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Mick Bayzand update

Hey guys, quick update to let you no whats going on with me. As you might know I broke my hand filming a few weeks ago and yesterday I had a meeting with a plastic surgen to see how things are going. Turns out the break in my hand is quite severe in the lower part of my ring finger and the bone has droped and twisted. They wanted me to have surgery and put two screws and a plate in there but because I did it a wile ago the bone has started healing so they’re just gonna leave it for now and hope it doesn’t move anymore or I will go under the knife. So I need to be real carefull the next few weeks and wear a stupid cast. HopefulLy it all heals up nice and I’ll be back on the bike in no time filming again.


Alex Hiam update

Hey guys, I have surgery this monday to repair my torn cartilage in my wrist. I’m so excited because this means I’m closer to riding my bike everyday again. It took 2 months from when I first did it to now to finally get some answers and to find out I need Surgery, So I’m super excited to start the healing process. My surgeon is one of the best in Brisbane aswell so it’s that’ a little bit of stress of my back.

I am super grateful for the support Colony has given,I wouldn’t of been able to get this surgery Colony. The    medical costs are not cheap.

It’s a boring life with out BMX !! The bright side is I have a lot of free time now to work and Save some $$ for surgery & travel plans – I am planning to fly to France for FISE Contest and England for NASS contest next year.

Also Some great news is we are dropping my new Web Video sometime in september.

Check some pics of what I have been up to over at @alexhiam on instagram.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.27.54 am

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.27.37 am

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.27.18 am

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.27.04 am

2015 product arrives into Australia today !!

Expect to start seeing our 2015 product in stores Australia wide next week. It arrives into our warehouse today & will start shipping out to stores come Monday next week.

This includes our 2015 complete bikes, new parts items like but not limited too – new 2015 frames Burna, Sweet Tooth (18″ version for the first time as well), Miner & Castaway all in new colours including a very limited release in our Rainbow finish, new colours of our Wasp hubs including Red, Purple & Polished, new Roaster Bars, TENacious Bars, Burna Bars, Menace Guard Sprocket, Dagger 18″ Forks & the long awaited Contour Rims in the Tom Stretton Leopard print finish.

All info will drop on our site within the next week. Hit your favourite stores up now.

The USA will receive theirs in 2 weeks with other countries soon after.





Yo yo !!


Millar putting his Guardian Forks with brake mounts to good use at a recent jam at Beenleigh. We’re one of the few brands to still make forks with brake mounts, always have, always will. Get your #frontbrakebrethren on !!


Ryan Guettler @ ECSC

Last event I did was the VANS US Open bowl comp where I destroyed my leg and couldn’t walk for a week, well it all healed up just in time for the next VANS contest called Ecsc it’s a massive surf comp on the east coast and they always rock!! I got 3rd place last year so I had high hopes and after my final run I ended up in 4th this year so pumped. Scotty Cranmer and Sandaval where battling for the win and Sandaval came out on top killing it.
Thanks jerry at vans for a good time!! Photos by Colin Mackay.




Happy birthday Cooper !!

Our main man of many jobs within the company, Cooper Brownlee turns 33 today !! Happy birthday Coops !! To celebrate in true Cooper fashion, he is going out & filming with some of the team. Cooper lives & breathes BMX like no other. Happy birthday mate !!

In other news, Cooper will be coming up to Brisbane for the week ahead before heading off to the USA for a month long trip over there with the team. He will be travelling all over the west coast & a trip to the east coast as well. Living the dream.





Yo yo !!

Jourdan Barba update

Hey guys wanted to check in, I’ve been working a lot lately with my air conditioning job and when I’m not working I’m helping my wife Katherine with our boys Stefan and Abel . Just recently I’ve been taking a few hours here and there to ride a skatepark or a bit of street.



2015 product arriving soon…

Our 2015 product will soon be arriving in Australia for 1st September in dealers around the country. The USA will see stock arrive by mid September in dealers & other countries will receive their’s soon after that.

We have a slew of new products that will drop including the following…

New frames – Ryan Guettler’s Castaway frame & Mick Bayzand’s Burna frame.
Revised frames – Alex Hiam’s Sweet Tooth frame & Zac Miner’s Miner frame both get some refinements.

We have new bars dropping including Brandon Van Dulken’s signature bar called the Roaster bars with a special ultra thick tubing on the grip bend area to make them very solid. They measure in at 8.75″ tall & 29.0″ wide.

We have our first 10.0″ rise bars dropping called the TENacious Bars… measuring in at a massive 10.0″ tall & 30.0″ wide they are big. Multi butted CrMo as well so they don’t well a tonne.

Our Hardy Bars will be out in full force in Black or Chrome with a 8.65″ rise & 28

We have new cranks dropping called the 22’s which feature a 2 piece construction, 22mm spindle & are ultra light yet but still super strong. These will come in 170mm & 175mm lengths.

Jourdan Barba’s long awaited Menace Guard Sprocket will also be landing then in 25T in either Black or Polished.

Tom Stretton’s signature Leopard print colourway in our Contour Rims also drops with this shipment. These look amazing & are a special one off limited run.

We also have new colours on offer in our ever popular Wasp Hubs with Red, Purple & now Polished being added to Black & Rainbow.

We also have Rainbow coloured spokes available for your custom wheel build needs.

We also have two new colours for our Fantastic Plastic pedals with Silver or Copper spindles.

These are just a few of the new items which will soon be available. We will start posting full details & info on our website in the next weeks ahead.




Yo yo !!

Paddy Gross video

Paddy had been talking about filming a front brake video for sometime now, probably ever since he put front brakes back on a year or so ago. I am so stoked on the creative moves throughout this video of Paddy riding his local The Lumberyard. There are also a few guest clips from some of Paddy’s friends who all hold their own. Thanks to Levi Weert and Spencer Wolfe for filming/editing this.

Product highlight – 2015 complete bikes

Our 2015 range of complete bikes is available now in the USA from all good Colony dealers. Australia will receive theirs in stores for 1st of September with the rest of the planet not far behind that. Check them out in detail here now.







Yo yo !!

Product highlight – Wasp Hubs

Our Wasp Hubs have fast become a favourite hub of choice for many riders out there all over the world. Clean aesthetics, fast rolling & immediate engagement are just a few of the reasons why they are found on more & more riders bikes these days. Available in Black & our Rainbow colour way. The cassette hubs come in either RHD or LHD in female axle. We also now offer a male axle upgrade kit for the cassette hubs as well. Check them out at your favourite dealer now.





Yo yo !!

Mick Bayzand update

This weekend Cooper Jack and myself packed up the van and headed out on a little road trip to finish up some web videos. Everything was going well until we found this beautiful steep rail I just couldent pass up, unfortunately there was a fence right at the bottom exactly were you would land. Me being me I just thought; dont worry just pretend it’s not there and I will deal with it when I get there. but it was there and I grinded straight into it at full speed. I got straight back up and got the clip then the pain set in and turns out I broke my hand and rolled my ankle so it looks like I am going to be off the bike for a little bit.



I spent the afternoon with Polly the other day and we smashed out a few shots whilst at Reservoir park in Melbourne.



Ricky C footage

Ricky has some wizard moves through this mixtape from the EC crew, check it out.

BVD – Beers & Steers tour

The KEA trip over in Canada looked like a real good time! Couple Brandon shots in the mix, check them all here.



Product highlight – 2015 complete bikes

Our 2015 range of complete bikes have recently landed in the USA. Hit up your favourite Colony dealer in the USA for our full range.

The bikes have all been re-designed from the ground up with a few new models introduced. We have our first ever 18″ model – the 2015 Colony Inception 18″. Another all new model is the 2015 Colony Emerge, which is exclusive to the USA only.

Click here to see the full range in detail now.

Australian stores will see our 2015 complete bikes early September, with the rest of the planet seeing them later in the September as well.







Yo yo !!

Chris Courtenay update

Hey guys, I just got back from my trip over to the UK. The month went so quick, rode in Nass festival and also Bmx Cologne in Germany. Bummer but I hurt my knee in Germany which I’ve been sessioning physio a lot since I’ve been back to get strength in it and is already starting to feel better and better. Stoked! Apart from that just having a goodtime and can’t wait to finish filming for a webvid I have going on. I’ll keep you guys posted.




Nathan Sykes in BMX Plus

Nathan scored a real nice shot in the September issue of BMX Plus. Banging 360 turndown at FOD.


Stas Shatilo video

Stas over in Moscow just dropped a new video filmed with cool moved, I was really into the bars to T-Bog clip, have a watch…

Zac Miner update

Hey guys just a little update to let y’all know I’ve been out an about lately.. Despite it being around the 5 to 10 degree mark at best for the last few weeks we’ve been out riding some spots. I’ve got a new bike to which I’m over the moon about and it’s made me stoked to ride.
Besides that me the mrs have been busy traveling a bit, been up to the Blue Mountains abseiling and stuff. Just been trying to keep motivated in this weather. But better then being stuck in the house. Can’t wait for some warmer weather!

photo 1

photo 2

Jourdan Barba fire!

Jourdan really came through on this video. Unique spots and creative lines had me wanting more the entire time. Shoutout to Larry Alvarado for putting this together it was a banger…

Tom Stretton update

Hey guys. Just checking in to say what’s up. Lately I have been trying to be busy with work and just ride when I can. We are still filming when we can but it’s not that easy. Still, things are coming along. Cooper Brownlee is coming up so visit with two more of my favorite people next week, Zac Miner and Mick Bayzand, so I’ll be riding and clipping with them hopefully.

If you see any of us out, make sure you come say hello. They are always down for a chat and a roll. Also, my leopard rims should be coming out real soon. Here is a photo to drool over haha. So stoked on how these came out.


Stacked BMX Shop

Jourdan and Larry have some clips in this promo for Stacked BMX Shop which is Larry’s project in Riverside CA. The guys stock Colony so get down there and give them some love.

Alex Hiam update

Hey guys!

I have some bad news & some good news. Bad news is My MRI results have come back & its confirmed I need surgery on my wrist. It has cartilage damage, so there doing keyhole and fixing it all up! I have a appointment on the 14th with a surgeon on the 14th of August to set a date for surgery. So until then it’s a waiting game !

The good news is my dad has me covered under private health! That means I save $5000 on hospital/surgeon costs for my wrist. When I turned 18 he told me he stopped paying my private so I got my own normal health and the doctor said my insurance wouldn’t cover anything. So he defiantly saved my ass! Thanks dad, very lucky! Lesson learnt – always have private health, it can save ya loads $ !!

I have been loosing my mind not being able to ride, but I have had a lot of hours at the cafe I work at, loving the barista life!! I also have been out exploring a lot spending some time with my canon 600D getting into photography. It’s super fun. I’m at the gym everyday keeping active.

Keep up to date with me over on Instagram @alexhiam. Thanks a lot !!! Can not wait to be back on my bike.




Canadian Concrete – Brookswood

We were stoked to be apart of the CDN CNCRT over in Canada again this year. Brandon actually ended up winning the comp side of things but from the looks of this video everyone got down and shredded the fun looking park. Shoutout to KEA for putting on great events in Canada.

Dealer Spotlight – Pusher BMX

Pusher BMX, our friends over in Denver have been stocking Colony for a little while now and just recently set up their online shop, check it out and you might find something you are needing for your current rig…

You can also find them on Instagram: @pusher_bmx

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.06.38 pm

Guettler on CBS Sports

It’s not everyday you see a BMX rider on a Sports show but Ryan did exactly that talking about the Vans US Open, you can check out the interview below which starts around the 2.30 mark…

Mycek update

I’ve been busy traveling, filming and hitting up a few contests around Europe, it’e been really good of late.

Also I had a great time with Benny L over here in Poland , he’ll have a guest part in our DVD. We also filmed a split edit on BMXCAMP at the skatepark it should be online in the next couple a days. We were bouncing around for over a week.





Zac Miner bike check

Zac recently set up a 2015 version of his signature miner frame which looks so fresh! These will be available in September so keep an eye out for them.

“Here my new whip guys, pretty stoked on the whole layout, with help from the Backbone crew we come up with a pretty crazy set up.”

Frame – 2015 colony Miner in Gun metal Grey
Forks – Colony Guardian
Bars – Colony Talons
Grips – Colony Muchroom
Stem – Colony Squareback
Headset – Backbone
Seat – Division XL
Seat post – Backbone
Cranks – Colony new 22mm bad boys
BB – Backbone
Sprocket – Colony CC
Pedals – Colony Plastics
Hubs – Colony female Wasp front and back
Pegs – Colony One ways


Nathan @ FOD trails

Matt Cordova came through on a couple evening shots of Nathan hitting the FOD trails earlier this week…