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The Village Halloween Jam

If you’re in the Brisbane area today make sure you head down to The Village this evening for a good time.

halloween jam the village1

Print Advert – Brandon Van Dulken

Brandon scores the latest print advert in the new RIDE BMX. Super cranked turndown in Vancouver from earlier in the year. All the 2016 frames are out now so check here for more info…



Polly came out the other day and we hit up a few iconic spots around town which worked out pretty well for a few clips we were both stoked on. If you haven’t seen his most recent part make sure to check that out as well.



Nathan Sykes video

Today is a special day as we get to release the new Nathan Sykes video promoting his signature colab seat with his brand Locals Only. The seat has been out for a few months now and has been real popular all over the world.

Check the video that Nathan worked very hard on whilst I was over there staying with him along with a trip to Vancouver we took, enjoy…


Attila Godi video

Attila Godi just dropped a “leftovers” video but some of the footage in this is worthy of use in a proper part so I can’t wait to see his next full length…

Jourdan Barba update

Yo what up guys! I’ve been good, riding a tonne lately nothing to crazy just enjoying learning new things and shredding with good friends, staying positive and having good times ! I’m going to start working on some new video projects soon so I’ve been scouting a bunch of new spots I would like to film on! Here’s some pics I’ve been taking over the weekends on street rides enjoy!

Photos: Chris Hernandez



Dean Anderson @ ADL City dirt

Dean Anderson has a few photos in the FOCALPOINTBMX photo gallery from the recent Adelaide City Dirt jam. You can view all the photos here.



New products – Bubble Blue & Scratch Black colourways

Only available in Australia & the USA in very limited numbers this side of Christmas over the weeks ahead are these brand new colourways for our Cadiz Sprocket, CC Sprocket, Squareback Stem & Official Stem.

We’re pretty stoked on how these turned out. They look even better in person. Grab them quick once available as there were not many made.



Yo yo !!

Pistolero Jam

Simon was recently in LA and whilst in town he hit up the Flatland jam that went down in long Beach with a bunch of crew. He puts out some amazing lines in this video. We do an entire Flatland range so click here for more info on the EXON range.

Tanguy Labertrande’s new ride

Over in France Tanguy recently set-up a fresh new Monash frame in the Trans Orange colour. Looking so good! Thanks St├ęphane Nadin for the photos.



Alex Hiam webisode

Alex hung out with Adam22 from TCU for the day in Long Beach along with Victor and Pinelli who all came through with some great clips. Alex just arrived back in Australia but Pinelli is there for a few more weeks so if you see him around make sure you hit him up.

Local BMX Halloween jam

It’s that time of the year again… the good guys at Local BMX are putting on a Halloween jam & we’re helping out with some prizes & support. Should be a great night for all. If you’re in the area, make sure you get along for it.


Yo yo !!

Endeavour & Premise new limited colours

Dropping this week are the latest limited colours in both the Endeavour and also the Premise complete bikes. These will be available in Australia at all dealers in the coming days with the rest of the world in the next few weeks. More photos can be found here and here.



Sweet Tooth Pro video

A close up look at the all new 2016 Alex Hiam signature Sweet Tooth Pro complete bike which is available now via your favourite shop or mail order. You can find out even more about the bikes right here.

Paddy Gross interview

Over on BMX Union Paddy has a in-depth and great interview about BMX and life in general. Paddy has had a pretty action packed life so it’s well worth the read. Check it here.


Shane Badman update

Hey guys! Finally winter has passed and spring is here meaning that I can go back to riding regularly and without worrying if I’m gonna snap a finger off because of the cold!

To pass the final month of winter in Australia, I headed over to Europe for just under 4 weeks with my lady, Nina. We basically a week in the UK, Lake Como in Italy and in Greece where we did some sailing around the Greek Islands. The bike came with me (of course!) and I managed to get a bit of riding in which was awesome and catch up with a few friends over there while enjoying some awesome Euro summer weather.

The other cool thing was that Nina and I got engaged! Being a bit of Star Wars and James Bond fella, I popped the questions at one of the villas near Lake Como where the movies are filmed, so not only did she say yes but I have an awesome story to go with it haha!

Since being back in Australia it’s been pretty hectic as I’m about to be moving back to Adelaide in the next month which will be awesome. Before I go I’ve got a bunch of shows lined up with Nikon Cameras in Melbourne and at a festival in Derby River in Tasmania. Can’t wait, some good times on the road coming up.

The other thing I am really stoked on is the full 2016 Colony EXON Flatland range is now out and available worldwide. Massive thanks to Clint and everyone at Colony for being behind flatland since day I and making this happen!

Hopefully see all you guys out there riding! Check where I’m at on

Instagram @shanebadman

Ride on!


Badman_The Green Mile London

Shred the Rez photo gallery

SnakeBite BMX posted up a cool photo gallery from the Shred the Rez event that Keith helped put on, check all the photos out right here


Ricky Catanzariti bike check

Whilst I was in Adelaide last week I caught up with the crank flip master that is Richard Catanzariti and grab some shots of his rig…








Lilydale Jam

We are supporting the jam that YVCBMX are putting on down at Lilydale bowl in Melbourne later this month. Get down there for a session and free BBQ.

lilydale jam flyer

Polly Video

The latest video from Polly which was partly filmed over in California on a trip we took and then finished up back in Australia. Also featuring Tom Stretton and Nathan Sykes…

Jack Kelly down

So unfortunately whilst on the Adelaide trip last week Jack took a fall on some trails and tweaked his knee. Once we got back to Melbourne he had it all checked out which gave us the bad news that he had torn his ACL and fractured his knee. Jack has already kicked everything into gear seeing specialists so we are wishing him the best for a quick surgery and recovery.

Shred The Rez video

Our very own Chris Bracamonte put together this video for RIDE BMX of the recent Shred The Rez comp/jam that went down at Pala park in California. Keith Treanor had a big hand in making this day happen so I am stoked to see it all went well. Both Victor and Alex have clips throughout..

Adelaide trip

A few of us drive over for the Octoberfest Trails jam in Adelaide on the weekend. Unfortunately both Jack and Dean had a rough first day with Jack tweaking his knee and Dean shaving half his leg off after they both crashed at the jumps in Bordertown on the way over. Dean was able to still ride the weekend and the trails jam was amazing but Jack was down and out. Hopefully his knee is alright. Massive thanks to the City Dirt locals for putting on a great event. No doubt we will be back for it next year.








Josh Dove 2015

Crazy to think Josh is only 12. Josh had been riding the 18″ product for a couple years now but recently moved up to the 20″ gear so he put out a video thanks to Matty Rogers of all his recent footage before making the change. Loved the 270 can can…

The Package 2

Jack and Marnold have some great clips in the new Focalpoint mixtape…

Nathan Sykes update

Another great month has come and gone! Been getting some good days of riding in with the sunshine a blazing down in SoCal still. Few good rides at FOD with sun falling sooner now but still making the most of the cooler evenings. Joey Cordova is back from his foot injure so the trails have been shouting again! Stoked to have him back on the bike.

Clint was in the states for InterBike and right afterwards we did a trip to Oregon for a week. I was so excited that this trip was happening. First of I’m originally from Oregon so to be able to go on a trip to my home state and take the guys around to spots was a dream come true! So we drove straight up 15 hours and then spent a few days in Eugene/Springfield then went up to Portland for a few days then back down to Eugene then to Redding. Great parks and trails in between and amazing riding by the whole crew on the trip! One of the best trips! Can’t wait to see the edit when it drops.




Shred The Rez !!

Our main man Keith Treanor worked for months on his first event along with Dave Brumlow & the Shred The Rez was the end result.

It went down this weekend & here is the first of many video’s to come out from the day no doubt.

Looks like good times were had by all. Look out for clips of our own Victor Salazar & Alex Hiam in the mix. BMX = fun.

Shred The Res Video Highlights – More BMX Videos

Yo yo !!

Know your role – Brethren Brakes

The good guys over at RIDE posted an in-depth look at our Brethren Brakes. You can read it all here. The brakes are now available at all good bike shops and mail orders.



As we posted the other day, Paddy and Bobbie headed to the Baco jam that happened recently. Both the guys have some great moves on the mini ramp section towards the end of the video, check it out…

2016 Endeavour complete bike

A close up look at the all new 2016 Colony Endeavour complete bike which is available now via your favourite shop or mail order. You can find out even more about the bikes right here.