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Rampfest video

Here is a cool introduction to the brand new park in Melbourne called, Rampfest. It gives you a really good overview of this amazing place. I was down here for the opening night & it was a treat to be here for it. This is going to be a great thing for the riding scene in Melbourne & a huge shout out goes to Brett for stepping up with such a huge project. Everyone should get to the park & show some support.

Off to Rampfest in Melbourne

Yo… I am off to Melbourne today to check out the opening night of Rampfest. Should be a great time indeed. I will also do some riding in & around Melbourne & hang out with Pete Radivo. Fun times ahead !!

If you’re in Melbourne this weekend make sure you get out there for the first official BMX day on Saturday.


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Richo web edit

A few weeks ago I met Nick at Beenleigh to film one last time before his pending knee surgery. We got some footage clocked in an afternoon & this is the result. Nick is now out for 8 months with his knee recon & we wish him the best & fastest recovery.

Click here to check out his efforts that one afternoon a few weeks ago.


Check back in the next week or two for info on how you can make a bid for Nick’s personal bike, as seen above, to help him pay off his medical bills.

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Oleg edit & jam in Moscow

Oleg Alexsandrov, our boy in Russia, sent me a link to his latest web edit he has floating around cyber space. Some rather impressive moves in there for sure. He also told me about a comp called the Adrenalin Games happening in Moscow September 20th & 21st. If you’re in Moscow then check it out. Click here for more information.

Untitled from insidebmx2 on Vimeo.

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Tuckfest 08 in Rockhampton September 6th

As reported a couple weeks ago, there is a comp going down in Rockhampton that should be a bit of fun. A few guys from the team will be coming up with myself including Alex Hiam. Click here to see an advert for the comp that will appear on local TV stations in Rockhampton. See you there !!


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The Stallion is coming…

The first batch of 2009 Hell Stallion frames are getting painted right now & ready to be shipped out.

Liam’s frame has been refined even further now & will feature removable brake hardware & an improved built-in seat clamp with replaceable nut & bolt. We also refined the drop outs with a cleaner shape & lighter design.

His final production frame weighs in at 4.76lbs of full post heat treated beauty.

Expect it to be available from mid to late September in most countries.



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Random Colony fan photos…

Yo… check these two totally random, unrelated fan photos that I have been sent recently.

Random Colony shop in NY City, USA.

Some serious lifetime commitment for our Official sprocket.

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Custom bike simulator

The guys over at Strictly BMX have a pretty cool simulator where you can get an idea of what your custom colour co-ordinated bike could look like. Try it out with our White Limited Edition parts in mind perhaps?

Check it out by clicking here.


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Limited edition White parts

We have done a limited run of White products which have just landed in most countries now. You can get Official Stems, Pivotal Slim seats (with either Red or Purple stars), Pivotal seat posts, our Headsets, Clone Hubs & our Transformer Levers (not pictured) all in White. Add this to some of already available items like Bloody Oath Bars in White & you can colour code your bike all the way.




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Happy Birthday Alex !!

Alex Hiam turns 13 years old today !! We wish him the best day possible & hope he has a great year ahead. Thanks for being an important part of Colony mate & I am looking forward to the times ahead of us.

If you need a refresher course on what Alex is capable of click here for his web video.


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Colony riders pulling covers…

Colony riders are currently pulling covers left, right & centre right now. Firstly we had Mick Bayzand getting the cover of 2020bmx magazine along with some fantastic editorial inside it’s pages… check it out below.

Mick’s first cover.

Mick’s first full length interview.

Colony trip in Canberra.

Now we have Liam Fahy-Hampton scoring the cover of the latest & greatest Rebelyell magazine. Word. The way my team are going they will send us broke with photo contingencies due for their awesome work out there in BMX land. Well done Mick & Liam… keep it up boys.

Liam with his first Rebelyell cover.

Both magazines are due out this week… so keep an eye out for them at your favourite BMX shop.

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Mick Bayzand checks in.

Cover boy, Mick Bayzand, sent me a bunch of random pics from his times in Vancouver so far. He has been having a blast & riding heaps which is awesome to see. Plenty of good times by the looks of things & we certainly miss him here back in Oz.

A huge shout-out go to the guys at Tenpack for looking after Mick while he is there. Thanks !!





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Bayzand gets the cover of 2020

That’s right !! Our own Mick has been graced with the cover of the latest 2020 mag due out end of the month. I am so stoked for him. He also has a huge interview within the pages of the magazine. We also have a huge story on our trip to Canberra a few months ago as well as a giveaway on a Hell Stallion frame. Check it out below & get the mag when it’s available.

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Colony in Brisbane.

Yo… Liam Fahy-Hampton & Zac Miner are in town for the weekend to get some riding in, clock some clips & have a good time. Cooper Brownlee from Focalpoint is also in town to document the action for his next issue of the magazine.

Liam hurt his already wrecked ankles but could be good for the rest of the trip, only time will tell. Zac did some cool shit today, as always. Tomorrow we plan to hit a few more spots & Richo should be around too before his delayed knee operation due this coming Wednesday. Expect a brief web edit from the action this weekend soon.


Thanks to Cooper for the pics today.


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Hell Stallion Kits… no more.

We had to make a hard decision recently & we have pulled delivery of the much anticipated Hell Stallion kits.

This will NOT affect the Hell Stallion frame or fork delivery in any way, just the planned kits consisting of Hell Stallion frame, fork, Official stem & our headset.

We pulled the kits due to them not being finished 110% to our high quality standards. Rest assured you will be able to get Liam’s frame & fork separately soon enough. We’re sorry for the delay on his frame but it will be well worth the wait.

You can expect the frames to be available after they start shipping in the first week of September. For the mean time you can get Liam’s signature forks in some countries now (Germany & France) with others very soon.

Liam’s forks shipping worldwide now. Available in most countries very soon.

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Steve Woodward’s bike

Steve sent me some pics of his current bike set up for you all to check out. He is riding a Bloody Oath Limited complete straight out of the box. Pretty much shows that they really are a pro level bike right out of the box ready to shred.




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Tuckfest in Rockhampton September 6th

The guys at Tuckers Cycle Inn with us here at Colony & the guys at wethepeople are sponsoring a comp at the local park in Rocky set for September 6th. A good bunch of the Colony team will be in town for the event as will many riders from around the country. With $3,000 worth of prizes up for grabs as well it should be a fun time. See you there !!


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Dirt jam at Beenleigh this Saturday

Wolfman is having a dirt jam at Beenleigh this Saturday after the jumps get all fixed up Friday. For those that wanna hit up some jumps & have a fun day head on over there. While you’re there please run over some damn scooter kids.


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Interview on Vital


For those that are interested I have an interview that is up on Vital right now with some riding as well. Check it out there or below.

See More BMX Videos at

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Revealed… the Dejavu frame.

The frame featured a few days ago is Simon O’Brien’s signature frame, the Dejavu.

Simon’s frame will come in two sizes… 18.2 & 18.9″ with a 75 degree head tube angle & 71 degree seat tube angle. The rear end is 12.4″ with 10mm drop out slots with 14mm cutting lines.

It will come with removable brake mounts & hardware & features a built-in seat clamp with replacable nut & bolt. Spanish BB system is standard as is an integrated headset.

The entire frame is post heat treated giving it a great strength to weight ratio. The weight as tested is 4.09 lbs or 1,800 grams.

It will be offered with a lifetime warranty as well & the release date is set for early 2009.





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twobyfour DVD premiere

Be there or don’t be there… simple as that.


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Mystery frame…

What frame is that? Hard to say from the pic.

What paint job is that? It could be the limited edition Bloody Black from Colony?

Check back later this week & all will be revealed.


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Shane rules – rain, hail or shine.

Shane Badman just sent me an email from the UK. Read on below to see what one of our most travelled riders has been up to…

Just got back from round 2 of the Grassroots series in Southsea, UK. It was held at the infamous Southsea Skatepark, home of the King of Concrete for many years. Moving the ramps out for the day, we had the perfect marble floor underneath it for the contest. As per the UK, rain was a constant threat with the clouds finally opening up & dumping it down right before Pro finals. As people had come from far & wide in the UK & beyond, we just decided to ride in the rain instead. When all was said & done I was lucky enough to bag 2nd place – stoked!


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Fantastic Plastic Pedals update

Yo… check out the final samples of our Fantastic Plastic pedals. These will be going into final production very soon.

You will notice the weights are very favourable compared to other pedals out there. The non-clear versions are lighter due to the material used while the clear ones are a little heavier but still lighter than any other pedal out there right now.

First release colours will be… Black & White with limited edition colours as Tangerine, Red, Fluro Yellow & Grey.

We will also have some clear colours such as Black, Clear, Red & Purple. These will be released at a later date yet to be confirmed.

First release is set for late September this year.



Grey, Black, Fluro Yellow, Red, Tangerine & White.

Clear Purple.

Clear Black & Clear.

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Congrats Kenny & Julie !!

I got a text message from Kenny Raggett today with the news that he & his long term girlfriend, Julie, are now engaged !! Congrats go out to you both.

No, that’s not Julie that Kenny is patting.

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New colours…

It’s still a while away yet but I thought I would release our 1st collection of colours for 2009 products. From the left we have Tangerine, Grey, Black & Red. These will be available on our entire range of alloy parts. Tangerine & Grey are limited edition colours & will be only offered once. So if you want them make sure you get in fast.

Our range of 2009 products will be available in September around the world.


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How do they do it?

No, it’s not that famous TV show but I thought I would show you some of the manufacturing steps it takes to bring you our Official Stems.

First we start with a solid block of 7075T6 alloy & it is then machined in many various ways & processes by a CNC machine to give you one of the most sought after stems on the market today.





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Bored this weekend?

If you’re feeling bored this weekend & are sitting in front of your computer screen then maybe you want to have a refresher course on all the various web videos we have been putting out over the last year or so?

Click here for a short cut to them all.


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Clone Hubs about to ship…

Our Clone Hubs are almost ready to ship & will be available worldwide in the coming weeks. Expect them in shops from about mid August depending on where you live on the planet. They will be offered in Black, Red & White.

Our front hub features the bolt axle system & have low flanges with 36 holes only.

The cassette features a 9t driver with a ceramic bushing bearing for fail proof reliability. They will be available in RHD & LHD with 36 holes only.


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