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Revised Bloody Oath frame for 2009

I will be updating you all on various products from our 2009 range available now over the next few days so keep checking back for new releases & some extra info about them. Next up we have Nick’s revised Bloody Oath frame for ’09 & it has a bunch of new features. Some of which I will list below…

– new improved strength & lower weight of 4.4lbs (1,936grams)
– new improved built-in seat clamp with replaceable nut & bolt.
– removable brake mounts & hardware
– tapered seat tube
– smaller revised drop outs
– available in more sizes now including a 19.8″ kids size

For more details click here.

Frame shown in our limited edition colourway – Tangerine.

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Two new bars out now…

We have two new bars out now with our 2009 range that are available all over the globe. Check them out below…

First up we have Mick Bayzand’s first signature part with Colony, the Teddy Bars. Click here for full specs & details.


Then we have Ryan’s new bars which replace his Unlucky13’s, the Official bars. Click here for the full low down on them.


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Colonial Cranks available now

After two years of development our Colonial Cranks are finally available in many BMX stores around the globe. You can get them in the colours shown in the pic below. Check our products section here for full details.


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Poker night at Ryan’s

Just thought I would post this random pic of a recent poker night at Ryan’s house that Scottish John sent me from his travels in the states. Are those Colony poker chips they’re playing with? More news on those in the near future…


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Clothing updated

I just updated the products section today with our full Tee Shirt designs available now around the world in selected countries. Click here for full details of what we have on offer. Track them down at a BMX shop near you now.


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Hell Stallion review

Just spotted a review on Liam’s Hell Stallion frame up on Diversity. Seems Mitch just purchased one from ForTheRiders & is pretty stoked on it. Click here for the full review. You can also check our products section for full details as well. Thanks for the support Mitch, for both Colony & the local BMX industry in Australia.


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Interview on BMX Union

Kurt from over at BMX Union sent me an interview a few weeks ago & I finally got the chance to complete it. You can check it out on Kurt’s site by clicking here.


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Carhartt advert

Carhartt are my clothing sponsor & they recently asked me to produce a video advert for the up coming RebelYell BMX Magazine DVD, due out with their next issue. If you click here now you can check out the extended version of this advert. Enjoy.


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Jonny Devine web edit

Jonny is our team rider in the UK & he made up this cool little web edit from a few scrap clips he had laying around & a trip he did to Cologne, Germany earlier this year. Enjoy!

Jonny Devine 3 from Jamie Barron on Vimeo.

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Jonny Devine pics

Jonny sent me a couple recent pics of him riding an indoor park in the UK. The weather over there is starting to get bad so riding outdoors is not much of an option. Jonny has also just put together a new bike recently & we will have pics up here soon. Looks like the kid in the corner is pretty stoked to see Jonny do a taybo!


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Bruno Faucon web edit

The guys at Unleaded in France sent me this new web edit of our French team rider, Bruno Faucon. Enjoy !!

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Hell Stallion landing now

If you live in Australia then late this week you will finally be able to get Liam’s signature frame, the Hell Stallion at selected BMX stores around the country. They are available in the USA right now & all other countries will have them in the weeks ahead. So the wait is almost over.

Click here for full spec details or click here for a write-up that Dig Magazine did on Liam’s rail riding frame.


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Core Series but not really

Today I went to the Core Series final at Kuraby skatepark in Brisbane & it turned out to be a really good day. Alex Hiam ended up getting 2nd overall for the year in Pro & pocketed $250 towards the ‘Woodward’ fund. Stoked. I didn’t get around to taking any pics or getting any footage but I did capture this classic moment of a rider we all affectionately call, Snappa. He rules & this was definately the highlight while the skate finals were going. Pure BMX at it’s best. Enjoy.

Click here to check out the action.


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Tangerine dropping now

Our limited edition Tangerine colourway is dropping this week into Australia & is already available in the USA. It will hit other countries in the weeks ahead for those outside of these two countries. Get it while it lasts as limited means limited when it comes to our colourways.


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Alex’s bike makeover… again

Alex has once again had a makeover on his bike & I am sure it won’t be the last. He changes his bike colour like most of us change our underwear. It’s all good though, whatever keeps him happy. Be sure to check Alex riding his new ride at the Core Series final at Kuraby this Sunday. Should be quite the show with Kuraby being his favourite place to ride in the world.

If you haven’t seen it yet click here for Alex’s web video from a few months ago.

Or check out this little edit Chris Courtenay made of his & Alex’s week in Melbourne a few weeks back.

melbourne trip from chris courtenay on Vimeo.


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Simon O’Brien in Japan

Simon O’Brien is over in Japan for 11 weeks doing shows with Michael Steingraber & Daniel Baker. He will also have the chance to hit up a couple flatland comps while there too. They also found a skatepark near where they are staying just outside of Tokyo so Simon will be kept very entertained during his stay. He also sent me these couple of pics before he left taken by Michael Harris, thanks Michael.




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Epic BMX

On my last day in the states last week I visited a cool shop I had heard heaps about from Guettler called, Epic BMX. This shop certainly had one of the largest ranges of BMX stock on hand & are a very rider friendly shop. These guys know BMX & if you’re ever in the area do yourself a favour & drop in & say what up. Check out their website here as well.



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Clone Hubs advert

Just thought I would share our next advert featuring Ryan Guettler & our Clone hubsets with you all. It’s due to appear in Ride BMX, 2020, Dig & Focalpoint magazines in the coming weeks.

You can get them everywhere now & for full details on them please click here.


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Broken Bones Session

Better late then never but our distributor in the Ukraine, VeloJam, sent me this email about an event that happened over there a couple weeks ago & now I finally got around to posting it here. Read on below…

Yo Clint,

We just came back from a small but definitely nice event, called Broken Bones Session, held by VeloJam and sponsored with Colony, which took place yesterday in Kyiv at a small hand-made bike park. We had two categories – amateurs and pros. For the 1st place in pro we gave a way a Sect frame & many other Colony prizes.

We of course, experienced some probs with the weather, however, we did it! The dirt and water could not stop us to make those crazy people do some crazy stuff, like 360 from a drop or the flair in a small quarter.

Cheers, Bogdan.



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