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Miner frame winner

Thanks to Unleaded BMX & Soul BMX Magazine in France, Cyril Lapoirie is now the proud owner of a brand new 2012 Miner frame. Congrats !! The video comp was judged by none other than the man himself, Zac Miner. Check the video out below & look out for Zac’s signature frame to be out in October this year.

*Miner Frame
*Zac Miner Signature – Totally New Model for 2012 (available October, 2011)
*Full CrMo frame.
*Heat treated Integrated Headtube, MID BB and 5mm CNC machined dropouts.
*Tapered down & down tubes & rear stays.
*Offset internal gussets on TT & DT tubing.
*Specially tapered seat tube.
*Built-in seat clamp with replacable nut & bolt.
*Removable brake mounts & hardware.
*Unique & exclusive invest cast removable Colony brake tabs.
*Sizes: 20.75” and 21” TT.
*13.25” rear, 75.5 degree HA, 71 degree ST.
*11.5” BB Height.
*Stand over height 7.75” (centre of BB shell to centre of TT)
*Weight: 20.75” version 4.95 lbs (2,248 grams), 21” version 4.98 lbs (2,259 grams)
*Matt Black, Gloss Clear Raw, Matt Red (shown), Bright Purple & Rising Blue.

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Valvo is coming to Australia

Our good friend & team rider from Brazil, Valvoline is coming to Australia in November to stay in Brisbane to ride. We will organise a road trip around his visit which should be good times. Can’t wait to see you here mate.

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2012 complete bike flipbook…

Due out in October all around the planet… check it.

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2012 complete bikes…

Our 2012 complete bikes will be out in early October around the planet. There will be the ever popular Endeavour & Descendant in fresh new colour ways. We will also have for the first time, the all new Inception, which is like a more affordable Sweet Tooth style bike for the smaller riders.

We will also Ryan Guettler’s first signature complete bike with us called, The Living. At the top of the range will be the very limited edition Teddy Pro, Sweet Tooth Pro & the all new Miner Pro. These pro bikes are in very limited numbers with less than 10 of each model made for the world. Expect all these 2012 bikes out in early October.

The guys at Strictly BMX however have a very limited run of only one bike each on the above models. With the exception of the Miner Pro, who the guys at Backbone BMX have since Zac rides for them as his shop sponno. So act fast & get in touch with the guys at Strictly or Backbone & be the first to have the 2012 bikes now.

2012 Endeavour in Matt Black/Clear Raw two-tone

2012 Endeavour in Rising Blue with Blue

2012 Descendant in Matt Black with Blue

2012 Descendant in Matt Blue with Polished

2012 Inception in Matt Black with Purple

2012 Inception in Matt Black/Clear Raw two-tone

2012 The Living in Bright Purple with Black

2012 Teddy Pro in Matt Black with Gold

2012 Sweet Tooth Pro in Matt Red with Red

2012 Miner Pro in Matt Titanium with Polished

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North Western League 2011

We have got behind the North Western League of comps for 2011. Starting this Saturday & then one almost every weekend till Xmas… check them out below. Click here for more info now.

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Oskars Zajarskis video.

Flow rider from Latvia Oskars Zajarskis sent through a quick edit form his local park, some good moves in this and the park looks real fun.

Paddy Gross update.

Flow rider from Germany and good friend Paddy Gross sent in a bit of an update for everyone…

Hope all is good and everyone is having fun doing what you like to do. I am doing fine, still missing the good times I’ve had with all of ya. I am riding heaps of demos this month and right now I am writing this update from europeans biggest games convention tradeshow kinda thing where we’re playing our own game on our bikes. I am also having heaps of fun with my new bike and “The Living” frame works real good, loving it!

Besides riding demos, doing workshops and working in a porn store I am filming heaps for my next web edit which is going to with one of my best mates and a little less tailwhips haha, I love to do that trick but too much is too much. We’re going to make this edit also look like a little message for the kids outhere, just to give them an idea to do their own thing and don’t have to follow any trends to be a part of the BMX community, we’ve been filming for the last 2 months for it and it’s almost done. there’s some photos attached taken by a friend who loves to take photos, hope you’ll like them. ok that’s it for now, more soon! take care all of ya and stay happy’n healthy. cheers-Paddy.

Belco comp is on tomorrow

The rescheduled Belconnen comp/jam is on for tomorrow, it looks to be good weather this time too. A big shout out to Backbone BMX for putting this one… should be a great day.

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Core Series Final rained out

For those in the Brisbane area, it’s pretty obvious that the Core Series Final set for today at Morayfield is cancelled due to bad weather. The weather isn’t quite as bad as the pic below from the floods here earlier this year. Then, the park was completely flooded. Keep an eye here for news on a new date if it will be rescheduled.

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Recent Oneclips.

Marnold, Chris Courtenay and Brock Olive have all recently had Oneclips in the Focalpoint clip a day series.

Ryan went to France

Ryan Guettler recently went to France for a dirt comp & he is there for a couple more weeks yet. Here is what he had so say…

Jet lagg could be one of the worst things to go through!! When every one is sleeping your wide awake looking at the clock watching the mins tick by and when every one is fresh and ready to ride your trying to hold your eyes open sucks so bad!!

Me and Jaie Toohey have been in south of france for 5 days now on our 2.5 week trip. Its been fun and we have meet up with alot of other riders, we are sharing a house with Cam white, Josh stead and Danny Jose (Hungry Monster rider) Staying in the house feels like when I had to stay at my grand mothers place no TV, no internet but we play lots of ping pong out side every night. Me and Jaie go to Mcdonalds for the wifi which is so slow, its been 30 mins so far on uploading theses pics and it may not happen i hope you guys get them.

I bought my video camera and have been filming every thing we get up to so look out for a video when i get home.

Yesterday was the Lords of Dirt comp. Very BIG jumps and huge roll in the pics do not show how big theses thing are. 9 foot lips and 15 foot landings. I came from dew tour very sore and a bad knee which needs rest but competed and just missed the finals, I had a rough time pumping the sets with a bad knee so gaining speed was so hard.

Josh stead rode well and did the run of the day ending with a double flip but it was 2 runs count so he ended up in 6th
Cam White rode solid and even flip superman seat grabbed the 2nd jump over 30 ft long and ended with 2nd place
Jaie Toohey killed the event every run was a winning run. He rode faster and higher then the rest and won the comp and placed 2nd in the best trick with a 360 triple whip!! Jaie looked at home on theses massive jumps the nitro circus really paid off.

This week we are doing Monster demos in the down town area then on the weekend is The VANS kill the line. Which is a comp in the woods with big jumps again I am really looking forward to this comp.

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Core Series Final tomorrow

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Mick Bayzand – Ten Clips

We met up with Mick at his local park Prahran to film his ten clips, the park is just on the out skirts of Melbourne city and definitely has its own unique feel, interesting characters around all day long but as kinda sketchy it may seem from first glance, everyone was real cool and down with what we were doing.

Mick had previously filmed an edit at the same park a month or so before hand so he wanted to make sure he got some new lines dialed in and some different moves to what you may expect to see from him.

Filmers: Cooper Brownlee (fisheye) Sam Illman & Flagz (long lens)

Edited by: Cooper Brownlee.

Colony booth.

It was a hectic weekend just been with the tradeshow in-between both King of the Jibs and Slay the Rails. Here are a few images from the booth showing some of the 2012 colours and products. Available in October.

Daniele De Piccoli & crew.

Our flow rider from Italy Daniele De Piccoli along with his crew entered the Nike Chosen video comp and did quite well. They ride some cool spots in this.

Sprocket buyers guide

The guys over at Ride BMX did a buyers guide on sprockets & our Official & yet to be released, CC Sprocket are included. Click here now to check them out.

The Chris Courtenay signature CC Sprocket will be out early October.

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Slay the Rails 2.

Last night was an amazing night at Slay the Rails 2. Marnold ended up coming 2nd which was awesome. Here you have him doing a 360 over the rail, Liam with an oppo hanger and Zac with an over ice. The web video from this is going to be ridiculous as alot of hammers went down.

Melbourne trip.

Some of the team are in Melbourne at the moment, here are a couple shots from a good day out yesterday. Brock Olive and Liam Zingbergs.

Alex Hiam’s birthday today

Alex Hiam turns 16 today… happy birthday mate !! To help celebrate his birthday here are a few web edits from Alex over the years on Colony.

A 13 year old Alex & his first edit for Colony.

A couple from a 14 year old Alex…

And finally from a few weeks ago…

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Jibs was awesome!

Massive thanks to all the riders, people who came and watched, the judges and Dre for doing a good job with the Mic, it was a really fun day.

Congrats to Daniel Johnson for winning, Marnold came second with Jack Elkins in third. Raphael Jeroma-Williams took out best trick with a luc-e up rail to duster down the other side of the wedge rail.

King of the Jibs today !!

Today at the Melbourne show grounds is the King of the Jibs 2. Get yourself down to see the 30 of Australia’s best street riders battle it out for their share of the $1,500 prize purse. $500 for 1st, $400 for 2nd, $300 for 3rd & also $300 for best trick of the day. Practise starts at 12pm & the comp starts at 2pm. If you need directions click here now. See you there.

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Jibs/Tradeshow tomorrow.

See you at the jibs comp which starts at 2pm, the tradeshow opens at 10am so make sure you come past the Colony booth.

King of the Jibs 2 preview!

Yesterday we set everything up for the Jibs on Saturday, we have alot more room this year so it’s going to work out good!

King of the Jibs 2… tomorrow

King of the Jibs 2 is on tomorrow at the Ausbike trade show at the Melbourne show grounds. As a re-cap here is the video from last year’s event for a little of what to expect tomorrow. We have 30 of the best street riders in the country there to battle it out for a share of the $1,500 prize money.

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Advert: Mick Bayzand

Here is our current print advert featured in DIG issue 82 of Mick Bayzand. Make sure you grab a copy of this issue, as always its got solid content.

Guettler bike check…

Ryan has a bike check up on the Ride BMX site. Click here now to check out his 2012 The Living frame which will be available the world over in October this year. The rest of his Colony parts list is available right now.

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Mick Bayzand trip update

Mick continues to run wild in the bushlands of northern Queensland…

Hey all! It’s Mick here letting you guys know what other adventures I’ve been up to. Kimberly and I drove into Byfield National State Forest just outside of Rockhampton. We lived in the rainforest fending for ourselves for a good while. I have to say, this was probably one of the best parts of the trip so far. We hiked along the rocks of the creek and got ourselves lost in the forest. I got to free climb some pretty cool rock faces before leading us through our own trails. We spent our nights by the campfire drinking goon, and I carved myself a couple tools for survival. We really got in touch with the more primitive sides of life. We chilled with a couple of crazy looking frogs, a bilby, and some other kind of marsupial my girlfriend thinks is said to be extinct. It was pretty amazing a part from having to shower out of breakfast bowls, but that’s all part of living in a rainforest. Stay tuned for our next adventures. Peace.

Jibs interivew.

One of the main newspapers here in Melbourne The Age, hit us up with a bit of an interview about King of the Jibs. This was published in the Sunday paper and I think they did alright with it, usually articles written by people who have no idea what BMX is about end up all tacky but this seems alright. Have a read and see you on Saturday…


On my way down to Melbourne for this weekends Ausbike trade show & the King of the Jibs 2 & dropped into Canberra yesterday to check out the new park at Belconnen. Met up with Zac & Tom with the Afray guys. Wow, so much stuff there in one park. Worth the drive down for sure. The Canberra locals are lucky to have such a different park to ride.

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I am back in Melbourne at the moment and this weekend I hooked up with Marnold and CO, it was possibly the most productive weekend riding we have ever had here. Marnold killed everything we rode.

Thanks to DJ for the photos.