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Web Advert – Ricky Catanzariti

Adelaide’s crankflip barspin wizard Ricky Catanzariti throws a flair out of nowhere on another unique Adelaide spot.

ADVERT ricky catanzariti

Bruno Faucon bike check

For anyone that knows French hit up the Soul website for a bike check interview with Bruno. Even hit the link just for the photos…


Ryan Guettler update

Hay guys,
This month I’ve been flat out and all over the world. I went to Italy for a week of shows for the US military doing school shows and demos at the local skate park, Really fun time but did not get to see to much of Italy itself.

Just wrapped up the 2nd stop of the Recon tour in Tucson AZ, really amazing turn out with over 70 AM riders signing up. I did two days of my boot camp before the event to help with tricks and work on lines with the kids entering. Taught 3 kids back flips and it was so cool seeing them throw it down in their runs. Next recon stop is Ohio dreams July 18th can’t wait.

Right now im at LAX getting ready to fly to france for FISE contest. I have not been to a Fise comp in a few years so I’m really looking forward to it. Follow me on instagram @ryanguettler to keep up with what im doing every day.
Peace, Ry.




Alex Hiam update

Hey Guys !!!

Last weekend I road tripped 11 hours inland to a small town called Cunnamulla 840km west of Brisbane with a brand called Freestyle Now. They got Myself, a skater and a scooter rider on board to coach the kids out west how to ride for a day.

On The day of the coaching the whole town was at the local skatepark to meet us . There was only two kids that owned BMX’s so coaching was a little hard so we put more of a demo on rather than coaching. It is crazy how little effort it took us to make these kids day. I let all the kids ride my bike taking turns, And even taught some of them a few beginner tricks. We were handing prizes out all day long and doing games and playing footy, twiggy etc. Anything to make these kids smile…

I had never been out west before so it was such a good experience.. I couldn’t believe how simple these guys live. There is no movie theatres, theme parks or anything. Just the local skatepark, Pub, Foodmarket & that’s about it. They didn’t even know what a IPhone was!!! We Helped also helped clean swear words of the skatepark and did fun games and gave away lots of prizes on that day.

After the show and demo’s the local kids slid a super cool letter under my motel door they wrote up !! I have attached pics of it. I though this was so awesome.I had the best weekend with a really good crew on board and would do it all again!!! Thanks for the good times Shaun Jarvis.




Colony Prody in Rainbow at Lux BMX

We teamed up with the guys at Lux BMX to bring out this very special one of a kind Prody custom complete bike. Only one on the planet & available to purchase right now. Check it out !!


Yo yo !!

Andre Jesus update

After spending some time in Europe Andre headed back to Brazil and did a trip with the Dream BMX guys along which sounds like it was a crazy trip then he hit up the mini ramp contest that some of the team rode last year. Andre rode really well and ended up winning the contest so props to him for that, here are a few photos from the comp…




Zac Miner update

Hey guys, so shits been happening in the Berra of late! If you didn’t make it to the act jam the was on last month, you missed out! So many people, so much good riding. Was awesome to see sooo many people come out to shred or hang out. Aiden Chard took out the act jam crown with effortless flow and big lines, dude just kills it when ever he rides. Apparently the video John Young is working on isn’t far off. After watchin what went down you’ll wanna come next year! Big shout out the Backbone for throwing such a killa event. It’s only gunna get bigger n better.

Speakin of the Bone, we’re well under way into filmin for a full length video. Got a bit banged up on the weekend filming actually. But it’s all so worth it when you actually sting the clip, I don’t wanna share to much but people have been puttin work, gunna be one sick DVD.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Baco A-Go-Go this weekend

I have always been a huge fan of Dave Freimuth’s riding, ever since I was first introduced to Baco 4 on VHS back in the day. His riding was exactly what I was into & still am today, front brake mini ramp tech. It was a dream come true for me to have a clip in Baco 10 a few years ago as I had always watched these videos & admired them all. I so wish I could be over for this jam but I can’t I am sorry to say. For any those closer than Australia to Wisconsin, you should make the effort to get yourself along for a great weekend.

Bobbie Altiser will be flying the flag for Colony there so I am stoked on that. I also stoked that we could help support the jam with some prizes.


Yo yo !!

Cooper on the road

Coops is heading back out on the road today filming for various future projects. Keep an eye out for him in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane over the next 2 weeks.


Yo yo !!

Canadian Concrete

We are getting behind this years Canadian Concrete jam series starting next month so if you are anywhere near Canada be sure to get down and hit these up! Shoutout to KEA for holding it down for us over in Vancouver.


Brandon Van Dulken back on it!

Hey guys, so happy to be riding again. Steadily getting the knee stronger and stronger and putting more trust in it. Full summer mode over here! Beautiful weather, ton of babes and the amazing Vancouver spots. Good times.

Here’s a shot from Vanier bike park today I’m pretty stoked on. Shot by Amos Franke with my gear.


Alex Hiam footage

Alex scores a few clips within the latest #CLVLND mixtape filmed at his local stomping grounds of Cleveland in Queensland. Everyone shred it so have a watch…

Jack Kelly in Cali – Photo gallery

Daniel Johnson shot some rad photo’s of Jack whilst we were in California and TCU put together this feature with all the photos. Check them all here and a RE-UP of the video from the trip below…

Jack_Crankarm West rail

Simon O’Brien in Japan

From the emails I’ve been getting from Simon lately it seems he has been having a blast over in Japan, here is the latest…

I just got back from the Toyama C3 jam which is on the north west side of Japan. As well as checking out the sites of Toyama including the cool castle there, I had a good ride with everyone and also judged the contest.

Lately I’ve been spending alot of time in Tokyo lately. Catching up with some street rider and flatland mates. The last few days ive been cruising the city with Jason Halayko (Japans No 1 Redbull photographer) and getting some great shots. More photos here.

Thanks to Jason Halayko for the really nice shot of Simon here…







Raw Alex Hiam footage

6 hammer moves from Alex from a recent trip over in California. Loved the opposite downside whip to bars at Vans…

D.I.Y in Melbourne video

I knew of a few drain spots that already existed here in Melbourne so I spent some time fixing up a few along with creating some new spots and then invited some of the guys to come down, stay at my place and ride the spots for 3 days. We had to do this during the middle of summer so that we didn’t get washed away and to be able to build at the spots. This all worked well besides the temperatures going above 40 every day we were out but everyone made it work and had a blast doing so. Here is the video (and photos) from the project, hopefully we get to do another one next summer.












BMX’s & VW’s

We are stoked to get behind Crucial BMX Shop in the UK & this VW Car Show with their mini ramp comp going down. Get yourself along for a chance to win one of the very special limited edition Colony Endeavour complete bikes we did with the guys at Type 2 Detectives in the UK. Should be a great weekend of BMX & VW’s for all on the 6th, 7th & 8th of June.


Yo yo !!

Dealer highlight – are a UK based mail order who stock our full ranges of products & have put together this in-depth feature on some of our products. It is a little long but informative none the less. Enjoy !!

Yo yo !!

Custom Sweet Tooth @ Backbone

This popped up on my feed yesterday and I was quite taken back. Backbone have built up a Sweet Tooth around a bunch of Colony products including some of the latest Rainbow goods such as the rims and hubs. This is definitely a bike that basically no one else in the world will have so if you’re looking for a fresh ride maybe this is it? Check all the images and specs here

colony custom

Product highlight – Rainbow parts

Right now in most countries around the world, with a little hunting, you should be able to grab yourself some of our latest batch of Rainbow coloured parts including but not limited to the following…

Contour Rims, Wasp Hubs, Free coasters, Official Stems, Squareback Stems, Gyro plates, Pivotal Seat posts, CC Sprockets, Rainbow spokes & even pre-built Pinnacle, Pintour or Free Coaster wheels with Rainbow Wasp Hubs or Free Coasters.

Coming out in August will be a limited run of 2015 frames & forks available in rainbow as well as some very limited edition frame & fork kits. Grab it all while it’s available !!


ColonyFreecoaster_Rainbow copy  730



Dropouts 2014 BMXhibition

We’ve got behind a BMXhibition set for this weekend in Brisbane City. Check the flyer for details. There will be a good selection of BMX bikes & items on display from all eras of BMX history.

There will also be a very special one off Rainbow Prody custom bike that you may have seen some sneak peeks of on our Instagram? Should be well worth the visit. It all opens tomorrow night.



Yo yo !!

Web advert – Ryan Winterbotham

Ryan is over in California right now from his homeland of the UK so whilst we were over there we shot this web advert. The kid can crank a good turndown and I would happily shoot them everyday…


Simon O’Brien video

Simon O’Brien is a wizard! Even if flatland isn’t your thing this video is well worth a watch. Simon put a lot of time and effort into perfecting his craft and that’s something I can really appreciate…

Coppin it Sweet – mix section

A good chunk of the team have some really good footage in the mix section of Stu Munro’s DVD. You can see more sections right here

Bobbie Altiser bike check

Bobbie has a real good bike check interview over on the Vital BMX website which you can check out right here…

The Prody Frame that Bobbie is riding is now becoming available in selected retailers in the USA & Australia with the UK to follow soon.


Peta Shepherd footage

I just came across this video of Peta from a recent comp at GC Compound. Along with Natalya Diehm they both killed it for the womens event.

Something special…

More on this soon…

prodylong bmx

Tom Stretton update

Hey guys just a quick update to say g’day.

I just finished up a trip to Canberra for the ACT jam. Was a killer time and full of killer people. The level of riding there was insane! Canberra is sick. Thanks so much to Millsy and Colony for another amazing trip.

Other than that I have been riding solo a lot. Nothing better than clearing my head on my bike. Have some things in the works products wise too so keep an eye out.

Go out and have some fun on your bike!


David Pinelli team page

We got David’s team page up. He recently just got back riding after breaking his thumb couple months ago. I am sure he is already out there smashing dipped 3’s like this one. Check his page right here. Thanks to Bret Trigg and Shaun Jarvis for the shots.


Simon O’Brien – Made you look

Part 4 of Simon O’Brien‘s solo dvd project from a few years ago. Simon is a true wizard. Check more sections here.