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Watch 12 minutes of raw footage from Sam Grace’s bangin’ video that we dropped last week. Sam sure did put in some work to get a lot of these clips…

Watch the final cut version in the post below…

Sam Grace Video

Sam Grace has been repping Colony for a while now and for the past few months we’ve been working on a welcome video with Sam. Oh man did he go hard for this!

Shot and cut by Cooper Brownlee.

May 2022 Instagram Compilation

Featuring Steven Woodward, Jake Wallwork, Chance Brejnakowski, Paterico Fallico, Sam Grace, Ricky Catanzariti, Max Cvetkovic, Alex Hiam, Joey Battaglia, Konstantin Andreev, Jayden Fuller, Zac Dangerfield, Nick Watts, Chris James, Paddy Gross, Clint Millar, Troy Harradine, Paulo Sacaki, Simon O’Brien, Kio Hayakawa, Alec Danelutti and Anthony Napolitan.

Here’s a good mix from some of the clips the crew have posted on Instagram during the month of May.

Roads Less Travelled – Raw Cut

8 minutes of raw footage from the recent country Victoria trip we took with Jayden Fuller, Sam Grace and Troy Harradine, we need to do more of these trips soon!


Watch the full cut below…

April 2022 Instagram Compilation

Here’s a good mix from some of the clips the crew have posted on Instagram during the month of April featuring Ricky Catanzariti, Sam Grace, Jayden Fuller, Joey Battaglia, Clint Millar, Steven Woodward, Max Cvetkovic, Konstantin Andreev, Troy Harradine, Antony Napolitan, Alec Danelutti, Kio Hayakawa, Paddy Gross, Simon O’Brien, Zac Dangerfield, Marcel Gans, Tanguy Labertrande and Jake Wallwork.

Paterico Fallico 25th Birthday Session

Pat Fallico spends his 25th birthday shredding Beenleigh and Runaway Bay parks.

Filmed by Clint Millar.
Cut by Cooper Brownlee.

Roads Less Travelled Video

Jayden Fuller, Sam Grace and Troy Harradine spent 4 days driving around country Victoria hitting some new parks and some hidden gems in the middle of nowhere. 1,200 km’s driven and a lot of fun had.

Arizona Trip Raw Cut

Here’s all the raw footage from the recent Arizona trip with Steve Woodward, Paddy Gross, and Joey Battaglia. 6 days of fun in the sun with a good crew.

Filmed by Justin Schwanke.

Paddy Gross Video Bike Check

Long time friend Paddy Gross runs through what makes his bike tick in this video bike check put together by Justin and OUR BMX

Joey Battaglia Q&A

Joey sits down with the crew at Dans Comp an answers a bunch readers questions, a great insight into Joey’s life…

Joey Battaglia Video Bike Check

Whilst on the AZ trip, Joey and Justin put together this great bike check video giving you the run down on Joe’s M8 build.

The Engagement Series – Milwaukee

The first stop of Joey’s Engagement Series when down recently at the 4 Seasons Park in Milwaukee and looked like it was a super good turnout!

Steve Woodward Bike Check

Steve Woodward giving you the run down on his current Sweet Tooth build…

Colony in Arizona

Steve Woodward, Paddy Gross, and Joey Battaglia spend 6 days in Arizona tearing it up! Thanks to Justin Schwanke for putting this video together and OUR BMX for hosting the video.

How To 360 To Footjam With Paterico Fallico

Learn how to 360 to footjam with Paterico Fallico, Pat has this trick on lock so he’s the ideal person to give you the step by step guide on how to get this trick done!

Filmed by Wayne Cant / Cut by Cooper Brownlee.

Joey Battaglia Video

Joe comes through with another great video with heavy brake use and endless creativity.

Filmed around the Midwest, including Wisconsin, Illinois, & Iowa and the East Coast including New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.

As we finished this video Joe’s dad Charles passed away, this video is dedicated to the great man.

Alex Hiam Video

Banger new Alex Hiam video from the guys at LUX BMX!

Troy Harradine Video

We started helping out Troy with some Colony parts a couple years ago through Backbone BMX in Canberra, Australia. Covid lockdown restrictions held up the progress of his video but Troy was out stacking clips whenever he could and came out the other side with a great video.

Filmed by Oliver Featherstone, Oliver Irvine and Zac Miner.
Cut by Troy Harradine.

Paddy Gross “One Whip Wonder” Video

Today we’ve got a new video from Paddy Gross! We’ll let Paddy give you the scoop…

The Idea was to come up with as many of my own tailwhip combos in the last 3 months without trying to copy anyone else’s. This has all been self filmed and some of the combos took me months to complete.

My inspiration comes from legendary BMX legends such as Dave Freimuth, Dave Osato, Clint Millar, Tobias Wicke, Nick Harkins, Tom Haugen, Jason Enns, Axel Reichertz, Dave Mirra to only name a few and I took individual tricks from either and put them together. Freestyle!

Thank you for watching and supporting the little leftover of the frontbrake BMX world. Thanks my dear Colony BMX family for having me and all the incredible support! I appreciate you all….Paddy

How To Tabletop With Jayden Fuller

Jayden Fuller sure does love to table! So who better to show you the ropes on how to tabletop.

Sub-Boxing Video

Alex Hiam, Paterico Fallico & Clint Millar give the sub box in the backyard a good session on Boxing Day. Nothing but goodtimes!

Flemington Banks Jam Video

Flem Banks Jam went down last weekend and the LUX guys were on hand to document it all. Crazy day of riding that’s for sure! Good to see Sam Grace killing it all day.


Ricky Catanzariti has been dealing with some injuries the past couple of years but in between them all he still managed to bang out some super creative riding and package them all up into this awesome piece that he cut up himself.


2021 was another crazy year, starting off with some fun trips before parts of Australia were locked down yet again which really restricted us getting together as much as we would have liked.

We made it work as best as we could and still got some great footage from the crew. Let’s hope we can get on the road more this coming year.

We hope everyone has a great new year, thanks for the support as always.

Riders featured:
Alex Hiam, Paterico Fallico, Chris James, Clint Millar, Ricky Catanzariti, Jayden Fuller, Nick Watts, Max Cvetkovic, Jai Lakeman, Alec Danelutti, Anthony Napolitan, Kio Hayakawa, Konstantin Andreev, Joe Battaglia, Steven Woodward, Chance Brejnakowski, Luke Parker, Troy Harradine, Paddy Gross, Marcel Gans and Zac Dangerfield.

Jayden Fuller SOLO

Given how hard it has been to meet up and film these days (Covid border restrictions) Jayden had an idea to self film this full video. He spent the last couple months setting a tripod and seeing what he could get, then finished it off by editing it himself as well.

Alex Hiam Phone Clips #1

Alex Hiam hooked us up with a bunch of great clips pulled from his Instagram feed over the past few months. Lots of amazing riding throughout this.

Paterico Fallico Builds His New Colony

Watch Pat, pick out his new parts, build it up and then shred the hell out of it!

Backyard Session With Paterico Fallico

Paterico Fallico battling for some solid clips in the backyard.

Joey Battaglia – Welcome To Dans Comp

Joey Battaglia recently got added to the Dans Comp Pro team. Peep the welcome video stacked with classic Joe moves below.

How To Toothpick With Clint Millar

Clint Millar is a master of the toothpick stall so who better to give you the run down on how to do them. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the YT comments and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Filmed by Wayne Cant.
Cut by Cooper Brownlee.