Archive Of March 2014 - Colony BMX

LA-AZ teaser

Ryan packed a solid crew in his RV including Alex and Chris and hit the road up to Arizona. Going off this trailer the video should be real good which will be dropping this week.

California update

Mike and Justin were out with us this week. Things started out good until Mike tried an insane gap out to short rail and took it hard, like real hard. His wrist is beat up and hasn’t been able to ride. Justin has been killing it on the ledge game which has been a treat to film and watch. Jack has been going hard on the rail game and we also filmed a plaza video with Zach from Vital so keep an eye out for that soon.




mike crash



More from Brandon

Winter is done in Canada now so you should be seeing a lot more of Brandon Van Dulken.

photo 1

photo 3

East County Jam this Sunday !!

This Sunday from 3pm till 5pm, we’re having an in-store jam at East County BMX down in San Diego with a good selection of the team including Mike Brennan, Jourdan Barba, Jack Kelly, Justin Care, Bobbie Altiser, Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay, Chris Bacramonte & Cooper Brownlee. All the guys from the East County BMX / Colony flow team will also be there on the day. Come along to meet & ride with some of the team guys. There will also be free food & drinks along with some giveaways on the day. Should be an awesome day.

colony x east county flyer

Yo yo !!

National Youth Week comp

Down in South Australia we have got behind the National Youth Week celebrations & BMX comp happening in Elizabeth on Friday the 4th of April. Check out the flyer below for full details.


Yo yo !!

More from Alex Hiam

Hey Guys !!! I’m currently on the 3rd week of The Wandering Trip!!!

I’m having a blast with all the dudes !! It’s pretty cool not living out of a house! We can ride a park and if we enjoy it enough, we will just park the RV and sleep over night and wake up and ride it again !! We have been doing all our washing at Laundry mats and signed up at the local gym to use showers! It’s pretty convenient that there’s a cafe right next to the gym with FREE wifi as well!!!

We have one last week in the RV, then most of us all fly home.

Follow my trip on @alexhiam on instagram!!!


Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.29.43 am

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.29.57 am

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.30.17 am

Battle Bowl

We were treated to a sun down session at a famous spot here in California earlier this week.







East County BMX Jam

This coming Sunday from 3pm till 5pm, we’re having an in-store jam at East County BMX down in San Diego with a good selection of the team including Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay, Mike Brennan, Jourdan Barba, Jack Kelly, Justin Care, Chris Bacramonte & Cooper Brownlee. All the guys from the East County BMX / Colony flow team will also be there on the day. Come along to meet & ride with some of the team guys. There will also be free food & drinks along with some giveaways on the day. Should be an awesome day.

colony x east county flyer

Yo yo !!

Brandon @ Horseshoe Bay

Brandon shot through this dope photo that James Van De Kamp took…

“Had an awesome week of sun over here and got a chance to get a bit of filming/photos in. Shot this turndown over the spine at Horseshoe Bay bowl. Always good times there!


More from California

We’ve been having a blast here in California…



jack crank LA



Luke Parker Fox trip

Luke and a few of the Fox team hit up some parks around Melbourne for the weekend. Luke has some real dialled clips throughout.

Alex Hiam update

Hey guys, I am currently in California road tripping in a RV!

We just finished roadtripping on the #thisisbmxtour in Ryan Guettlers RV from Cali to AZ & back ! Had a blast riding all the amazing parks! Even got to ride the worlds first street league park in Lake Havasu !! The place is unreal !!

Now the #thisisbmx tour is over myself, Chris Courtenay, Ryan Taylor & Harry main have rented our own RV for the wandering! It’s a balling 2015 that sleeps five ! We have no major plans just winging it and going where ever the sun takes us !! We have been sleeping in Walmart car parks and waking up less that 10m from Starbucks – I couldn’t be more happy with that!! Follow my trip for the next 3 weeks on my Instagram – @alexhiam





Bayzand checks in…

Mick Bayzand hit us up with a little update, read on below…

You may not of known but I broke my wrist a while ago, so I have been laying low of late working on some art projects to keep me sane. But I am back on the bike now and keen as ever. This year I plan on it being a very productive one and I am already working on a few different projects, so keep your eyes out and keep shredding.


Yo yo !!

Luke Parker @ City park

Luke sent through a few photos that were taken at the Moomba comp in Melbourne last weekend, killin’ it. Follow Luke on Instagram @lukeparkerbmx




Bayzand @ Wallan park

Some of the Strictly crew hit up a little plaza park on the outskirts of Melbourne including Mick Bayzand and smashed out some dialled lines.

Marnold checks in

Marnold sent in a quick update…

Sup everyone, so couple weeks back was trying to film a run looped an ice grind and hurt my knee it sucks but hopefully after resting for a bit it should be back to good so keen to ride again!! In the mean time, been hangin with my dog Kobi a fair bit love this guy! Keep shreddin fools!

photo 1

photo 3

Yo yo !!

Zac Miner update

Miner shot through an update from Canberra…

Soooo, ACT Jam is just over a month away, if people don’t know about it check the video (below) from last year. It’s such a sick event, people are coming from all over AUS this year and it goes for three days with some of the best parks in Australia!

On other news I’m still whippin’ up this masterpiece in my backyard, I don’t wanna drop to many photos till it’s all done, but it’s got heaps of shit goinG on in it.. Just started the curve wall the other day, hoping it’s all done by time act jam rolls around. Anyways get to Canberra in April, so worth it!!!

photo 1

photo 2

Ricky over on FP

Ricky Catanzariti has a quick fire feature over on the Focalpoint website, check it out now here.


Yo yo !!

In the USA

Jack Kelly and myself are in California for the next month filming with a few crew for some up coming projects. We had a good day out with Jourdan and Larry today along with Daniel Johnson. More updates to come. Thanks to Larry for the crankarm photo.



jack cranks


Luke and Dean footage

Last weekend Luke Parker ended up winning the Moomba comp in Melbourne and Dean finished up 3rd. Both have some good clips in this video from the day.


Tom Stretton update

Tom just shot over an update which made my day because we always talk about this photo and how it was the first time I saw him ride, I was blown away by all his cross footed moves. As Tom mentions, we are now good friends, travelled the world together and spent countless hours filming clips, all of which I hope continue to happen for years to come.

“Just found this old photo of me in an early FocalPoint magazine deep in my cupboard haha.

This was my first ever photo in a magazine. It’s pretty funny to think that Cooper Brownlee took this photo years before I even met him and now I get to call him a good friend and our team manager haha. Thanks for putting me in the magazine and not knowing my name, Coops haha.

Also the photo down the bottom is from out filming for an edit I’m working on. Been having a lot of fun. Thanks Kyle for the photo.

Now go ride your bike!!

tom1 tom2

Product preview – 20 year anniversary Prody Frame

Back in the day, way before Colony ever existed, Clint Millar had a few frames made under the name of Prody. This was back in 1993/1994 when it was pretty much impossible to get a frame that would not break in a few weeks. So him & another friend, Michael Canfield, enlisted the help of a local Brisbane based frame builder called G&J Cycles to make them the ideal frame. Hence the Prody Frame was born.

Built to withstand any punishment that could be thrown at them back then, they were robust. Till this day, not one ever cracked or broke. Only 4 frames were ever made so they were very limited.

Fast forward 20 or so years & we have here the all new Prody frame. It features that classic early ’90’s look but with all of today’s finer features like modern geometry, Mid BB & Integrated headset. These new frames are only about 200 grams heavier than our current frames now, not bad at all.

Both Clint Millar & Bobbie Altiser are amongst a select few riding these frames right now & so far feedback has been very favourable.

These limited frames will be made available come late April in the USA, Australia & the UK. They will be offered in Gloss Black, Chrome Plated & ED Red in sizes 19.0″ & 20.6″

Only 100 will be made & each will be numbered. Contact your favourite Colony Dealer now to pre-book yourself a piece of Australian BMX history.

Click here now for all info & spec details on these limited edition, soon to be collector’s edition frames.







Liam Marshall video

Our New Zealand friend Liam Marshall visited Brisbane, Australia for weeks and Bevan Cowan was on hand to film a bunch of nice clips for us. Here is the video from his summer vacation.

Ricky Catanzariti team page

We’ve got Ricky’s team page up, click here to read all about the young South Australian rider and Check the video below if you missed it last week when we posted it, you won’t be disappointed.


Moomba comp

As with every year we are supporting the comp going down at city park in Melbourne over the Moomba festival this weekend. Head down on Sunday and hit it up.


Jourdan Barba gets married!

From everyone at Colony we would like to extend our love to Jourdan and Katherine for there recent news…

“I just recently got married with my lovely wife Katherine Barba we had a amazing wedding and reception with family and friends. It rained a little bit on our big day but everything worked out perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re also expecting Twins so I’m really excited for that !”


Into the city #2

Focalpoint just dropped the 2nd instalment of the Into the City series which Cooper, Jack and Marnold all have some good footage in.

Yo yo !!

Liam Marshall

Mike Davies hooked us up with a few dialled shots from the Lynfield Jam over in New Zealand, it seems like it was a good time and that place looks real fun. You can check out more photos here.



Jourdan Barba video

Jourdan comes through with a fresh new video for his clothing hookup Index Ink. As you would expect there are some amazing spots in this and Jourdan treats them right.

Forks with mounts

We’re one of the few brands who still make forks with brake mounts these days, always have, always will.

To celebrate this fact we compiled a bunch of front brake clips from Clint, Polly & Bobbie. Some new, some older but all showing good use of the front brake. It’s something we feel very strongly about & will always offer within our product range. Forks with brake mounts are here to stay & we’re helping that one bike at a time. #colonybmxbrand #frontbrakebrethren