Archive Of June 2020 - Colony BMX

Clint Millar’s TAKE A TICKET Video Part

Millar’s section from TAKE A TICKET, his backyard really got a work out during the filming for this video.

Colony Freecoaster & Zac Dangerfield

Zac Dangerfield utilising the Colony freecoaster good and proper.

Jayden Fullers TAKE A TICKET video part

Jayden’s video part from our full length TAKE A TICKET just went online via OUR BMX. More combos than you can poke a stick at!

Konstantin Andreev Signature M8 Frame

Check this video for more info on Kostya’s signature M8 frame. Available now around the world.

Zac Dangerfield’s TAKE A TICKET section

Watch Zac’s section from Take A Ticket, some ridiculous front end moves throughout.

Coronatape Mix

Great mixtape from Tim Storey that also has clips of Bayzand, Alex and Polly along with a bunch of good crew, check it out…

Tim Storey Anyway Plastic Pegs

Tim Storey giving the Anyway plastic pegs a good going over.

Alex Hiam Fairfield Session

Alex gets a good session in at the local. Documented by the crew at LUX BMX