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Crashes From Hard Yards 2

8 minutes of the crew from Hard Yards 2 not holding back at all!

Road To Act Jam Video

A few months back Clint, Sam, Pat, Zac and Jase headed down from Brisbane to Canberra for ACT Jam but spent a couple. days hitting some fun parks along the way…

Hard Yards 2 – Street Spine Highlights

The Street Spine “Best Trick” jam never lets us down! Nothing but wild and tech moves from a great crew of riders.

Riders featured…. Brodie Ritter, Clint Millar, Sean Gardner, Pat Fallico, Jonny Mackellar, Lachlan Kirkwood, Karl Southern, Marty Rech, Kim Lea Mueller, Pete Mayer, Jason Drury, and Nathan Powell.

Hard Yards 2 Interviews

We’ve put together the full interviews done during Hard Yards 2 for your viewing pleasure.

Featuring Pat Fallico, Kenny Raggett, Boyd Hilder, Brandon Loupos, Chris James, Lanky, Jayden Fuller, John Schneider, Brad Taylor, Jonny Mackellar and Clint Millar.

Shot by Adam Cox.
Interviews by Richo.

Watch Hard Yards 2 below…

Luke Parker Footage Friday

Some throwback Luke Parker clips from the 2015 era for this weeks Footage Friday.

Kim Lea Mueller Rico Build

Kim Lea Mueller recently built up a fresh Colony Rico frame in Lavender and damn it looks good!

Hard Yards 2 Raw Cut

We’ve had a great response from the 2nd Hard Yards Backyard Invitational event that we put out last week. So this week you get to watch 50 minutes of raw BMX! Packed full of extra riding, crashes, interviews and anything else that went down on the day.

Props Retro Jam

A few weeks back Pat headed over too Woodward for the Props Retro jam and absolutely slayed it!


Sit back and enjoy the 2nd instalment of the Hard Yards Backyard Invitational presented by Colony BMX & Strictly BMX.

29 riders from 5 countries battle it out in the Queensland humidity.

Custom Prody Pro Bike

Strictly BMX have built up this fresh Pordy Pro custom with a good looking set of Skyway tuffs. Check it out…

Hard Yards 2 – Coming This Thursday! 10am AEST

Make sure you come back this Thursday morning at 10am AEST (Melbourne time) for the full video release of the 2nd Colony Hard Yards event!

29 riders from multiple countries battle it out on one of the best backyard ramps in the world.

Max Cvetkovic RAW CUT

16 minutes of Max Cvetkovic putting in some real work during the filming of his recent Colony video part.

If you haven’t seen the cut video, check it out below.

Cadets Backyard Session

Some of our young Colony Cadets came and rode the backyard for what turned out to be an epic session.

Sit back and watch locals Koby Clayton and Raf Manning as well as Chiaki Masui, all the way from Japan, tear up the ramp in a way like only they can.

Tobias Wicke Backyard Session

Tobias Wicke visited the backyard for a session one afternoon & these clips were the result.
Tobias got straight to work on the ramps & did a bunch of things that had not been done before, awesome to see. Pure classic Tobias style with the precision & ease that makes him such a legend. Sit back & enjoy some great riding.

Shot & cut by Clint Millar.

Dean Florian RAW CUT

Dean Florian’s recent video part had some awesome feedback but don’t be fooled, a lot of the clips Dean really had to put in some serious work to get them done. We love putting out these raw cut videos because they really show how much dedication it takes to put together a video part.

Incase you missed the final cut…

Clint Millar Bike Check

Clint recently built up a fresh rig, peep the full spec and some riding in the video below…

Clocked In Full Length

I recently posted up the Clocked In full length from 2007 that I did with FP, some great memories from working on this project.

Dean Florian Video

During the last few months of Dean’s time in Australia we stacked some great clips for this video part. It was a pleasure to film with him and I look forward to the next time he’s back downunder…

Hard Yards #1 Crashes

With Hard yards #2 coming up quick we thought it was a good time to put out the wild crash section from Hard Yards #1. It really shows how hard everyone went in on the day, check it out…

And if you missed the full video, check that out here…

Sam Grace Video Bike Check

Sam Grace recently built up a Colony Sweet Tooth frame in a one off sample colour that we did and then littered it with all the best bits to finish off this fresh build. Check out the full list of specs below.

Frame: Sweet Tooth 20.7
Forks: Sweet Tooth 30mm offset.
Bars: 9.4″ Sweet Tooth
Cranks: Colony 165mm Venator.
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic.
Sprocket: 28t Blaster Sprocket
Seat: Colony Solution Combo
Stem: Colony Square Back.
Tyres: 2.2″ Griplocks.
Hubs: Wasp frontClone FC rear.
Rims: Pretoria / Contour.
Bottom Bracket: Colony Mid
Headset: Colony Low.
barends: Colony Konka.

Max In Japan

A few months back Max spent a couple weeks rolling around Japan with a good crew and he came through with a great video from the trip.

Ricky Catanzariti Backyard Brawl

From the wild mind of Ricky Catanzariti comes this madness from sessions in his backyard with Max and old friend Liam Zingbergs.

Pat Fallico RAW Cut

As you will see from this raw cut video Paterico Fallico had to put in some serious work to get all those amazing clips for his recent video part…

Pat Fallico Video Part

Pat Fallico will never let you down when it comes to masterful technical ramp riding. Filmed over the past year Pat took a lot of hits to the ground getting these clips but always got back up with a smile on his face and came through in the end.


Sam Grace’s recent video part is packed full of insane clips and a lot of those clips he really had to work for! Here’s 12 minutes of hard work from Sam that really shows what goes into a video part.

Sam Grace Video

Sam Grace only has one speed… Full Speed! Watch his new video part that’s packed full of some of the wildest moves you’ll see.

Sam’s video also won this years ACT Jam video contest so congrats Sam!

Marcel Gans – No Transition

New video of Marcel burning through spot after spot. Thanks to Freedom BMX and the crew that filmed this for making it happen.

Hard-Yards #1 – Sub Rail Best Trick

The Sub Rail Best Trick closed out Hard Yards #1 in a perfect way, in was an onslaught on non stop amazing riding from Dean Florian, Sean Gardner, Pat Fallico, Zac Dangerfield and Karl Southern.

Some Classic Tom Stretton Footage

This week’s Footage Friday is of the legend Tom Stretton. Crazy to think these clips are over 10 years old…

Knox Mini Ramp Session – Pat Fallico & Clint Millar

Paterico Fallico and Clint Millar sure do love a mini ramp! So when we visited old Knox park in Melbourne, they were both all about the old spine ramp setup there.