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Alex wins Recon tour in San Jose

Stoked to hear Alex just won the San Jose stop of the Recon tour. It was his first day back after a couple weeks off riding because of a dislocated thumb.

Product highlight – 2014 Complete Bikes

Our 2014 range of complete bikes arrive into Australian stores this week ahead. In this preliminary drop, the models available will be the Premise, Inception & the ever popular Endeavour.

For 2014 the Premise will come in two stock colours all season being Bloody Black with Red & Matte Black with Purple. There will also be 3 limited edition colours through out the year with the first one being Mint with Black.

The Inception will come in one colour all season, Dark Red with Black.

The Endeavour will also have two stock colours all year with Matte Black with Red & Purple Storm with Polished being the offerings. There will also be 3 limited edition colours throughout the season with a very special GOLD ED being the first offering.

Ryan Guettler’s The Living will be out in September in one colour all season, Matte Black with Chrome.

Check them out at selected dealers for this initial pre-launch this week with all dealers Australia wide having them come August with our next shipment. The rest of the world will need to wait till September to get these bikes though, but well worth the wait.

We will upload full spec details in the days ahead in our all new products pages coming, so hang tight.

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Backyard sessions

We had a pretty chilled day after the long drive the night before so a few of the guys hit up the backyard for a session and then in the evening it was onto RideOn which was a blast seeing everyone out.

Cosmo trails jam

Valvo travelled a few hours from Sao Paulo in Brazil to ride the Cosmo trails jam. He let us know it was a real solid day riding for 8 hours straight which is always a good sign of a good day out on the bike.

FTLT – Day 4

We spent the day in Rockhampton hanging out at the Giant Rockhampton store and then onto the park. The weather was dialed and all the locals were well into a session with the guys. Then it was a long LONG 8 hours of crappy roads and road work back to Brisbane. Thanks to everyone that came out for the day.

FTLT – Day 3

We hit up M1 Cycles in Gladstone yesterday, hung out with the locals and had them jumping bikes for t-shirts. Then onto the local park which was packed with riders and a good session followed! Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the sunshine.

Jourdan Barba video

Jourdan is out here in AUS right now filming with us on the road and for some extra goodness he just dropped this new web video!

Bruno Faucon video

The guys from Unleaded over in France just dropped this video of Bruno which is a good watch! Thanks to Romain Ventre for putting it together.

FTLT – Day 2

Yesterday was another good day. We started out in Maryborough & hit up some local street spots which turned out well. Then made the drive to Woodgate but stopped off in Childers on the way to hit some rails.

I was really wanting to show the guys Woodgate though, one for the awesome ramp & also to see the kangaroos that are always hanging right by the ramp. The local wildlife did not let us down & both Jourdan & Brandon got to see their first ever kangaroos. Some good riding went down from Chris as well with some solid stuff going down in the last specks of day light.

Today we are in Gladstone & will be at M1 Cycles at 11am then the park in town at midday. Come & say g’day !!

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FTLT- Day 1

I guess today was technically the first day of the Follow the Lines Tour with everyone. We were up at the crack of dawn to start the drive north. We hooked up with the locals at Wilcox Bike shop in Maryborough and then after a few delays we hit up the local trails. To be honest I wasn’t expecting too much but as soon as we got into the bushes all of our jaws dropped, the place was a materpiece! The locals put in serious work for these jumps to look so damn good and everyone got involved and a real solid session was had! Thanks again to Wilcox Bikes and all the crew that came out, along with all the trails heads for there amazing work and for letting us enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Over the weekend

Just before we set off up north for a few days we spent the weekend riding Brisbane. The weather was a treat…

Bobbie Altiser wallpaper

Bobbie has a nice looking wallpaper for you to download over on the RideBMX website.

Valvo update

Valvo just shot through an update…

After Votorantim Dirt Contest, My focus was on the (Bmx Masters) in the Germany.

before I had been given application for visa renewal into the U.S. but has not been approved to date, and for worse situation, my passaport stayed inside the U.S Cônsul. I can’t travel for a while.
For one time I felt so much frustration.

Now I can’t travel so I started the gym tog et stronger for riding .. I had fixed some parts of my trails and Skatepark and back in my projects on my web videos.

I got some shots with my friend Renan Souza X Polaroid Underground.
In my local spots .. Then I did with my crew a new kick on 45º is fun to ride.

Polly – Ten Clips

Polly has been a big supported of Colony for a few years now and after flowing him some goods he came through with a creative 10 clips at one of his local parks, Mt Eliza.

Blast from the past…

Remember Nick Richardson? You might remember him from such signature Colony products as, the Bloody Oath Frame & Bars or the Gnar Kill Frame. Affectionately known as Richo, Nick has departed the BMX scene in recent years but still holds a place in our hearts & thoughts. I for one am stoked to see him doing what he is these days.

Read on below as to what Nick has been up too of late…

G’day guys,

It’s been a few years since anyone has seen or heard about me in the BMX industry, What have I been doing? Well… haha

Ever since I stopped riding BMX full time, I started studying Graphic Design. It was something that just really appealed to me. I liked the fact that it allows you to create something from nothing. Ever since I was younger I always wanted to start my own brand and by doing this course it gave me the skills to do so.
That brings me to fishing…

Fishing has always been a part of my life even when I rode BMX, but as I got into it more I discovered the more technical side to it. I got addicted to it and it pretty much became my life, everyday I was out on the water discovering new things and places.

So at the end of last year, I decided to start a clothing brand completely dedicated to the fishing industry. I didn’t want to be “just another clothing brand”, I wanted the brand to have meaning! What this brand is about is awareness, I want people to know how their actions affect the marine life above and below the water. For our new range our slogan is “Respect Our Waterways”. I want to push that as much as I can, to make people aware of what they are doing, I want my kids and their kids to be able to fish the same spots we do and catch the same fish!

I decide to name the brand “Tide Apparel” … To me this is more then just a clothing brand, it’s a movement.

Follow us on Instagram @tideapparel and Facebook

Or to shop, please go to the website 🙂 Thanks – Richo.

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Still on the road…

Mick and I spent the entire day searching the outskirts of Sydney for spots to ride on the way back down, The traffic might suck in this place but the spots certainly don’t! A few gems to hit when we are in Sydney with the crew in the coming weeks.

Backbone BMX custom Miner build

The guys over at Backbone BMX have done it again with another awesome custom Miner build. Check it out & like the last build the guys did, you better act quick if you want to make it yours. Check it out on their website in more detail right now.

In some Zac Miner news, he will be up here in Brisbane this coming weekend along with most of the team for the start of the #followthelinestour

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Alex & Ryan off to Dew Tour

Alex Hiam sent in a quick update from his travels in the states right now…

Sup dudes!! Ryan and myself are heading to Dew Tour in Ocean city this week !! Ryan is competing but I am just watching !!! I can’t wait to see the course and everyone kill it !! I have always wanted to goto a dew tour, so excited !! Thanks – Alex.

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Millar update…

Clint Millar has been keeping busy of late. Riding wise he has been busy filming for his part in Stewart Munro’s new DVD, Coppin’ it SWEET. Filming has almost come to a close now & you can expect to see it out real soon. Check out some random info about the DVD over on the FB page for the project..

In other Coppin’ it Sweet news, Stu is looking to borrow a working type writer for an hour if anyone out there has one available? Contact him via the FB page for Coppin’ it Sweet. He would greatly appreciate it & offers a free signed copy of the DVD in return for the assistance.

The long haul…

Myself and Mick started the long drive from Melbourne to Brisbane yesterday morning. We made good time and got to Sydney by nightfall. We past the time by watching sketchy drivers on the freeway, one driver braked suddenly in the rain on a hill to 60km’s an hour with a truck behind them yet somehow everyone avoided the idiot, dealt with basically every type of weather and I discovered I could run sunglasses directly over my glasses which makes it so much easier to drive. Not sure why I didn’t try that years ago…

Product highlight – Dagger Forks

Ryan Guettler’s signature Dagger Forks are a popular fork out there for a few good reasons. Strong yet very light weight plus with good clean looks. Our Dagger Forks feature a special internal spiral fluted tubing on the tapered fork legs & fluted tubing on the one piece CNC steer tube. All post heat treated for extra strength. Check them out available now worldwide at a dealer near you.

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Follow the Lines Tour…

For myself and Mick Bayzand, the trip starts tomorrow so look out in between Melbourne and Brisbane but for the shop stops and everything else this time next week will be hectic!

Jack Kelly B-Roll

Jack dropped a really solid web video a few weeks back in conjunction with TCU. It had a good response which was great to see, well we put together a B-Roll video consiting of crashes, 2nd angles and un-used footage. Jack went in hard.

Dealer highlight – Ian Brown Cycles

Ian Brown Cycles down in Dandenong, Victoria have built up a cool look The Living custom complete bike. Check it out below & act fast if you wish to make it yours by hitting them up ASAP. They also carry a full range of our bikes & parts on hand, check them out in store now.

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Photo: Tom Stretton

We shot this with Tom a couple of months ago but never ended up using it as the plan was to run it as a poster for his signature rims but we ended up using another shot when he had the rims on which made sense. The trick to me is unbelievable! Even the pedestrians were intrigued.

Jourdan at Revolt Jam

Jourdan puts together some dialed lines in this video from the recent Revolt jam that happened in California.

Chris Courtenay video

So last week Chris mentioned he had nearly finished a new web video, then today I get a text saying the video is done and will be online tonight, seems he was busy with Dylan O’Leary. Chris drops some solids in this, well worth 2 minutes and 51 seconds of your time.

Follow the Lines Tour

We are very excited to announce the Follow the Lines Tour which will be commencing next week. This is basically a filming trip along with getting to hang out with a lot of new riders around the country. Being that it will be school holidays we will be visiting a few stores along the way and their local parks & trails even. Make sure you get out to one of the sessions at the shops and local park for plenty of giveaways!

For everyone in between, we will no doubt be hitting up more parks and spots, so keep an eye on our Instagram to see where we are are to catch up for a roll. Can’t wait for this to begin!

A good chunk of the team will be on various parts of the trip and we even have Brandon Van Dulken (Canada) and Jourdan Barba (USA) coming out for it! Both of which have never been here before, so that will be a treat for them & us !!

Cooper Brownlee – Colony DVD

We just uploaded Cooper’s section from our 2011 full team DVD. Very happy to see this go online for everyone to enjoy.

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The Berry Jam NT

The guys up in Berry Springs near Darwin have a fun raiser jam organised for next month on July 7th at some private trails. Should be awesome day for an awesome cause. If you’re in the area get yourself there for a fun day on the bike. Proudly supported by many including ourselves.

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