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Matt King bike check…

Matt King recently put a bunch of new 2009 parts on his bike & here it is for you to check out. All these parts are available now at a store near you.

Matt’s Colony parts list is as follows…

Frame: Hell Stallion 21.25
Fork: Hell Stallion
Headset: Colony
Stem: Official
Bars: Teddy
Barends: Konka
Cranks: Colonial
Sprocket: Official
BB Kit: Colony
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Hubs: Clone
Seat: Bones Mid Pivotal
Seatpost: Colony Pivotal
Pegs: Oneway CrMo




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2009 Pivotal Seats

Here is a small selection of the many new Pivotal seats we have available now at a store near you. Available in both Slim & Mid styles.

Tangerine Star in Black & Bones.

Ships & Splat.

Tangerine Star in White & Wings.

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Flemington Banks jam today!

The annual Focalpoint Flemington banks jam is on today so make sure you get down there if you’re in the area. I am sure it will be an amazing day & I wish I could’ve been there. Have fun everyone !!

Pete Radivo a few months back at the awesome quarter there, I love that thing!

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Last Movember pic

Ross D sent me his last pic for Movember. I am lost for words on this pic, so good on so many levels. You still have time to donate to Ross’s cause by clicking here now.


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Flatland products update

Here are some sneak peaks of our Jam Circle Sprocket & T.L.D Stem. Both of these are shipping at the end of the month & will be available in the USA & Australia pre-Xmas with the rest of world seeing them in the new year. Both Shane Badman & Simon O’Brien have been riding these for months now with great success.



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Bruno Faucon video

Spotted this video of our French team rider, Bruno Faucon, up on the Unleaded BMX website, enjoy.

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Teddy Bars at Strictly BMX

The guys at Strictly BMX just did a huge email out with Mick Bayzand’s signature bars, the Teddy Bars. Mick rules so support his cause & pick yourself up a set now.


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Kanpai !!

Last night we went to an awesome little Japanese BBQ restaurant called Kanpai. It had a really fun atmosphere & you cooked your food yourself on a little BBQ on your table. At 8pm everyone in the restaurant has to Kanpai !! Meaning, everyone has to cheer & drink all of your drink & you get a free one in return. Fun times for sure. Thanks go out to Allen, the manager for showing us such a good evening.



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Official Stem

Since our Official Stem came out it has been one of the most sought after stems on the market & continues to do so. I guess it’s the fact that it’s light, strong, clean looking & simple. No gimmick wedge systems that never seem to work properly, no over-the-top-in-your-face cut outs, just a good looking stem that works how it’s meant to work. You can check the full details on Ryan’s stem by clicking here.



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Nothing ground breaking…

… But damn they look good !! Yeah, nothing technologically advanced in these headsets but they look the part & come in all the colours that we offer. So get those colour coordination efforts on track & pick one up at a shop near you.


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DejaVu Bars… soon.

Simon O’Brien’s signature bars are nearing completion on their first production run & here are some samples of them before they are painted. Expect these out pre-xmas in Australia & the USA & in selected other countries in the new year.



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Zac Miner scores the cover of 2020

Zac Miner has scored the cover of the new 2020 BMX magazine. This makes it 3 magazine covers in a row now for Colony with Mick Bayzand on the last 2020 & Liam Fahy-Hampton on the last issue of Rebelyell. A huge congrats goes out to Zac Miner who has been killing it of late. Thanks for all your hard work Zac !!


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More new colours for 2009

Today I inspected more of our 2009 products that are getting ready to ship soon. Shown below are our Bloody Black, Fluro Yellow & Polished limited colourways. Expect these all to be available pre-Xmas (in Australia & USA) & in the new year for the rest of the planet.




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Next limited edition colours

Below are examples of our next batch of limited edition colours. Shown are our Clone Hub shells ready for assembly with all the hardware & logo’s to make them ready for riding. Expect these two colours to be available around Xmas this year (USA & Australia) & in the new year for most other countries. You will be able to get all our Alloy products in these two colours. Our CrMo products will be available in the Fluro Yellow to suit as well as our very special Bloody Black.

Polished & Fluro Yellow.

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How do they make it?

Ever wondered how your Bloody Oath bars you ride are made? Well here is a small insight into how it’s done. Made by hand by expert welders who do some of the finest welding I have ever seen.

First they start out as precision cut crmo tubing that is bent to shape.

Then it’s welded together in a custom jig & checked for perfect alignment after welding. Now they are off to be heat treated & then painted in your favourite colours. Ready for taybos !!

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Teddy Bars

We have graced Mick Bayzand with his own signature bars & here they are. Teddy Bars are out in shops everywhere right now so check the products section here for the full scoop on them.


While you’re at it check Mick’s mini section from a week in Brisbane earlier this year. Tough as.

Down Underground Series – Round 1

Read the report below from Shaun Jarvis for what went down in Perth recently…

Round one of the Colony Down Underground national flatland series went down in Perth Western Australia on the weekend of the 8th of November. It was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had in my life. I was overwhelmed with excitement when riders from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Launceston all converged with the locals of Perth to ride flat. The concept of this series is awesome. Riders from all over Australia travelling to different cities and competing for a year end title. Competition will breed progression. But this series is more than just competitions. It’s also an opportunity to catch up with mates that you normally don’t get to see often, ride with new riders and promote flatland to others.

Thursday night was full of excitement with many trips to the airport to collect the eastern state riders.
Friday was a good day jamming at the Perth concert hall spot. We then headed up to Kings Park for some chillin and sightseeing. Then it was off to Hogs Breath Café for a good old man up steak dinner. After dinner and a few drinks a small jam took place out side the local Game Zone on the side walk. Good to push yourself on what can be done in such a small spot.

Saturday came too fast and it was off to the infamous Scarborough Beach multi level carpark to get the competition of the weekend under way. With a solid turn out stage one got started by way of a two hour jam session with the riders scored each other at the end. This allowed riders to be more relaxed and try harder tricks. After a break for lunch stage two got underway. This consisted of two, two minute runs. This meant that riders could show how dialled they can be in a competition format. I’m not going to write about what tricks were done by who, you will have to wait for the web footage to done. I will say however that Ben Moran was the talking point of most conversations. After the comp was all done it was off to the beach BBQ trophy presentation. Check the results to see who got what. From the beach every one was invited back to my home for the after party. All I can say is that it was big night with many liquids being consumed. If you weren’t there you missed out on some good times.

Sunday morning and it was a bit hard to rise but eventually I did. Today was all about hitting new spots and showing the out of towners a bit of Perth. First stop was Cottesloe Beach. Not much riding going on but lunch was more on the agenda. Then off to Fremantle. After seeing a random priest in full robe gear skateboarding we proceeded to hit a spot with a good vibe till Roni’s tyre blew and scared half of Fremantle. We then proceeded to roll through the streets to the beach spot for some good lazy style riding as most of us were still just coming good from Saturday nights merriment. That night after seeing the wonderful West Coast sunset it was a good old fashion pizza night, again at my house. Simple and functional.

With the arrival of Monday it was time to start getting people off to airports. The Brisbane crew were first of the rank with an early start. That left the rest of us to ride down at Hillary’s Marina. Some tourist gifts were purchased before it was time to get the Melbourne and Launceston riders to the airport.

With the leaving of the last of the Eastern State riders the amazing weekend came to a conclusion. Yes there was a competition that took place over the weekend but round one of the Colony Down Underground was more than just a competition. It was a gathering of flatland riders all sharing one common bond of having the most amount of fun on a bike possible.

I would like to send a big thankyou to Colony BMX for sponsoring the series. It’s great to see such a good Australian company supporting flatland in such a big way.

Thanks also go out to Backbone BMX as well as they really put a stack of product in for prizes. Rhysty is such a champion. The world needs more like him.

And lastly I would like to thank all the riders who showed up and rode and smiled and had such a blast of a time.

See you all in January for round two in Melbourne.

Shaun Jarvis.

The trophies up for grabs.

Ben Moran & Jason Parker.

Paul Chamberlin & Brett Dighton.

Rhys Mason & Aaron Bandy.

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In Taiwan… once again

I am over in Taiwan right now for a week of working on our 2010 range & making sure everything is going perfect on our 2009 ranges. I will post some interesting pics from over here during the week, including new product news.



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Movember update…

Ross Lavender is doing his part for Movember & here is the second update for you all. Looking like quite the ladies man… haha. Give your support for the cause by clicking here & help Ross raise some extra cash for this important cause.  


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Hell Stallion available now

Liam Fahy-Hampton’s signature frame & fork, the Hell Stallion are available now all over the planet. Both the frame & forks come complete with our lifetime warranty.

So if you’re into the look & feel of a low slung, tech street frame or want some forks that will withstand any street abuse, then take a closer look at Liam’s pride & joy.

Pearl Grey limited colour way.

Tangerine limited colour way.

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Happy 30th birthday Kenny !!

It’s Kenny Raggett’s 30th birthday today & we wish him the best day possible. Have a great BBQ today mate & sorry I couldn’t get down for it. How time flies hey? I remember when I first started seeing Kenny around the BMX scene here in Australia & he impressed us all with his skills on the bike. One thing that we all either love or hate (sometimes both) is his ability to always criticize anything you say that isn’t in perfect grammar. He’s always got something to say! haha. Have a good one mate & have a Pepsi or two for me.


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Product catalogue updated

Yo… I have just updated the product catalogue with new pics & info on our 2009 range. More to come yet but please feel free to have a look at some of our newer products we have on offer.


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BMX Games 2009

The BMX Games are set for Melbourne in January next year & the vast majority of the Colony team will be there. We will also be having a full Colony/Vans tour from Brisbane to the Games via Sydney & Canberra, for two weeks leading up to the Games. More on that tour soon enough. Just make sure you book your flights, get a hotel organised & be there for the Games next year. See you there.


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Cali trip video

After interbike this year Ryan Guettler, Steve Woodward & myself did a little riding around Southern California for a few days. It was a good relaxed time riding our bikes & having fun. Here is a little video I made up from what footage we captured, nothing crazy but good times for sure. If you like you can click here for the higher quality quicktime file or watch it below. Enjoy.

Happy 27th Birthday Steve !!

It’s Steve Woodward’s 27th birthday today & we wish him the very best of days. I am sure he will spend it riding his bike as usual & then getting plastered at one of his many favourite bars. Maybe even some mexican for dinner beforehand? Either way, Happy Birthday Steve !!


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Steve Woodward in BMX Plus!

Check out the new issue of BMX Plus! for a little interview with Steve Woodward. It’s out in the USA right now & sure to be in other countries soon enough. Check back tomorrow for a web vid with footage of Steve, Ryan & myself from a trip we did after interbike in So-Cal.


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Attila Godi random pic

Spotted this cool pic of our Hungarian flow team rider, Attila Godi, up on his myspace. Thought it was cool, so I stole it & posted it here. Enjoy. Attila rides for us through our Hungarian distributor, Harlee Distribution.


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Zac Miner edit

Yo… check out this little edit of Zac Miner that Troy Charlesworth did up. This is made up of his throw away clips from Troy’s new DVD due out this weekend. It’s still got some really good clips in there which shows just how much of a bad ass rider Zac is. You rule mate !!

The Hell Stallion…

Liam Fahy-Hampton’s signature forks are out now all over the world & check out these two limited edition colours they are available in, Tangerine & Pearl Grey. While you’re at it don’t forget about his frame out now as well.


In case you have been living under a rock for the past year, you may wanna check out the video section that started it all for Liam. Edited by Dan Gascoine, this master piece is truely an epic web video.

Vimeo crazy

We have gone Vimeo crazy here & uploaded all our web vids from the past 12 months on there. Click here to check them all out. In the meantime, check out little Alex Hiam’s first web vid with us here at Colony, the kid rules.

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