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Zac Miner on a mission

Zac sent in a little story on how he he drove to Melbourne to pick up his bike. One rather crazy mission, read on…

Soooo, we drove out of Canberra at 5pm on Sunday to drive to Melbourne to get my bike that was still there after the King of the Jibs comp. Now if you don’t know it, Melbourne is about 7 hours away by car, plus I was meant to be at work at 7 in the morning. If you add it up it was never happening!
Two awesome Queanbo girls were nice enough to drive me down though, haha. We got to Albury to pick up Josh Mete, didnt take him long to get nude! Punched it through to Melbs, picked my bike and said hello to Thomas at 2 in the morning, turned around and left for Canberra. Around the time we dropped Mete off, Amy and I were feeling seedy from drinking the whole way, so we proceeded to spew at some servo.
Made it back to Canberra at like 10am or so, was super tired n super hung over but I had my bike and I was so stoked!

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Broc keeps ’em coming…

Broc Raiford comes through with yet another impressive edit from two days riding in & about New Orleans. Broc can pretty do anything it seems, I am stoked on this edit. Enjoy !! Filmed & edited by Andrew Sanford.

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Red Storm…

Another one of our new colours for 2011 is Red Storm, shown below on Alex Hiam’s 2011 model Sweet Tooth frame. Red Storm will be available on our frames, forks, bars & cranks. Expect these out in Australia in 2 weeks at all good BMX stores. The rest of the world should be seeing later in September.

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On the road again…

Cooper Brownlee is once again doing what he loves most, travelling on the road. He is on his way up to Brisbane to ride & photograph our 2011 ranges which arrive in the country in the next week. He stopped off in Sydney for the weekend & rode a new street plaza there to get this photo. Thanks to John Young for clicking the button.

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Shintaro in Malaysia…

Shintaro scored a story on a recent trip to Malaysia in a Malaysian newspaper & you can check it here if you can read Malaysian. If not, then there are some cool photos to check out anyway.

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Dowunderground results…

Click here now to go to the Newcircle site for the results from yesterdays final competition.

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2010 One Cup

Last years One Cup event in Japan, saw our own Shinatro Misawa crowned as the champion. This year he is the poster boy & I am sure will do just as well again.

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Chris Courtenay checks in…

Chris Courtenay is well on the road to recovery from his knee reco earlier this year. He should be all set to be back on his bike in November. He will be putting together a brand new 2011 model Teddy frame with all our new parts in the next few weeks. That is once his broken hand heals up… Yes, he broke his hand recently during an ‘incident’ off his bike. Ask him next time you see him what happened… haha.

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Death by Wasabi…

Last night was the Death by Wasabi contest at the LUX BMX Store in Brisbane. It was a great night & there was a very good turnout. Six people signed up for the wasabi eating contest for their chance to win a 2011 Teddy frame in our new Wasabi colour way. I have never seen so much Wasabi eaten in such a short period. In the end it came down to Tom McIvor with the win taking home the Teddy frame & Henry Boffin as the runner up getting a Wasabi Official stem & sprocket. Our first 2011 product customer ended up being Ali Hassan by getting himself a set of Wasabi Oneway pegs, congrats.

Thanks to everyone that showed up & thanks to Evan & Mitch from LUX for putting it all on.

Our 2011 ranges will be in stores Australia wide the week of September 6th. Most other countries will receive their shipments in September as well. Check with your local distributor or Colony dealer for full info.

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Downunderground tomorrow

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Alex Hiam in a leg cast

Alex Hiam had his leg put in a cast yesterday after his crash on Tuesday night. Doctors say he can’t walk on it for 6 weeks & then another few months off the bike as well. So hopefully around November/December he will be back on the bike. Wish you the best recovery mate.

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2011 product colour preview

Below is the first image made public of our new colour range for 2011. Here you can see our some of our new colours like Wasabi, Red Storm, Gold & Nuclear Green. All these will be in stores September around the planet, more details soon.

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Alex Hiam breaks his leg…

Just got word from Alex that he broke his leg last night while riding. He is in hospital right now about to go into surgery. We wish him the best recovery & no doubt he will be back in no time. We will report more news once we have it.

Alex in better times…

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Death by Wasabi… tomorrow

Don’t forget someone will win a 2011 Teddy frame in our new colour Wasabi for eating the most wasabi tomorrow night. Make sure you’re there to witness this crazyness… who will step up to the plate? See you at LUX BMX at 7pm along with some of our team & a small range of 2011 teaser parts for sale.

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Simon O’Brien edit…

Simon O’Brien put together this edit from left over footage from his feature film, DejaVu. Some bangers in here for sure & Simon also does some mini ramp trickery as well. A very good watch indeed. Look out for another edit in the next few weeks ahead.

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Jens Kahstrom checks in…

Our flow rider from Sweden, Jens Kahstrom recently got himself a new truck in the way of a Chevy S10 & thought it would be cool to jump it in full ’80’s style. Check it out.

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Broc scores some coverage…

Broc Raiford scored his first photo in the latest Ride BMX magazine that just came out. Pretty awesome photo & we’re stoked for Broc. Broc will be attending our West Coast Cali roadtrip coming up after Interbike in a few weeks. Should be good times for sure.

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Colony Flick Trix bikes

We were approached by the people at Flick Trix last September about them wanting to do some Colony Flick Trix bikes. We were pretty stoked & work started right away to get them out there. Well almost a year later you can now get your own Colony Descendent as a Flick Trix toy. There will also be an Endeavour, a Cube & later on a Sweet Tooth bike available. Check them out at your nearest Flick Trix retailer now.

Note: These are not available through us here at Colony, sorry.

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Jibs Winners.

Well today went off without a hitch, everyone seemed to have a good time and the crew you see below were the top three after all was said and done! New flow rider Liam Zingbergs came in first along with Daniel Johnson (right) second and Macca (left) in third. Daniel Johnson also won best trick. Thanks to everyone who came out for the event and to everyone who made it possible. The next King of the Jibs will be in Brisbane on the 9th-10th of October later this year.

King of the Jibs is today !!

Make sure you come down & check it out. Remember, those who are under 18 years get free admission. For those over 18 years ride your bike there & get $5.00 off the admission fee. Click here for all admission details now.

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King of the Jibs setup!

We spent all day setting up the course that we had already build for the event, We had a quick test ride and it works really well! Little tight but all good. So make sure you come out tomorrow and check the comp out! You can get more info here about the comp, here for the address and transport info. Oh and also under 18’s get into the tradeshow for free! Practice is at 12.30 and the comp starts around 2pm. See you there!

Product update – Fantastic Plastic Pedals

Hitting stores in September, we have a few new colours in our Fantastic Plastic Pedals & these are two of them. We’ve called them Nuclear Green & Nuclear Orange. You will also be able to get our new Mountjoy grips in these two new colours as well. Look out for them at your favourite Colony dealer in September.

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King of the Jibs update.

Tuesday night I worked until who knows what time to get everything dialed in. Once I was finally done I snapped a few photos to keep everyone in the loop. Sooooo psyched to set everything up and ride it on Saturday. Make sure you come down and say hi!

Jibs trophy…

Here is the trophy for this weekends event. Someone will be named the inaugural king !! Make sure you get down to check it all out. Practise starts 12.30pm with the comp kicking off at 2.30pm.

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Jibs is this weekend…

Our inaugural King Of The Jibs event is set for this weekend in Melbourne. Make sure you get yourself there to check out some great riding from 25 of Australia’s best on our purpose built course. Click here for details on how to get there & how to get in to watch.

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Canadians eh…

About 3 years ago I flowed an old friend a Sect frame & a bunch of our parts to go along with it. Well Dustin Guenther recently sent in an email to catch up & says he is still riding that same bike. Here are some pics to prove that Dustin is still a god on a bike. Some of you may remember Dustin doing rather well back in the old Metro Jam days & more often than not, having a top 3 finish at these events. Stoked to see him still riding & having fun. I just love those x-up canadian nose picks… such an awesome trick especially when done on an 8 foot quarter.

Photos by Ken Paul.

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Ryan out for 4 months

Ryan sent us an update on his recent injuries. Wishing you the fastest recovery mate. Read on below…

Wow what a crazy year 2010 has been… As many of you know, I crashed badly at the Chicago Dew Tour doing a 540. From the crash I suffered a 3rd degree separation on my left shoulder. This only aggravated years of abuse and past injuries to the point that time and basic rehab will not heal the injury to extent I need.

Since the Chicago Dew Tour, I’ve ridden in the X Games, HB US Open, and Portland Dew Tour with the injury. Unfortunately now with both shoulders popping out every time I ride, I decided to get X-rays & MRI to find out how to fix what’s going on.

I’ve been told by sports doctors the only way to fix the problems with my shoulders, so I can compete without any issues, is to get surgery and have them repaired. Therefore, I will undergo surgery this week. Then I will be fully recovered by end of this year as I’ve been told that it is 4 months of rehab post surgery. That will put me in a good position to return for the start of next season with a healthy body allowing me to compete at 100% once again.

I hate that it’s come to this, but I can’t keep riding with this injury and need it fixed now.

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Got comps?

Strictly BMX have got behind a series of comps to be held in & around Melbourne between now & Xmas this year. Check out the flyer below for the dates & places, should be a good series by the looks of it.

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ADL trip…

On the weekend Cooper Brownlee did a trip to Adelaide to ride & met up with Liam Zingbergs while down there. He also went to the United DVD prem put on by the guys at Little Black Bike. Good times where had by all I am told. Check out LBB site for proof.

Both Cooper & Liam among many more will be at this weekends King Of The Jibs in Melbourne. More good times in store no doubt, can’t wait.

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More fan artwork…

We get quite a bit of fan artwork sent to us here & some of it is really cool. This piece here is no exception, sent in from Jimmy Nguyen from Stockton, CA in the USA. Thanks heaps for the support for Colony Jimmy, it’s appreciated.

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