Can I get some free stickers?

If you send us a stamped, self addressed envelope, (inside another envelope with our address as per below) we will return it to you with a whole sticker pack inside no problem. If you live outside of Australia, then please contact your local distributor in your country.

Please note it can take anything from 2-3 weeks to receive your return envelope. We get hundreds per month & send them back out once a week. So please be patient. Thank you.

If you live in Australia then mail to…

Colony Stickers
PO Box 3757
QLD 4129


How can I get sponno’ed by Colony?

Basically just ride, have fun & do your own thing. If it’s meant to happen we will notice you. Sending in ‘sponsor me’ emails or demo videos is one sure way to make sure you don’t get on the team. Just ride for fun & who knows what may happen.

My local shop doesn’t carry Colony. How can I get Colony parts?

If you live in a country that has a Colony distributor contact your shop & ask them to get in touch with the distributor to order your Colony parts in. If you live in a country without a Colony distributor contact us here at Colony with info of the best BMX distributor in your country & we will see if they want to carry Colony.

Can I buy parts directly from you?

Yes, you certainly can. You can buy direct of our Family Distribution warehouse in Australia. We send orders all over the planet.
Click the bright red shop online on the top left hand corner of our website.

What warranty does my Colony product have?

All our products have different warranty terms. Please see our warranty section for more info.

What new products is Colony working on?

We will have regular updates on what new & exciting products we are working on in the news section of the website. Please check there regularly.

What weights are Colony products?

Check the products section… most products have their weights listed. This will be updated all the time. Please don’t email with weight requests as if we know it, it will be listed on the website.

Can I order custom Colony products?

No, sorry you can’t. Our high quality products are all manufactured in Taiwan in large numbers & we cannot make special requests for individuals.