Archive Of February 2024 - Colony BMX

Tobias Wicke Backyard Session

Tobias Wicke visited the backyard for a session one afternoon & these clips were the result.
Tobias got straight to work on the ramps & did a bunch of things that had not been done before, awesome to see. Pure classic Tobias style with the precision & ease that makes him such a legend. Sit back & enjoy some great riding.

Shot & cut by Clint Millar.

Dean Florian RAW CUT

Dean Florian’s recent video part had some awesome feedback but don’t be fooled, a lot of the clips Dean really had to put in some serious work to get them done. We love putting out these raw cut videos because they really show how much dedication it takes to put together a video part.

Incase you missed the final cut…

Clint Millar Bike Check

Clint recently built up a fresh rig, peep the full spec and some riding in the video below…

Clocked In Full Length

I recently posted up the Clocked In full length from 2007 that I did with FP, some great memories from working on this project.