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Kim Lea Müller Bike Check

Kim Lea Müller just built up a fresh Colony Sweet Tooth custom that is looking great! Check out the full bike check spec below…


Frame: Colony Sweet Tooth 20.4″ TT
Forks: Colony Sweet Tooth, 25mm offset
Bars: Colony Sweet Tooth 8.8″ rise 

colony sweet tooth bars chrome

Headset: Colony
Stem: Colony Squareback

colony squareback stem polished

colony blaster sprocket polished

Cranks: Colony Venator 165mm
Sprocket: Colony Blaster 28T
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastics 
Seat: Colony AH Combo
Hubs: Colony Wasp Cassette / Colony Wasp front

colony wasp cassette hub

Rims: Colony Contour
Tyres: Colony Griplock LITE 2.2″ 
Brakes: Colony Brethren / Gyro

colony brethren brake lever

colony sweet tooth forks chrome

colony griplock tyres black

Welcome Kim Lea Müller

Ever since meeting Kim Lea Müller through Dean Florian, something just clicked. She is obviously one of the best up and coming female BMX riders out there. Her progression, style and all while having a smile on her face while doing so, is refreshing.
But more importantly, she is a great person to hang out with and be around. I’d have no issue with spending a week on a road trip with her and the team.
It’s with great pleasure, that we welcome Kim to the Colony family.
Welcome to the team Kim!
– Clint Millar.

Kim Lea Müller

Kim Lea Müller