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Mick Bayzand holiday snaps

Mick has been chilling out in holiday mode like most of us this time of the year. Here are a few snaps of him hanging out with some other fellow Aussies mates.

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Product highlight – Teddy Frame

When you can bomb any rail in sight & have been doing it for as long as anyone can remember, then you deserve your own signature frame. Especially if your name is Mick Bayzand. Mick has been a staple part of the team for more than a few years now & is always putting himself on the line doing what he loves. Mick’s frame, the Teddy handles this abuse with ease & is one of our more popular frame choices of the team. Check it out by clicking here now or at a Colony dealer near you now.

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Zac’s trip photos

Zac Miner sent over a few photos from the USA trip we took a couple of months ago. Zac stayed on over there for a couple weeks after most of us left. He was stoked on these photos as they all remind him of good stories from the trip. It’s summer, everyone should be out road tripping!

Colony X Strictly Teddy frame colab.

Doing limited edition stuff is something I really dig, you may have seen these already but here is a video on the process of Mick Bazyand sticker bombin the 10 limited colourway Teddy frames that Strictly BMX have out now.

Circa Bayzand…

I posted up some old photos I had shot from the years before digital cameras came around over on focalpoint, included in the photos is this one of Mick Bayzand slaying a rail a good six years ago. This was actually the first time Mick and I rode street together back when he had recently moved to Melbourne. If you wanted to see some more photos check here.

Out and about…

Stu Munro is down here in Melbourne this week so we have been trying to get out and about as much as possible. The photos below…

Stu, Marnold, Kym checking footage whilst Mick hangs out with the local scooter kids…

Marnold watching the Bayzand show…


Micky Bayzand is back in Melbourne and after recovering from a shoulder injury he has been out and about riding a bunch lately. Whilst driving back home from a day out searching schools we spotted this ship wreck out to sea that none of us had seen before, so we pulled out the camera and took some shots. The background in the photo almost seems fake.

Colony x Strictly Teddy frames out now

Strictly x Colony limited edition Teddy frames are now available at Strictly BMX.

Each one custom slapped by Mick Bayzand and comes with a signed poster, a bunch of stickers, DVD and a laser cut, customised, numbered Strictly skull.

To view all of the frames hit up Strictly’s Facebook album here.

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Limited edition Teddy frames at Strictly soon

We have teamed up with Strictly BMX & Mick Bayzand to produce some very limited edition frames which will be released in the weeks ahead. Only ten have been made for the planet, so exclusive is the word on these puppies. Check the Strictly site for more news soon.

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Mick Bayzand’s new bike…

Mick recently put together a fresh new rig with the limited edition Translucent Black which is only available at Strictly BMX. It looks pretty fresh to me, with just the right amount of gold in there.

Bike checks!

Whilst we were in LA a few weeks ago, we hooked up with Fat Tony and he was down with doing some bike checks. Visit Ride to see the bikes from myself, Tom Stretton, Clint Millar, Mick Bayzand and Broc Raiford.

Check back soon for how you can win Clint’s bike featured in these checks !!

Random photo…

I remember Mick Bayzand saying that one of the best memories he has from the recent USA trip we did was feeding this squirrel whilst in Long Beach. Tom Stretton grabbed my camera and captured the moment for Bayzand so I am sure he will be stoked to see this photo.

US trip coming to an end…

Our US trip is now coming to an end with Cooper, Mick & myself going home today. Broc also left this morning for home. Zac & Tom are heading over to Greenville to hang with Ryan for a week or so.

It’s been a great trip except for my broken ankle. Thanks to everyone that showed us around & rode with us. Special thanks to Ryan Navazio for looking after us while in LA, thanks mate.

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Product highlight – Teddy Pro complete bike

Courtesy of Strictly BMX we have a product highlight on Mick Bayzand’s pro level complete bike, the Teddy Pro out now.

Strictly STUFF Ep07 Mick Bayzand Signature Colony from Strictly BMX on Vimeo.

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We have two more days before most of us fly back home. Clint is out of hospital as well so that’s good news. We paid a visit to Hollywood and while we were in the area we cruised down the strip and did the tourist thing for a minute…

Off to the USA today…

Today Mick Bayzand, Zac Miner, Cooper Brownlee, Tom Stretton & myself are off to the USA for Interbike & then a week long riding trip in & around Cali. Should be a blast. Expect reports from the road while were there.

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Mick Bayzand / Strictly BMX advert…

Mick Bayzand features in Strictly BMX’s latest advert in the new 2020 along with long time mate, Kym Grosser. Check out that blood from Mick, a true trooper as always. Keep an eye out for some very rare & exclusive Teddy frames over at Strictly in the weeks ahead. Only 10 frames were made. More on those soon… in the meantime Strictly have our entire 2011 range in stock now. Get it while it lasts.

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Nora Cup…

Always looking forward to this each year & this year will be no exception. Maybe the last one in Vegas since Interbike is set for Anaheim next year? Mick Bayzand, Zac Miner, Cooper Brownlee, Tom Stretton, Ryan Guettler & myself will all be there this year. We have a team trip set for a week or so after Vegas as well. Can’t wait. If you see us there come up & say hi.

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Mick Bayzand & his Teddy Pro

Mick Bayzand went over to his long supporter, Strictly BMX today to film a product feature on his new Teddy Pro complete bike that hit the stores this week. We will have the full edit up here soon for your viewing pleasure.

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2011 poster…

We will have a free poster out in September this year & here are the two sides of it. Mick Bayzand & that killer rail in France & a banger double stair set wall ride from Zac Miner in Canberra. On Zac’s page you can see some of the new 2011 colours we will have including our Wasabi colour way.

Expect these posters & our entire 2011 range in store September this year.



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Straight jibbin’…

… Is a phrase Mick Bayzand coined a fair bit on our recent France trip. This epic rail here is anything but jibbin’. This is one the most craziest rails I have seen Mick do & it’s not even the biggest he has done. Mick is reported to be the first & only one to get this beast done. Hell yeah.

Oh by the way… this is the cover of the new Focalpoint magazine… due out any day now. Mick scores his first FP cover & maybe it’s his 2nd or 3rd ever photo in FP period. Be on the look out for coverage on our recent Euro trip too. Word.


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From the Vault.

A friend of mine reminded me of this spot today and it got me thinking about a bunch of moves Mick Bayzand did on it probably three years ago now if not longer. Mick went to town on it and most of the photos we shot never saw the light of day so I thought I would bring this one out.


France video…

Soul BMX from France have a video from the weekend we spent in Aurillac, France. It’s got some comp footage including Mick Bayzand bringing home the bacon, a little street & an indoor bowl session we had. Worth checking out for sure.

Click here now to check it out.

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New Splash Page.

We have a new splash page up, this one is of Mick Bayzand from the recent Europe trip we took. Goodtimes.


Trip Round up #2

Some more photos from our trip across France and Barcelona, thanks again to Unleaded for helping us out across France.

First up we have Mick Bayzand hanging a rail in France, then we have Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand and Bruno Faucon chilling before the comp down in Aurillac and last but not least this was a spot in Marseille that the locals took us to and a school group were stoked on BMX, they had Marnold doing stunts for them.




Bayzand bringing home the bacon…

Here is Mick & his cured leg of ham that he won at yesterday’s comp here in France. Gotta be the most funniest prize I have ever seen for a comp. It was such a great day & everyone had a blast. Thanks to the organisers & all the riders that showed great support for us all & made us feel very welcome. Merci beaucoup !!


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France Update.

Today was the local comp in Aurillac , it was actually a blast to hang out at. It had a good vibe the whole time and everyone got right into it when the riders were having there runs, at the end of the day the group of Mick Bayzand, Bruno Faucon and Le Goff Guillaume came up on top. The funniest thing about it was that Mick won a cured leg of ham and some local goats cheese. That would have to be the strangest prize ever won at a comp and also the funniest!



We drove down to Marseille France yesterday and thanks to the locals we rode some amazing spots then we were treated to ride an indoor park which was no doubt the best indoor park I have ever been to. The photo below is of Mick Bayzand getting his box jump game on!


Barcelona Day One.

We flew into Barcelona this morning after a very very long flight. We were all really tired but we went out and explored and had a ball riding around. Tomorrow we should be back on the normal sleep patterns, more updates to come…



Off to Barcelona…

Cooper, Liam, Mick, Zac, Marnold & myself are off to Barcelona today to ride for ten days. Stewart Munro is also coming along to film all the action. We will also be doing a 5 day trip through the south of France with our boys from Unleaded. Hit the guys up at Unleaded for more info on the France trip.

Expect some updates whilst on the trip. Can’t wait to session iconic spots like this below & find our own gems along the way.


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