh rig!

Frame-colony the living 20.8
Bars-colony dagger
Forks-colony guardian
Stem-colony official
Cranks- Colony Colonial V2
Sprocket- Colony CC
Seatpost- Colony Pivitol
Headset – colony
Front hub – Colony clone
Rear hub – Colony Clone 9t lhd
Rims – Colony Contour
Pegs – Colony One way cromo x4
Hub guards – Colony
Tyres – Colony Agenda

Bobbie Altiser… 180 over tooth pick grind

Bobbie Altiser did this a while ago now but here is a clip of it, 180 over tooth pick grind… check it!

Yo yo !!

Colony Youtube

We have been adding all our videos onto a Youtube channel for anyone that uses Youtube. Jump over to it and subscribe and be on the look out for more videos going up soon!

Alex Hiam down again!

Just as I was thinking to myself how good of a run Alex was having with injuries this year he goes and tears his ligaments in one of his ankles…

I was riding GC Compound all night on Sunday and then at the end of the session I decided to have a little skate. I tried to jump the mini spine and rolled my ankle and turns out I tore the ligaments in my ankle !!!

Stupid me trying to skate haha, I should just stick to bmx !!! I will be back in about 3 weeks hopefully !!!

Jam in OKC

We are supporting a jam going down over in the USA. If you are in the OKC area pop down for a roll.

Paddy Gross update

Paddy gave us an update of things going down in the USA…

Hey everyone, hope your all doing good. I am doing fine and its slowly getting colder over here in beautiful Portland, Oregon but that doesn’t slow me down at all because we have a fun indoor park here now and if am spending heaps of time in there doing workshops with kids and riding. Next to that I am still filming for my upcoming edit and we’re super close to wrapping it up and it should be online in the next few weeks. I was riding my first high school demo a couple weeks ago for the national guard over here and I was stoked how many kids were freaking out about what I love to do the most, good times for sure!

I was also thinking about a BMX tattoo for a long time and I came to the conclusion that Colony is what I’ve always wanted and calling Clint one of my best, long time friends makes it all pretty much a dream come true. I already have the best memories with having the most amazing team mates and the bike I always wanted. The tattoo is a connection to
Colony, bmx, friendship and Australia since I know my roots are laying over there. I couldn’t think of anything else because it means so much to me being a part of the Colony family and I am proud to rep Colony wherever I go. Putting all of this in a tattoo will remind me for the rest of my life how amazing it is to ride a BMX bike with the support of one of my longtime friends who has started a company out of his own love for BMX. Thanks Clint, Colony and the team for writing more stories for my my book of life.

Chris Courtenay update

Courtenay shot through an update of what’s been happening of late…

“I’ve Been riding as much as I can with all my homies down the Gold Coast and was in the works of filming a new edit with my man Jack Birtles until I did a heap of ligaments in my ankle trying to get crazy! Things were getting off to a good start but hopefully only another 4 weeks until I’m back on and can continue filmin! Here’s a screen grab of what we started on! Will keep you guys in the loop on how this injury is going!”

Liam Zingbergs – Ten Clips

Massive thanks to Doug Underhill and Sam Waters for filming this 10 clips of Liam. Crazy good lines go down in this!

Liam Zingbergs – Ten Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Core Series final

This Sunday, RideOn BMX Store are hosting the final of the Core Series comps, we have been behind the Core Series forever so make sure you get down to show your support.

Jourdan in Texas

Jourdan took a trip out to Texas recently, here is what went down…

Just took a road trip up to Austin, TX from Riverside, CA recently with Larry Alvarado ,Dan Norvell and Ryan Costa and we had a blast! I wasn’t able to enter the Texas Toast contest because it was too full by the time i got there. We had fun cruising around with the locals Jabari Winters and Hersh Patel and we also ended up staying at their house. Thanks a lot for letting us stay with you guys. I ended up going to jail the first night in Austin for partying a little too hard, but it wasn’t too much of a big deal considering that I was able to get out the next morning. Hurt my hand that weekend at the local house skate park so i was not able to do too much filming due to this injury. Over all it was a good time and I’d love to do it again some day. Thanks Colony for helping me get out there.

Warragul with Dean Anderson

A couple of days ago I ventured out to Warragul to shoot a photo with Dean, he killed it and hopefully we run the photo for an advert in the near future.Here is just a left over shot we had from the session.

Product update – 2013 complete bikes… new colours

Our 2nd drop of fresh new colours for our 2013 complete bikes arrive into Australia this week. They will be available in all good Colony dealers towards the end of the week depending where you live. Check back soon for full info in the days ahead… including news on a brand new model.

Purple Storm/Polished – Endeavour

Powder Blue/Black – Endeavour

Matte Black/Gold – Endeavour

Blue Storm/Black – Inception

Bright Purple/Black – The Living

Yo yo !!

The Package 7

Marnold, Mick and Cooper all have good clips in the latest Focalpoint Package web video

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Perth trip rap up

Mick sent through more updates from the trip.

This was the last stop of my Perth demo travels. and I tell ya, we definitely finished off with a bang.
For these shows we headed up to Kambalda for the car, ute and bike show. Kambalda is a 10 hour drive from Perth so quite the mission.

When we got there they had a little caravan set up for us and we were greeted by the locals and headed straight to the pub. The locals were very generous and kept the drinks flowing all night. The next morning was demo time the weather wasn’t the best, it was quite windy and it rained a little but we still smashed out the demos.

We were lucky enough to have some locals from Kalgoorlie do the demos with us and Josh from NZ had a roll too and let me tell you these boys shred! After the demos it was back to the pub for another epic night. Thanks to all the locals for there generosity and welcoming us in to there town. Your a great bunch of lads and I would love to come back again.

The next day we headed in to Kalgoorlie to put on a comp at the local park, it was a great day, the sun was shining and there was a massive turn out. For a small town there was no shortage of shredders. everyone rode hard but Josh come out with the win, he definitely showed a good mix of tech runs and some burly tricks not to mention being real dialed. Once again thanks to everyone who came out entered or just had a roll. We hit the town once again with some good people and lots of laugh’s before starting the 10 hour drive back to Perth.

I have to say a big thanks to Shawn Jarvis from Freestyle Now for hooking me up with the demos letting me stay at his house and making me feel part of the team. and to the rest of Perth its been a pleasure and I look forward to it again next year.

Liam Zingbergs WTF!

I was so confused when Dave Rubinish posted this photo of Liam online. Superman hop into the bank. Rubers shoots awesome photos so make sure you check out his website here.

Ten Clips – Tom Stretton

Tom Stretton is back with another creative 10 clips! From memory this took 5 hours to film, thanks to Troy Charlesworth for helping film aswell.

Ten Clips – Tom Stretton V3 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Chris Courtenay down!

Courtenay took a slam on a flair whip the other night which ended in a fractured ankle. CC will be off the bike for 6 weeks so we wish him a speedy and solid recovery.

Product update – Hidden Agenda Tubes

If you live in Australia, then soon you will be able to pick up our Hidden Agenda Tubes. Back in stock with a new improved butyl rubber formula & now available in 16″, 18″ & 20″ sizes.

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Colony at The Shed comp

Peta shot this photo through from the Shed comp that happened on the weekend. Dean happen to come first along with Peta in 4th, congrats to both.

Sweet Tooth winner…

Billy Gecsek was our winner of the 2013 Sweet Tooth Frame promo we did with Vital BMX recently. Billy picked up his new frame from the guys at Mainly BMX in Geelong who were nice enough to build it up for him. Alex Hiam even signed the frame as well. To say Billy is stoked is an understatement. Enjoy the new frame Billy !!

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Alex Hiam update…

Alex shot through a few photos from the last couple of weeks. He has been out and about enjoying the sunshine of Brisbane with his boys. Alex is going to have a new web video drop in the coming months which we have been working on for a while and I am real excited about it!

Welcome Ryan Winterbotham!

We are stoked to be able to welcome Ryan Winterbotham to the family via the UK. Ryan kills it and is super chill. Check this video he did for Vital recently along with some photos of his fresh new setup.

Ryan Winterbotham @ Farnborough – More BMX Videos

Stompin’ the states…

Our warehouse manager Glen McLaughlin & the infamous Wolfman are over in the USA on a 6 week trip. First port of call was Ryan Guettler’s house & then straight to Woodward West for 2 days of riding. Here are a few pics from their adventures so far. More to come no doubt.

Glen & Wolfman

Roadtrip Glennie getting his carve on…

Yo yo !!

Thanks for the good times Brock…

Brock Olive has been riding for Colony for a couple of years now and I have had the pleasure of hanging out, riding, filming and going on trips with him over those years. Watching him progress into the unbelievable rider he is today has been awesome. I am sad to see him go but Brock made his decision and I can live with that. We are family even without your name on the team page bro… Cooper Brownlee.

Even though you have decided to move on, as Cooper said above, all is good & I wish you all the best in what ever comes your way ahead in life. Thanks for everything mate. This below is Brock’s good bye edit as such & we thank him for all the good times we’ve had… Clint Millar.

Perth update #1000

Micky has been banging out a bunch of updates from his West Oz trip, this one has got me stoked on BMX…

“Today we drove out to Australind, W.A to do a couple couching clinics. It’s a little country town and the parks not the best but there’s a really good bmx scene there. A great bunch of kids that are really psyched on BMX. It was awesome to see the kids make the most of the park and go hard. We sessioned for a while, played some games and gave away some prizes. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the day as fun as it was. I really hope you guys get that new park you’re trying to get, you really deserve it.”

Zac Miner USA trip

Zac sent through a few random shots from his time in the USA along with some words…

So I’m back in AUS after a month in America, it was a really good holiday spending a week with Guettler who was an amazing host, such cruisy dude it was awesome hanging out. Rollin’ around Huntington Beach, going surfing, lazing back Cali style. Meet up with my missus and moved on to Vegas for a week. Vegas is one of those places you don’t really wanna be there any longer then 3 or 4 days. You end up, I end up losing to much money haha. Went to Nora cup though which is just an awesome night. We went skydiving over the Nevada desert which was sickkkk! Couldn’t get drunk the whole time I was there, I swear the alcohol is watered down over there hey!

We moved onto New York which was just a sight to see, I recommend anyone to see New York, It’s crazy to think you’ll never see the same thing twice or the same person twice. You could pretty much have a different alias every 10 minutes. I hung out with Nick Gascoine a really close friend and former photographer of 2020. We rode all over Manhattan which is one of the best experiences of my life, highly recommend it! Ended the trip with a grueling 25 hr flight back to AUS.

Over all the trip was alright, I met a heap of good people, seen a heap of sights but alcohol is piss weak America! To be honest I’m glad to be back in AUS. Ain’t nothing like home.

Ryan in Brazil

As we’ve mentioned before Ryan was recently in Brazil and whilst he was there he hit up the Jump Festival competition which we co-sponsored along with a shop called BMX20. It really does look like they have an awesome and tight scene over there.

JUMP FESTIVAL IBIRAPUERA 2012 from CBER – Esportes Radicais on Vimeo.

Marnold bike check on Data

Marnold has a detailed bike check over on the Data BMX site well worth a look! You can also like Data BMX on Facebook.

Jens Kahlstrom mag feature

Jens has a cool article in the latest issue of A.R.T Magazine which his brother Mats shot all the photos. They went to the small island Siarö Fort that is all covered in concrete bunkers by boat that’s in the archipelago of Stockholm.