Archive Of September 2011 - Colony BMX

Dealer highlight – Tienda BMX

In Columbia, we have a dealer by the name of Tienda BMX & they carry a good selection of products from us here at Colony. Click here to check out their website now.

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Valvo pipe mission

Our flow rider from Brazil, Valvo recently hit up a pretty nice looking spot. Thanks to Tico for the photos and some words from the mission…

“Leandro told us about those pipes that were parked on The Marginal Road, which is one of the main roads down here in

Sao Paulo. Then, on Saturday, myself, Valvo and Leandro went there to check it out and see if you could ride

there…Fortunately the guy that was looking after the pipes allowed us to ride and we had an amazing time!!!”

Marnold DVD leftovers

Marnold had plenty of solid clips leftover after the DVD was done, here is his web video with those clips, enjoy.


Advert: Mick Bayzand

Mick Bayzand advert from RideUS recently, you would have seen the clip of this in his recent Left overs edit.

It’s a rental…

On our way back home from a 2 week trip here in the USA & Canada. Just spent 3 days up in Vancouver with Dave Osato & his wife Johanna, taking in the sites of Vancouver. It was a really nice weekend for sure. They took us around & showed us some cool stuff, we ate good food & had a few drinks. We even caught up with Jay Miron as well. He is doing well it seems with his absence from BMX.

It was also good to catch up with Blaise & Tammy from Kill Em All Distribution as well.

We just spent the day in LA now & got a hire car to cruise around in. Had to go something American & fun. So enter the Dodge Challenger R/T with it’s 5.7L V8 Hemi. Fun times !!

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Brandon Van Dulken… welcome !!

With our recent distributor change in Canada, we have also picked up a new ripper from the West Coast. Brandon Van Dulken is now riding for us through Kill Em All Distro & you will see him rolling around on a fresh new Colony right now, check it our below. Look out for a welcome edit soon as well. Read on below for a few words from Brandon… good to have you a part of the family mate !!

Name: Brandon Van Dulken
Age: 18
Location: Kelowna B.C, Canada
Sponsors: Colony, Kill Em All Distro, CMFA Clothing & Cyclepath.

Frame: Colony Teddy 20.5″
Fork: Colony Dagger
Bars: Colony Teddy
Front Wheel: Colony Contour
Rear Wheel: Colony Contour
Pedals: Colony Fantastic
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
Sprocket: Colony Official
Seat Post: Colony Pivotal
Headset: Colony
Stem: Colony Official

Which Parts do you go through the most?

I find I go through pedals, grips and tires the fastest.

Describe your Bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…

I like it super solid not making any noise, not too light either or else everything starts to feel sketchy. Also into the feel of taller bars.

What part are you most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike?

Having the wheels true obviously. Angle of the bars make a pretty big difference and that they’re aligned with the front wheel, I don’t know how kids can ride without it being straight. It drives me crazy whenever the headsets creaking or the chains loose too.

Plans for the future?

Keep having fun and continue filming for a little web edit. Also start saving up this winter for a couple trips. I’d love to head down to Cali and check out Europe one of these days.

Big thanks to Clint at Colony, as well as Blaise and Tammy at Kill Em All Distro for hooking me up with the bike.

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Brock Olive

Brock has a couple of really good clips in this mixtape from the guys at Dishonour.


More Bayzand

Mick is still out and about travelling around Australia with his girlfriend, here is the latest….

“Hey guys. It’s been great traveling around and I hope you’ve all enjoyed my updates. The trip’s still going but I’m just chillin in Perth at the moment. I just got my bike back. I’ve been hanging out, riding, and filming with some locals. Perth’s got some mad spots, so hopefully we’ll work on an edit here.”

FP 25 preview…

Spotted this cool little preview video Cooper made for his latest issue of Focalpoint & thought it was cool. So enjoy !!

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Sidewall catalogue

The guys at Sidewall Distribution had a print catalogue at Interbike for those that were there & now they have released the online version for everyone to see. Check out our 2012 ranges featured inside. These will be out from October around the planet.

Mick Bayzand web video.

Here is the first of two Mick Bayzand videos created with the left over footage after the completion of The Colony DVD.

Daniele De Piccoli bike check.

Our friend and flow rider from Italy Daniele De Piccoli sent us in a bit of a bike check, all black and nice looking. Thanks to Stefano Vacca for the image.

His Colony parts list is as follows…

Frame: Rebirth
Fork: Guardian
Bars: Bull Bars
Stem: Official
Headset: Colony
Cranks: Colonial V2
BB Kit: Colony
Sprocket: official
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Front Wheel: Contour
Rear Wheel: Contour
Pegs: Oneway

Today was a good day…

Spent the day exploring New York City today again. We visited the 9/11 site which was rather emotional to be there. Just thinking of all those that lost their lives & what it would have been like to be there when it happened.

After that we headed to check out Wall Street & had some breakfast there. We then took a NYC Water Taxi on the Hudson River to check out the sights including the Statue of Liberty. After that we walked & checked out the Brooklyn Banks although they are closed off at the moment with construction.

After this we caught the subway back uptown to check out the Empire State Building. Such a great view of the city from up there. All in all, a great day.

Yo yo !!


Tom has a bunch of clips in this Mad Mondays edit which also features Mitch Wood who is one half of LUX.



The big apple…

Spent the day exploring NYC today & have much more planned for tomorrow yet. Snapped a couple quick pics on the go. We also saw a bunch of skaters filming in Times Square. The police nearby didn’t seemed fazed at all either which was cool to see.

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From OKC to NYC…

We spent the day in OKC yesterday & the guys at Sidewall Distribution looked after us really well, thanks guys. I checked out Sidewall HQ & after that we had some lunch & went for a quick site seeing tour around the city. One thing Mark Owen showed me was the famous rail Mat Hoffman did back in the day. We then headed to the airport to catch our next plane.

We arrived in NYC late last night. As we flew in we had a great over view of the entire city. I have never seen a city like this before. So crazy big. We headed straight for our hotel & walked around a little & it’s pretty surreal to be here. Today we will be going exploring… should be great.

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Liam off to China.

Liam leaves today for a street comp going down in China, best of luck my man. Thanks to Ben McPherson for the shots. Ben has a cool site called CastandCrew you should all check out.


Jays Jam #4

We are supporting the annual Jays Jam, make sure you make the trip out as it’s for a good cause.

In OKC… finally

Travelling can really suck sometimes. After Vegas we planned to go to Oklahoma City to visit the guys at Sidewall Distribution & have a nice relaxing Sunday there.

Well those plans got thrown out the window when our flight was delayed by 6 hours out of Vegas. It also didn’t help that we arrived 4 hours earlier for our flight. So after 10 hours sitting in the Vegas airport, we finally got on our way but then missed our connecting flight in Dallas. We were given a hotel room but only had 3 hours to try to get some sleep before we had to make the connecting flight. Finally after 24 hours of travelling, we arrived at our hotel in OKC, very much ready for some sleep. Our plans for Sunday blown out but least we finally arrived.

We will go visit Sidewall tomorrow & see where all the magic happens.

The view over Vegas at 11pm.

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A very worthy cause…

The Athelete Recovery Fund is a very worthy cause & Ball Park Franks will donate $1.00 for every time this is watched up to $100,000. Well worth 2 mins of your time.

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Birthday boys.

Quick shout out to Simon O’Brien and Brock Olive who are both celebrating their birthdays today.

Coverage in DIG

Make sure you get the new issue of DIG. We have a few photos in there relating to the DVD. That smith Marnold is doing is possibly the biggest smith I have seen done.


Nora Cup…

Wow, what a party !! As always the Ride BMX Nora Cup was an amazing night. Thanks again to all those that voted for us to make the top 5 video of the year list… so stoked to have been in such a prestigious list.

Oh yeah, Niki & I got the cover of Ride… haha.

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More Interbike…

Check out these photos that the guys at Ride BMX took of our 2012 ranges on display at the Sidewall Distribution booth. All these will be available from mid to late October around the planet.

2012 Sweet Tooth V2 in Matt Red.

2012 Miner in Rising Blue.

2012 The Living in Bright Purple.

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Broc Raiford.

Broc Raiford sent me an email last night letting me know he has filmed a ten clips edit which should be interesting. He sent over this photo of a park? That looks amazing! Thanks to Brock Gomez for the photo.

Interbike coverage.

Thanks to Kurt over at BMX Union for the photos of some of our product, check it out here.

And from the guys over at Vital

Interbike 2011: Colony – More BMX Videos

Nora Cup tonight !!

We are very stoked to have received a top 5 nomination for the video of the year for tonight’s Ride BMX Nora Cup.

Thank’s to all the pro riders that voted for us, it’s an honour to have been voted into the top 5. Can’t wait for tonight, see you there !!

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Steven Moxley edit.

Steven, our flow rider from Canada knows how to ride transition. This was filmed over the course of 30 minutes at his local park.



We will be at Interbike.

Make sure you come past the Sidewall Distribution booth which is stand #26071 if you are heading to Interbike over the next few days. We will have a full range of products on display for everyone to check out.


In the not to distant future we will have a Marnold DVD left overs edit but for now you get this ice photo that we shot on the weekend.