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Wallpaper: Mick Bayzand

You might remember this from The Colony DVD, Mick gap to ice in Sydney almost a year ago now . Download here for standard screen size and here for widescreen.

From the Vault.

An oldie but a goodie from Mick Bayzand, this is almost four years old now, back when Mick was living back in Vancouver. So many good rail hammers in this.

Adelaide update #2

Myself and Mick have been having a blast the last few days in Adelaide along with some other friends we have been searching alot which has had its ups and downs but all in all the trip is going good. Filming a plenty for up and coming web videos.

On the road

Mick and I are in Adelaide right now filming for some up and coming web videos. Dodging the rain was the challenge on the first day, hopefully we get some better weather the next few days.

The Package #4

Marnold, Mick and Cooper have some really good clips in this edit from Focalpoint.

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Strictly BMX x Kid Paris x Mick Bayzand

Strictly BMX, Kid Paris & Mick Bayzand have teamed together with us here at Colony to bring you some really special limited edition 2012 Teddy V2 Frames. Check back here or the Strictly BMX site later this week for full details.

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Vans / Colony Adelaide trip video

Back in early December of last year, we spent five days in Adelaide, South Australia riding a bunch of spots along with a few parks with the locals and this is the end result.

This was all to promote the up coming Vans / Colony shoe collaboration collection being released worldwide, in March this year.

Filmed by: Clint Millar, Cooper Brownlee, Ryan Guettler, Mick Bayzand, Tom Stretton and Zac Miner.

Edited by Cooper Brownlee.

Hiding from the rain.

The weather has turned bad up here in Brisbane so we have been confined to undercover spots. Mick slinging over a pool table yesterday.

Long nights.

Mick and I spent yesterday driving to Canberra which is about a nine hour drive for us then met up with Zac and Jacko and hit up a few spots. Originally we planned to leave Canberra at 9pm to drive the three hours to Sydney to stay there the night but we ended up lighting this spot up so Mick could get a real nice clip, it may have taken an hour and a half but it was worth it! We arrived in Sydney about 2am, it was a long day.


Mick has been putting in work of late filming for some web video projects, we got a real nice line filmed at this spot. Myself and Mick start the long drive to Brisbane tomorrow via Canberra and Sydney so we will keep you all updated on the random happenings from that.

Worth another watch…

Mick Bayzand bike check on DataBMX

Our friends over at DataBMX in France published a bike check with Bayzand along with some riding shots, check it out here.

Product highlight – 2012 Frames

We have a couple new frames on offer for 2012 & a couple V2’s of existing models as well. Below is brief outline of our range.

From Zac Miner we have the Miner frame which is available in 20.75″ & 21″ TT coupled with a short a responsive rear end of 13.25″.

Ryan Guettler’s new frame, The Living is available in 20.8″, 21″ & 21.25″ TT & is all round frame for all types of riding styles.

The Sweet Tooth V2 is a revised version of Alex Hiam’s signature frame & comes in either 19.8″ & 20.25″ TT. It’s designed for smaller riders who want a responsive frame for progressive riding.

Lastly but certainly not least is Mick Bayzand’s new Teddy V2 frame. It’s a taller frame built to handle anything Mick (or you) can throw at it. Ready to bomb any rail in sight right out of the box.

Check them all out at a Colony dealer near you now or buy direct from our online store.

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Bayzand one clip…

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The Package Vol #3

Focalpoint just dropped their 3rd instalment of The Package. Look out for clips from Mick Bayzand, Marnold, Brock Olive & Cooper himself. Some really solid stuff in there.

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Mick Bayzand DVD leftovers #2

Mick had really clocked up a bunch of footage filming for the DVD, here is another entertaining edit from the rest of his leftover clips…

Team Colony One Clip

Whilst we were in Adelaide we got this fun little one clip at the West Beach Park. Take note of Cooper riding Alex’s bike. Filmed by Alex Hiam.

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Team trip in Adelaide this weekend

This weekend pretty much the entire team will be in Adelaide to have a ride around. Come & say g’day at Little Black Bike Saturday at 1pm then come for a roll at the city park at 3pm, should be a good day. Come along say hi & have a roll with Ryan Guettler, Alex Hiam, Zac Miner, Mick Bayzand, Tom Stretton, Cooper Brownlee, Brock Olive, Liam Zingbergs, Valvoline & myself.

We will have some freebies at LBB & even some of the new Vans / Colony shoes on display for all to check out. These will be available March next year.

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Bayzand jibbin’

Mick is back in Melbourne now and has gotten straight into filming, Troy Charlesworth is in town so they are filming clips for the next 2020 DVD.

New team pages…

It’s been a while coming but when you have a team as large as ours these things do take longer than expected. We have all new team pages with interviews, photos & videos on all the team members. This includes our newest editions to the pro team ranks, Marnold & Tom Stretton. Along with the flow team, flatland crew & family members there is plenty of new stuff to check out. This should keep you busy for a couple hours, plenty to read, watch & take in. Click here now to scope it all out in it’s freshness.

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Bayzand gets around.

Mick is finally back home in Melbourne after travelling around Australia for the past couple of months. The last few weeks of his trip he spent in Western Australia doing demo’s and coaching clinics in small country towns. Micky sent in some words about his experience, thanks to Shaun Jarvis for the photos.

“Thanks to Shaun Jarvis and the rest of the squad for evading the air space and launching a full on squad assault hahaha that’s for you Jarv. It’s been an awesome time and I have meet and ridden with some great people. I really look forward to heading back over and doing some more shows. Hope you enjoy the photos.”

Pimpin’ 2012 Teddy V2 custom…

The guys at Strictly BMX are at it again with another pimpin’ custom complete bike. This time using one of the very limited 2012 Teddy V2 Kits. Mick Bayzand was also in the shop today & signed the bike. To make this bad boy yours jump to it & click here now.

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Colony / Vans trip in Adelaide

On December 3rd, 2011 almost the entire Colony team will be in Adelaide, South Australia. It’s all to help promote the up coming Vans / Colony collaboration shoe release. There will be two new models based off the Vans Wylie & Vans Milo shoes with Colony artwork. These will be out in March next year.

Ryan Guettler, Alex Hiam, Zac Miner, Mick Bayzand, Cooper Brownlee, Tom Stretton, Liam Zingbergs, Brock Olive, Valvo & myself will be there.

We will be having an in-store at Little Black Bike at 1pm & then a ride at the city park at 3pm. Come along, meet the team, get some freebies & then let’s all have a ride. Should be a great day.

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Bayzand update

Mick sent through an update about his recent travels in the West…

I’ve been lucky enough to the have been invited to do some box jump demos at the Perth Royal Show for 8 days and 8 nights. It was a really fun time and the demos were sick not to mention the amazing fire works display.

I just want to thank Shaun Jarvis from Freestyle Now for hooking this up and all the amazing people I met and rode with for making it such an enjoyable experience.

Now I am traveling all around Perth doing lots of coaching clinics, demos and judging lots of comps so if your in the area come have a shred with me.

The Package Vol. 2

More goodness from Focalpoint. Look out for banging clips from Marnold, Mick Bayzand, Brock Olive & Cooper himself.

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Mick Bayzand…

Mick Bayzand scores the splash page image on his long time sponsors website, Strictly BMX. Check it out below & here now. His DVD left overs edit is also a part of the entry page.

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Advert: Mick Bayzand

Mick Bayzand advert from RideUS recently, you would have seen the clip of this in his recent Left overs edit.

More Bayzand

Mick is still out and about travelling around Australia with his girlfriend, here is the latest….

“Hey guys. It’s been great traveling around and I hope you’ve all enjoyed my updates. The trip’s still going but I’m just chillin in Perth at the moment. I just got my bike back. I’ve been hanging out, riding, and filming with some locals. Perth’s got some mad spots, so hopefully we’ll work on an edit here.”

Mick Bayzand web video.

Here is the first of two Mick Bayzand videos created with the left over footage after the completion of The Colony DVD.

The Package.

Marnold, Mick, Brock Olive and Cooper all have some really good clips in this mixtape edit from Focalpoint.

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More of bayzands travels

Mick gives us the latest on his trip….

Hey, it’s Mick again! Kimberly and I just came out of the rainforest in Paluma Range National Park. They call it “the village in the clouds,” and it sure was. We drove up a winding road forever to get to the top of the jungle. We hiked along the creek bed at Crystal Creek jumping over boulders and loosing ourselves further into the jungle. I went off on my own at one point and nearly stepped on a 6m long python! This thing could’ve swallowed a cow whole. I’ve never ran down a waterfall so quick in my life. Kimberly says it’s the first time she’s ever heard me scream. The river itself was the most amazing swimming whole I’ve swam in. The water was freezing, but beautiful. You came out feeling so refreshed. I swam around the rapids for ages. Then we hiked through some pretty dense jungle until we came across a set of some even bigger waterfalls. I went off on my own and followed the rocks nearly to the bottom of the mountain. That was a real adventure. I nearly died a couple of times crossing falling trees and leaping across the stones. I felt like a little kid again getting myself into trouble and finding my way out. It was a crazy adventure to say the least..