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Colony products back in Germany!

We are stoked to have Colony products back in Germany, if you are looking for our products over there just hit up your local shop or mail order and they will be able to sort you out!

USA distribution moved to Portland, OR

For those in the USA, we’ve recently moved our distribution centre out of Vista, CA & up to Portland, OR.

Bike shops in the USA can now get our products from our warehouse there. We will have the full 2018 ranges arriving mid September which will include our 2018 complete bikes, frames & parts ranges.

In the meantime, we have many parts available now for shipping.

Shops can contact us at to get sorted with orders.

For those that have used it in the past the B2B dealer online store is all packed & ready to go. Shops can access this here…

Long time friend & team rider, Paddy Gross will be the man on the ground there packing & sending out all orders.

For the riders out there, hit up your favorite BMX shop to get in touch with us & order in what you’re chasing from our ranges now.

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Colony in New Zealand

It’s been little while since our products have been freely available in New Zealand but all that is about to change. We’ve appointed Pawson Reid Velo (PRV) as our sole distributor for New Zealand.

If you’re a bike shop in NZ, get ahold of the guys at PRV now to secure our latest 2017 offerings in stock now.

One of the first dealers to grab our 2017 ranges is who have picked up a solid amount of our 2017 products & is available now for purchase for all riders in NZ.

We could even see a possible Colony team trip out to NZ early in the new year. More on that soon.


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2017 complete bikes landing soon

Our all new range of complete bikes for 2017 will land soon around the planet. Expect to start seeing them in stores in October.

In the meantime, you can check them out here now.







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Updates new products

Over here in Taiwan we use only the best of the best when it comes to who makes our products we design.

Check out these first samples of our up coming Grip Lock Tires that we’ve been working on for almost 2 years now. They are getting close now !!

Designed in Brisbane, Australia !!

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2017 bike range samples

Hot off the press is this spy photo I took for you on our 2017 bike ranges. These will hit stores around September / October this year. Designed in Brisbane, built in Taiwan at the world’s best bike factories.

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Product update from Taiwan

Over in Taiwan once again & thought you would all like to see this behind the scenes look at our Official Stems being made. Every step of the way from the original idea, to sketch on paper, through to the beautiful CNC machine detail you see here makes out stems stand out from the rest. Designed in Australia, made to perfection in Taiwan.

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Product update from Taiwan

I’m over in Taiwan right now & excited to share that we’ve been working on the new Brethren Brake Lever for some time now & I finally can share the first sample shown below. Expect these to be out in the next year or so. Full CNC detail & much improved clamping design over our Transformer Levers.

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Introducing Launchpad Distribution in New Zealand

We’re stoked to announce that we have a new & exciting distribution outlet in New Zealand.

The Launchpad Group has now taken over exclusive distribution rights for Colony in New Zealand & has stock ready to go right now. Our full product line will now be readily available throughout New Zealand in more dealers than ever before. Pricing will be sharper than ever before as well, great news for all no doubt.

For all dealers wanting to carry Colony in NZ please contact Steve at Launchpad & he will get you sorted.

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 8.53

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Brandon back in Vancouver.

Brandon just moved back to Vancouver and has been filming for the Kill Em All Distro DVD that is coming out next year. Loving this shot by Dave Butler as Hastings which is Brandon’s local right now so if you ever head there be sure to say hi and give him a big hug for me.


Canadian Concrete – Brookswood

We were stoked to be apart of the CDN CNCRT over in Canada again this year. Brandon actually ended up winning the comp side of things but from the looks of this video everyone got down and shredded the fun looking park. Shoutout to KEA for putting on great events in Canada.

New arrivals in the USA

We have just received a fresh new shipment in the USA with a few new items such as our Free Coaster Wheels & Free Coaster Hubs in the very popular Rainbow colour way. The wheels are laced to our Contour Rim in Black with either the Rainbow or a Black hub. Both wheels & hubs area available in RHD or LHD.

The first drop of Prody Frames for the planet, have also arrived in the USA & we couldn’t be more stoked. The platform is back !!

Expect to see these wheels, hubs & frames available at USA based retailers in the next week or so. So hit them up soon.

Other countries such as Australia, the UK, Canada, Brazil, China & Russia will receive theirs in the weeks ahead.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

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Attila Godi and nose wheelies

Attila Godi our man in Hungary, shows you how to do nose wheelies in this video. It is in Hungarian but still cool to watch. I only wish I could do this trick, props to all those that can. Hopefully a couple more can do so after watching Atila here. Attila rides for us through Elite BMX Shop in Hungary who have been doing Colony for many years now, hit them up for all your Colony needs.

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Ave BMX in Poland

Our friends at Ave BMX in Poland do really good things for the BMX scene there & they compiled this video of their highlights for 2013. Enjoy !!

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Keith Treanor welcome to the family

Keith Treanor is the man in charge heading up the day to day runnings of our new distribution house in the USA. Based in Vista, CA we are all set up & ready to supply our products to dealers all over the USA. So any bike shops out there looking for our products, hit up Keith directly at

Since Keith is now working for us, he had to of course get a new bike to shred on. Check out his new set up below based off a special one off 2014 Teddy Frame in a Translucent Brown colour. Looking the goods !! If you’re in the So Cal area then I am sure you will Keith out on his early morning sessions at O.B. & Area 43 on this new beast. Hit him up & say g’day mate. He should understand you since he has started to speak Australian now.






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Kill Em All Distro go to Texas

The guys from Kill Em All Distro went to Texas Toast last month & this is the video from it all. Brandon Van Dulken is a machine !! He is the one on the 2014 Trans Gold Teddy frame… Check it out.

Make sure if you’re in Canada & chasing our products to get your local shop to contact Kill Em All Distro as they have all our goods !!

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Split Second Imports to handle UK distribution

We are very pleased to announce, that come October this year, Split Second Imports will be our official distribution outlet for 2014 Colony BMX products in the UK. This includes our entire range of 2014 complete bikes & parts. This exciting new home will bring many welcome opportunities for us & make our products more widely available than ever before. Welcome news for all out there in the UK chasing our products. For all dealers please contact Split Second Imports now to secure yourself some of the first arrivals of our 2014 ranges.

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 8.27

New distribution in the USA

I am pleased to announce to the BMX world some big news regarding us here at Colony BMX.

Starting from the 2014 season, so meaning from approx. September 1st this year, we will be switching up our distribution outlet in the USA. Sidewall will no longer be our distributor.

We will be doing something not yet done by any BMX brand in the industry & we will be opening our own distribution company in another country. Based in California, we will be handling exclusive distribution duties to all US based dealers. We are very excited about this progressive move forward.

What will this mean for the average rider out there? It will mean finally you will be able to get Colony products in all good US dealers country wide. No longer will our products be very hard to locate & purchase. It also means our products will be more affordable then ever before, something all riders will appreciate.

What will this mean for the US dealers out there? It will mean you will have good continuous supply, great service & strong back up support for all our products. Something we feel very strongly about.

We have none other than, legend Keith Treanor coming into the family to run things for us in the USA. Keith’s managing role will be handling all the duties associated with this new venture. To have someone like Keith involved is an amazing honour & we are really excited about it all.

Being that we will have an office in California, will also mean marketing wise you will see a much stronger presence of Colony out there. Finally we will be able to support our riders in the USA how we want too.

Full details will be released in the weeks ahead but expect to see a lot more of Colony in the months & years ahead in the USA. Thing’s are about to get real.

You can also read a short interview about it all over on The Come Up by clicking here now.

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Colony now in Greece…

We are very stoked to have teamed up with Dark Riders in Greece to now bring the local riders there Colony in full supply. They just recently received their first shipment of 2013 product so hit them up !!

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Undercover dirt spot in Vancouver

Brandon Van Dulken scored a pic or two in a photo gallery over on The Union site. They are at a special undercover dirt spot in Vancouver, Canada. One of the only dry spots to ride at the moment over there.

Thanks to the guys at Kill Em All Distro for the heads up. For any dealers in Canada looking to get our products, hit Kill Em All up for the goods.

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2013 Colony in France now…

The guys at Unleaded just landed their full shipment of our 2013 products. Check them out now if you live in France.

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Dealer exclusive with Sidewall USA

Sidewall Distribution in the USA are offering a free TSG Helmet along with free shipping with any 2012 Colony complete bike purchased. This is for dealers only though so any Colony dealers in the USA may want to jump on this pronto.

Dealers contact your Sidewall sales rep ASAP for this great deal as stocks are limited.

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Fresh 2012 stocks in the USA

Sidewall Distribution have just received a fresh new shipment of 2012 products & have them available right now. Check with your favourite shop now & ask them to place their orders while stocks last. This includes our Polished alloy parts as shown below.

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Dream BMX Brazil road trip

Our Brazilian distributor Dream BMX, took all their team guys on a trip in Brazil & this is the teaser video for it. It looked like a lot of fun, full video out soon. Look out for a few shots of Valvo in the mix.

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Ave BMX in Poland

Ave BMX are our new distributor for Poland & the guy’s there are really behind BMX & it’s lifestyle 100%. Since taking over distro for us there, they have also picked up on the team Michal Mycek who has been our longtime team rider. Michal has now joined their team & will soon be going on his first team trip with them. We are stoked in Ave BMX’s support for Michal & Colony. They will soon be receiving their first Colony shipment, so hit the guys up for anything you are chasing from us real soon.

This video below is from the team’s last trip in Cyprus & it looked like a tonne of fun. Really well put together & a treat to watch. Get yourself a coffee, sit back & enjoy.

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Tabletop Distribution at trade show

Tabletop Distribution who are our exclusive distributors in the UK, have a booth set up at The Bike Place 2012 trade show. If you are a dealer & want to check out what we have on offer then get along to the trade show at either of the two locations of Harrogate & Silverstone. Click here for full details of the show.

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New distributor in Poland

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome a fresh new distributor for Colony in Poland. Ave BMX will be our new exclusive distributor for the country & they will receive their first order in the weeks ahead. They will have our full range of 2012 products at hand including our 2012 complete bikes. So if your chasing our stuff it will soon be readily available in Poland. Contact the guys at Ave BMX for all your Colony needs from now on. Thanks for the support guys !!

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2012 products in Germany now

For those in Germany, our 2012 product lines have arrived & are now available. Hit up Fastpace Distribution for all the goods.

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Brazilian update…

Things are really moving along for BMX in Brazil & much of this is to do with the hard work from the guys at Dream BMX. They recently put on a dirt jam & below you can see the video from it. Pretty cool vibe & looks like everyone had a great day. We supported the event with some prizes as well.

In more news from Brazil, Dream BMX also recently had a trade show booth & showed off all our new products we have coming out for 2012. See some pics below of their booth.

Our Brazilian team rider & good mate, Valvoline is also headed over to Brisbane for a month of riding soon which will be really good to have him here. Should be some good times ahead for sure. That’s him on the trade show booth. Expect to see him here for the month of November.

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Sidewall catalogue

The guys at Sidewall Distribution had a print catalogue at Interbike for those that were there & now they have released the online version for everyone to see. Check out our 2012 ranges featured inside. These will be out from October around the planet.