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New seats are in!

We just got in 3 new seats… The new AH seat/post combo, updated Chris Courtenay seat along with the new Nathan Sykes¬†shred seat.

Chris Courtenay bike build

Chris Courtenay built a fresh Versatil frame up around some banging new product at The Village, check the video for the full build and some riding clips at the end.


I spent most of the ACT Jam weekend shooting photos but put the camera down for another camera every now and then to snag a few clips of the guys. Check the video below featuring Alex Hiam, Jayden Fuller, Josh Dove, Chris James, Polly, Chris Courtenay and Clint Millar.

Instagram Feed video

More quality clips from some of the team’s Instagram accounts…

Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos.

Vans Pro Cup

Yesterday was amazing out at Manly, north of Sydney for the Vans Pro Cup. Shoutout to Vans for putting on such an amazing event. Looking forward to the week ahead. A few images below from the first of many FP photo dumps. More here.

Vans Pro Cup Highlights

What a day! This highlights video from Guettler includes footage of Chris, Jayden and Dean who all made it through to next weeks comp which Alex will also be in. Can’t wait!

Travel Life – Brisbane BTS Video

A few weeks back I spent a week in Brisbane filming with some of the guys. Whilst doing so I shot this behind the scenes video which I think gives you a pretty good insight into the time spent hanging out with the crew. Most of the time spent was with Josh Dove, Chris Courtney and Jayden Fuller but Tom. Clint and Alex all get a show in there as well.

Also check out the Jayden Fuller video that we dropped last week which we finished filming on this Brisbane trip.

Instavids – Courtenay, Kelly, Sykes and Fuller

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Chris Courtenay bike check

Chris Courtenay recently setup a new bike stacked with Colony product. Check the list below along with some detailed images of his rig.

Frame – Sweet Tooth 2017 Trans Metal gold 20.7
Forks – Sweet Tooth.
Bars – Sweettooth 8.8.
Cranks – 22’s in 170mm.
Front wheel – Wasp hub laced to Contour rim.
Rear wheel – Wasp hub laced to Contour rim with alloy driver.
Tyres – Grip Lock 2.35.
Stem – Squareback.
Pedals – Fantastic Plastic.
Seat – CC Combo Tie Dye.
Sprocket – CC sprocket 25 tooth Rainbow.
Brakes – Brethren brakes in Rainbow, Colony upper and lower cables with Colony lever.






Chris & Jayden session The Village

Chris Courtenay and Jayden Fuller session The Village with some great local lines.

Chris Courtenay update

Hey Guys!
If you’ve seen on my social media as of late I’ve caught the YouTube bug haha, been having a blast filming videos for it which you can watch here. I also had the pleasure of shooting photos for the past week with Andras Pentek around Brisbane, which you can checkout below!



Instavids – Chris Courtenay, Jayden Fuller and Nathan Sykes

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Instavids – Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay and Josh Dove

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Chris Courtenay update

Yo Guys quick check-in, Just finished up a promo campaign the other week with Sony Mobile which I was stoked to be on board with, got some pretty rad content out of it which should be below. Apart from that, we just did some new upgrades to The Village which are soo much fun to ride, also been putting a bunch of videos up with myself and all the boys on our channel if you guys have some time give them a watch right here. Until next time. Peaceee!




Chris Courtenay video bike check

Chris Courtenay gets a session in at The Village park and Supply whilst showing off the parts that make up his current ride. Waatch more video bike checks right here.

The Village videos

Chris Courtenay and Josh Dove along with our friend Jayden Fuller feature in these recent videos from The Village, check them out.

Chris Courtenay CTS

Chris and some of the local crew at The Village lay down some clips for each other in a game of Calling the Shots.

Chris Courtenay update

Hey Guys,
Some good some bad, the recent ACTJAM was amazing, all the dudes who make the happen every year rule! I road tripped it down with Dovey last minute so we could hit some more parks (Five dock is always a treat)! But lately I’ve been having some shoulder issue’s with it popping out on the odd occasion, so its back to the man Jeremy @ Solutions Physio to get me back to 100% and decrease the risk of it going out again! Also recently got a chance to shoot with Andras Pentek who is unreal behind the lens! So peep a few of the shots we got!
– Chris



Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.23.40 pm

Instagram video feed #3

Another week or so of stacked clips from some of the crew, check it out…

ACT JAM Photo Gallery

Chris Courtenay, Josh Dove and Luke Parker all have photos in the first of 2 photo galleries from FocalpointBMX. Check the first gallery right here.