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Versatil custom at Lux BMX

The guys at Lux BMX have built up a very sweet custom bike based around our Versatil frame along with a swag of Colony BMX goodies. You can make it yours today starting here now.

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USA distribution moved to Portland, OR

For those in the USA, we’ve recently moved our distribution centre out of Vista, CA & up to Portland, OR.

Bike shops in the USA can now get our products from our warehouse there. We will have the full 2018 ranges arriving mid September which will include our 2018 complete bikes, frames & parts ranges.

In the meantime, we have many parts available now for shipping.

Shops can contact us at to get sorted with orders.

For those that have used it in the past the B2B dealer online store is all packed & ready to go. Shops can access this here…

Long time friend & team rider, Paddy Gross will be the man on the ground there packing & sending out all orders.

For the riders out there, hit up your favorite BMX shop to get in touch with us & order in what you’re chasing from our ranges now.

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Colony in New Zealand

It’s been little while since our products have been freely available in New Zealand but all that is about to change. We’ve appointed Pawson Reid Velo (PRV) as our sole distributor for New Zealand.

If you’re a bike shop in NZ, get ahold of the guys at PRV now to secure our latest 2017 offerings in stock now.

One of the first dealers to grab our 2017 ranges is who have picked up a solid amount of our 2017 products & is available now for purchase for all riders in NZ.

We could even see a possible Colony team trip out to NZ early in the new year. More on that soon.


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2017 complete bikes landing soon

Our all new range of complete bikes for 2017 will land soon around the planet. Expect to start seeing them in stores in October.

In the meantime, you can check them out here now.







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Updates new products

Over here in Taiwan we use only the best of the best when it comes to who makes our products we design.

Check out these first samples of our up coming Grip Lock Tires that we’ve been working on for almost 2 years now. They are getting close now !!

Designed in Brisbane, Australia !!

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Lux BMX custom Sweet Tooth

The guys over at Lux BMX built up this custom Sweet Tooth for one very lucky customer.

Check it out in full detail here now.


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Dealer spotlight – Backbone BMX

The guys at Backbone BMX hold things down for us in Canberra & have been busy building some very sweet one off custom bikes of late. Check these bad boys out !!

Custom Sweet Tooth build in the amazing ED Green with Gold parts looks amazing.


Click here to make this bad boy yours right now !!

This one off custom Endeavour is also looking the goods & great value too. A very nice custom bike touch for sure.


Click here now to make this Endeavour your’s right now !!

Backbone also have a promo going right now where for every $50.00 spent you get a ticket into a draw to win a $1,000 shopping spree !! So even more reason to check these bikes out before they’re sold.

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2017 bike range samples

Hot off the press is this spy photo I took for you on our 2017 bike ranges. These will hit stores around September / October this year. Designed in Brisbane, built in Taiwan at the world’s best bike factories.

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Aaron Simone

Tony’s Bike Shop in Connecticut stock a good range of our products & with their help, we’ve been helping out Aaron Simone for a little while now. He just put of this edit full of some awesome riding. It really shows his diversity which is something we personally like to see. Keep it coming Aaron.

Thanks Mike at Tony’s and Aaron for all the Colony support, check out the shop when you’re in the area and ask to Mike to play a quick bass solo – Keith Treanor

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99 Bikes – 99 Hour sale

99 Bikes here in Australia have been long time supporters & stockists of our ranges over the years & are not new to BMX.

For all their customers new & old, they’re throwing a huge 99 Hour Sale ending this Sunday.

So get into the nearest 99 Bikes store near you to get yourself a great deal on a brand new Colony complete bike & more.

99 V2

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Dealer Spotlight – YVC BMX

Long time supporters of Colony, the guys down at Yarra Valley Cycles in Lilydale, Victoria recently set-up an entire floor dedicated to BMX. The place is looking dialled with plenty of stock including everything we make. If you are in the Lilydale area make sure you check it out before you ride the bowl down the street. Check them on Instagram via this link.






Product update from Taiwan

Over in Taiwan once again & thought you would all like to see this behind the scenes look at our Official Stems being made. Every step of the way from the original idea, to sketch on paper, through to the beautiful CNC machine detail you see here makes out stems stand out from the rest. Designed in Australia, made to perfection in Taiwan.

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Product update from Taiwan

I’m over in Taiwan right now & excited to share that we’ve been working on the new Brethren Brake Lever for some time now & I finally can share the first sample shown below. Expect these to be out in the next year or so. Full CNC detail & much improved clamping design over our Transformer Levers.

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Custom Sweet Tooth

The guys at Strictly BMX have built up this amazing looking custom Sweet Tooth. It’s packed full of our products and is set at a great price. Hit this link to see more of it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 9.34.56 pm

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 9.35.12 pm

Chris Courtenay x Pushys x Colony edit

To celebrate the fact that Pushys are now carrying a full range of our 2015 products, they got together with Chris Courtenay to bring you this special video. Chris went to work for this one filmed in one day after recently taking off his brakes for something different. Looking the goods.

Hit up Pushys now for our full range by clicking here now.


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Dealer highlight – Evolution Cycles NZ

Coming off the back of our new distribution through Launchpad Group in New Zealand is a fresh new dealer in NZ for Colony.

Evolution Cycles now stocks a full range of our 2015 ranges which you can check out here now. Hit them up for all your Colony needs & they will get you sorted with free delivery NZ wide. Check the full range by clicking here now.

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 9.00

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Introducing Launchpad Distribution in New Zealand

We’re stoked to announce that we have a new & exciting distribution outlet in New Zealand.

The Launchpad Group has now taken over exclusive distribution rights for Colony in New Zealand & has stock ready to go right now. Our full product line will now be readily available throughout New Zealand in more dealers than ever before. Pricing will be sharper than ever before as well, great news for all no doubt.

For all dealers wanting to carry Colony in NZ please contact Steve at Launchpad & he will get you sorted.

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 8.53

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Browns Plains jam with 99 Bikes

We have teamed up with 99 Bikes at Browns Plains to have a morning out at the new improved park in Browns Plains for a meet & greet with some of the team, our 2015 bikes & have a chilled ride as well. The guys will also be on hand with free posters & stickers. 99 Bikes will have our 2015 range of complete bikes & some parts on display as well. Chris Courtenay, Josh Dove & Millar will be there riding while Alex Hiam & Tom Stretton will be hanging out due to injury. So come on out & have a fun morning on the bike if you’re around.


Dealer Spotlight – Pusher BMX

Pusher BMX, our friends over in Denver have been stocking Colony for a little while now and just recently set up their online shop, check it out and you might find something you are needing for your current rig…

You can also find them on Instagram: @pusher_bmx

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.06.38 pm

Product highlight – 2015 complete bikes

Our 2015 range of complete bikes have just landed in the USA & are shipping to dealers right now. Hit up your favourite Colony dealer in the USA in the days/weeks ahead for our full range.

The bikes have all been re-designed from the ground up with a few new models introduced. We have our first ever 18″ model – the 2015 Colony Inception 18″. Another all new model is the 2015 Colony Emerge, which is exclusive to the USA only.

Click here to see the full range in detail now.

Australian stores will see our 2015 complete bikes early September, with the rest of the planet seeing them later in the September as well.







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Dealer Spotlight – Sealys Cycles

Polly has been holding it down at Sealys Cycles in Frankston for a while now and has always supported Colony. If you’re ever in the Frankston area be sure to stop in and say hi to Polly I guarentee you will leave with a smile.




Custom Prody

The guys over at Backbone BMX recently set-up this dialled looking custom Prody which you can read more about and even purchase it right here.


Dealer highlight – Lux BMX & the 2014 Endeavour in ED Gold

Are you chasing one of our limited edition 2014 Endeavour complete bikes in the ever popular ED Gold? They would be very hard to find now but the guys at Lux BMX have a couple left… hit them up now !!




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BMX’s & VW’s is on this weekend

We are stoked to get behind Crucial BMX Shop in the UK & this VW Car Show with their mini ramp comp going down. Get yourself along for a chance to win one of the very special limited edition Colony Endeavour complete bikes we did with the guys at Type 2 Detectives in the UK. Should be a great weekend of BMX & VW’s for all.


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Colony Prody in Rainbow at Lux BMX

We teamed up with the guys at Lux BMX to bring out this very special one of a kind Prody custom complete bike. Only one on the planet & available to purchase right now. Check it out !!


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Dealer highlight – are a UK based mail order who stock our full ranges of products & have put together this in-depth feature on some of our products. It is a little long but informative none the less. Enjoy !!

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Custom Sweet Tooth @ Backbone

This popped up on my feed yesterday and I was quite taken back. Backbone have built up a Sweet Tooth around a bunch of Colony products including some of the latest Rainbow goods such as the rims and hubs. This is definitely a bike that basically no one else in the world will have so if you’re looking for a fresh ride maybe this is it? Check all the images and specs here

colony custom

Stacked BMX Shop

Larry’s store Stacked BMX Shop has it’s grand opening tomorrow. If you are anywhere near the Riverside, CA area be sure to hit it up!


Attila Godi and nose wheelies

Attila Godi our man in Hungary, shows you how to do nose wheelies in this video. It is in Hungarian but still cool to watch. I only wish I could do this trick, props to all those that can. Hopefully a couple more can do so after watching Atila here. Attila rides for us through Elite BMX Shop in Hungary who have been doing Colony for many years now, hit them up for all your Colony needs.

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East County BMX jam

A huge thank you to all those that came out to the East County BMX jam yesterday, it was an awesome day. It’s great to see BMX thriving in the San Diego area with everyone having a great time with an awesome vibe.

A huge thanks to Henry at East County, you are the man. Big thanks to Sean Yarroll for organising the grind boxes, thanks to the East County staff for holding down the BBQ duties & running the shop for everyone. Thanks to Keith Treanor for his his hard work & dedication to all that we do. Thanks to all my team guys that took the time to come down, you guys rule.

But most of all, thanks to all the riders that turned up to ride & hang with the team, we appreciate your support. Long live BMX !!






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