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Product highlight – Clone wheel sets

Coming in almost every colour under the sun are our Clone complete wheel sets. You can get them in front wheels as well as rear cassette wheels in both 14mm male axle & now female axle versions as well. Our wheels use our Clone hubs & Clone rims along with our own rim straps. Simply put a tyre & tube on them & away you go, nothing more needs to be done. Click here for full info now.


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Random pic # 943…

Random pic of Tom Stretton, his bike & a friend… note sure on the story behind this but looks like fun.


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Orange jam today…


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Product highlight – Gnarkill frame

Nick Richardson’s signature frame the Gnarkill comes in a wide range of colours like all our 2010 products. One of the more popular ones is our Candy Red as seen below. Check one out at a Colony dealer near you now.

GnarKill_008ps800 copie

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Paddy Gross update…

Paddy sent through some photos recently, I really like this photo alot, awesome colours! Paddy has been getting out and about doing shows and travelling to a bunch of jams lately so expect to see more of him soon.


Product highlight – Descendent & Endeavour new colours

If you live in Australia, then you are lucky enough to be able to head to your local Colony dealer & check out our brand new colours of our 2010 complete bikes. They arrived this week & will be in store any day now. We have Silver Storm for the Descendent & Candy Red for our Endeavour. If you live in the USA these bikes will also be available in the next week or so. Check with your favourite Colony dealer now.






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Guettler & Richo on the road

Both Ryan & Nick are on the road to Sydney doing some filming & getting some photos. Troy Charlesworth has gone along to capture the action & Josh Mette is along for the ride as well. They will be hitting up the Orange jam on the weekend as well. Look out for a story in a future issue of 2020 magazine on their travels.


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One year anniversary edit…

Late last month we had the entire Australian team in Brisbane to celebrate our one year anniversary of the brands independence. This chilled edit is from the little get together we had. It was a very fun, super chilled day & one that I had been looking forward to for a long time. Filmed & edited by Stewart Munro, enjoy !!

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King of Dirt pics…

Here are a few random pics from the KOD of the weekend. Despite the rain the event went off & some good riding was done by all. Check here for full results & info now.


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Ride UK advert…

Thanks to Alans BMX here is the new advert that will feature in the next Ride UK.


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Liam Zinbergs & his kinda black little bike…

Liam Zinbergs sent in this quick little bike check. Liam went with our Silver Storm colour way (Black with Silver splatters) which is proving very popular out there. Many thanks to Little Black Bike for hooking us up with Liam through their store, stoked.

Hey fellas here is my bikecheck…

Frame: Colony Teddy 20.85
Forks: Colony Hell Stallion
Bars: Colony Teddy’s
Stem: Colony Official
Headset: Odyssey
Cranks: Colony V2 Colonials
Sprocket: Colony Official 25t
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastics
Seat: Colony x focalpoint seat
Wheels: Colony Clones

If anyone needs me, I’ll be at the strippers. Much love, Leanardo Zingbergs. xxxxxxxxxxx


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Custom Phantom… French style

The guys over at Unleaded in France have put together this amazing Phantom bike in White & Tangerine. It looks the goods for sure & you too can easily build yourself a beast just like this using our 2010 ranges.


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King of Dirt tomorrow…

Let’s hope for some good weather up here in the sunshine state for tomorrow’s King of Dirt.

KOD 2010 - Poster

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Orange Jam next weekend…

One week from today is the Stephan Dark memorial jam in Orange, make sure you get yourself there for some fun times. Rumour has it that both Ryan Guettler & Nick Richardson may now also be attending… so make sure you say what’s up to them both & don’t forget Alex Hiam will be there as well.

It’s also good to see heaps of industry support on this one too. Make sure you support those that support the local scenes around the country. Without them, events like this could not be as good as they are.


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Vintage Zac Miner.

Zac Miner sent me over this classic photo of him from around five years ago. The park he is riding is super fun, it’s in Shepparton, Victoria. I think Zac should bring back the superman one handers!


Valvo checks in…

Henrique Castro sent some pics in of his new Gnarkill he just built up. Silver Storm & Purple looking the goods for sure. He has also been busy filming for a new web edit… expect that to drop soon. Thanks to Rui Ogawa from for the pics.

Side note… our new Descendent complete bikes which are about to drop into Australia next week (the USA in early March) are in the same colour way of Valvo’s new bike below, Silver Storm with Purple stem, sprocket & seat. Available at a dealer near you the week of March 1st.



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Independence day…

Recently we had the entire Australian team in Brisbane for some celebrations of the fact Colony became independent one year ago. We had a chilled jam at a street location with a bunch of pizzas & more than enough drinks for everyone, good times for sure. Here are a few pics from the day & DIG magazine did this interview up with myself on what has been happening the last 12 months & what lays ahead. Featured over on the DIG site now.

Liam Fahy-Hampton.

Clint, you must be stoked to have 100% control of Colony now?
Yeah it’s been a huge undertaking but something that needed to be done. I feel the brand is in a much better place now than just over 12 months ago. I now have total control with the direction of the company in all aspects. I could not be happier on where were headed.

Most satisfying accomplishment since the change?
Just knowing that the growth we have experienced has been because of the hard work I have put in along with the team & my staff members. Thanks guys!

What else are you looking forward to for the year to come?
I am really looking forward to sending the team around the world to ride. I will also get out there on the bike myself again which is something I have missed the last few years.

What else has changed with the brand since you took 100% control?
We have had a total brand re-launch with a new logo & look. Cooper Brownlee has done an amazing job with this & I feel it really looks so much better than before. Our product range has also grown & we have plenty in the works for 2010 & beyond. Another big change has also been that Colony now has two full time employees beside myself. It is so good to be able to share the work load now. Maybe I will even have a life a again outside of working on Colony?

Since the change, what has been the response with shops?
Our dealers across the world & especially here in Australia, have been very favourable with their comments & feedback. Colony is now the strongest BMX brand sold here in Australia which is amazing to know, in a saturated sea of international brands.

Until recently you were doing all the warehouse work yourself, it must be a good feeling packing orders for stores and seeing your products being sent out all over the country and world?
Yeah that was one of the most amazing things to be honest, I really enjoyed it. Just seeing the products I designed being sent out everywhere & in such demand is really satisfying.

Alex Hiam.

Liam Fahy-Hampton.

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Focalpoint edit…

Focalpoint edit featuring Cooper & Marnold as well as the rest of the boys. Edited & filmed by Troy Charlesworth & Cooper Brownlee.

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Us vs Them

Bought to you by Strictly BMX with support from ourselves, is a new approach to a BMX comp. The Us vs Them format puts two teams of 8 riders going head to head for a winner takes all prize pool. This invite only comp is set for March 6th in Melbourne & will be an interesting one to watch no doubt. Riders from Colony that will be competing will be Alex Hiam, Ryan Guettler, Mick Bayzand & Zac Miner. See you there.

Us-vs -sThem-A3-Print

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Orange Jam… coming up soon.

The Orange Jam is coming up soon & it is now confirmed that Alex Hiam will be there shredding. Should be a fun day for sure. So get along for some fun & great prizes from ourselves & all the other supporters.


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Comp series in Melbourne

Strictly BMX have gotten behind a series of BMX comps to be held in & around Melbourne over the coming months. Check the flyer below for locations & times if you’re up for some comp action. There is also another BMX comp of a different kind happening in a few weeks in Melbourne also supported by Strictly & ourselves… more on that in a few days.


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Shane Badman interview

Our own Shane Badman has an in-depth interview over on the Newcircle site. Grab a coffee, sit back & click here to read it now.


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Connections Jam.

Yesterday was the Connections birthday jam which we helped support with a bunch of product. Myself, Liam and Mick along with a bunch of crew headed up to Bendigo for the day. There was a boat load of riders there which was great to see. Ash who is doing the bars over the channel in the deep and steep bowl below owns Connections and is a tough dude, no more then 10 minutes before we shot this photo he was carving around the over vert (in the background) at high speeds when his front wheel went over the top, it was a gnarly crash which gave him a deep cut n his chin (look closely at his face in the photo) but it didn’t stop him shredding!



Mick Bayzands bike.

Mick put together a new setup recently, repping as always the gold parts! His Colony parts list goes a little like this…

Frame: Teddy 20.85
Forks: Official
Bars: Teddy
Headset: Colony
Hubs: Clone
Rims: Clone
Seat: Focalpoint X Colony
Seat post: Colony pivotal
Cranks: Colonial
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Sprocket: Official
Pegs: Oneway Alloy


Product highlight – Fantastic Plastic Pedals

Got plastic? If you’re like 99% of riders today, you would. Our Fantastic Plastic pedals have been out for a while now & are tried & true. Excellent grip, low profile, light weight & affordable, what more do you need in a pedal? Check them out in more colours than you poke a stick at… (not sure what that Aussie saying means but we all say it down here?)


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Connections Jam tomorrow…

Don’t forget the Connections BMX jam is on tomorrow… get yourself there if you’re in the area for some good times on your bike.

birthday flyer

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Marnold on Defgrip

Marnold has a photo that I shot up on one of my favourite websites Defgrip, check it out and the site if you haven’t already.


Justin Burns parts ways…

It’s always sad when a team rider leaves the family here at Colony but we would like to wish Justin Burns all the best for the future. Justin will no longer be riding for us & has been offered a position on the Verde team along with his good mate, Kevin Kiraly. I would like to thank Justin for his time with us & this change has come about under the best of circumstances. Here is his most recent web video again just for good measure. All the best mate !!

Justin Burns Edit - More BMX Videos

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Alex Hiam on the cover…

Alex Hiam scored the cover of a local newspaper, the Wynnum Herald. You can click here to read the story which talks about his riding & the King Of Dirt comp coming up on the 21st February. You can also get the latest news for the KOD on their myspace & Facebook.

KOD 2010 - Poster

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Zac Miner bike check…

Zac Miner has a bike check up on the Focalpoint site where you can see a bunch of photos of his current setup.