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Justin Care interview

Justin has a cool interview over on the BMX Union website which is a good read, giving you an insight into Justin’s life. While you are at it, peep his latest video that dropped just over a week ago…


(Ryan Scott photo)

Sunday Sessions

We are getting behind the Sunday sessions going down in Sydney during the sunny months. Head down to Mac Fields in a couple weeks for a good time. That park definitely has something for everyone…


Mick Bayzand update

Hey Guys,

I just built up my new Colony Burna frame which I can’t thank Clint and Colony enough for it. It’s such a honour to have my name on something I love and care so much about and for so many years now. I would allso like to thank everyone who has supported me or bought one of my signature parts.

I am still off my bike at the moment with my hand injury but it has been nice just rolling around again witch is a step in the right direction. I’ve been doing lots of physio and stuff to get my hand back on track so I can come back in the new year killing it again.


DownUnderGround video results

The DownUnderGround flatland series for which we’ve been long time supporters of recently just had their latest video round go down. You can see the winners & all videos entered by clicking here now. Shane Badman came out in 2nd place & you might even notice Mr. Millar in the mix with a respectable 3rd place? A big thanks to Freestyle Now & BMX Flatland Australia for getting behind these events.

The finals are on this weekend in melbourne, so if you’re into flatland & want to see what it’s all about head on in to the Imax in Melbourne for some flatland action. Click here for more info.

DownUnderGround Round 3 the finals Melbourne November 2014

Tom Stretton video

Tom broke his foot just as we were finishing up filming for his latest video but fortunately he had stacked plenty of wizard moves to be able to finish it up. Filmed around Australia and the USA.

We’ve also got a desktop download for you guys of this awesome shot Jack Birtles took, you can download it here.

Product highlight – 2015 complete bikes

Looking for a new bike? Our 2015 range of complete bikes are our best yet & are available now worldwide.

The Premise is our best selling model & for good reason. Full CrMo everything, full sealed everything & all at a great price. It has a 20.75″ top tube length & geometry which make it great for all kinds of riding.

The Inception & new for this year, the Inception 18″ are perfect for those smaller riders out there. The Inception features the same great spec level as the Premise just in a smaller package with a 19.8″ top tube.

The Inception 18″ is built around an 18″ wheel set & scaled down frame, forks, bars, cranks & even a shorter reach stem. perfect for those that are not quite big enough to handle a 20′ bike but also want the best complete bike available.

The Endeavour was our first bike in our fleet & still remains one of our more popular models. packed full of goodness usually reserved for bikes with a much higher price tag. The Endeavour ticks all the boxes.

Topping off our range is the Castaway. Featuring an after market Castaway frame, dagger Forks & Pinnacle & Pintour wheel sets with our very popular Wasp Hubs right out of the box. It’s as pro as pro get’s in a complete bike.

Check all our bikes out at a dealer near you now. If they don’t have them, tell them to order one in for you.
















Yo yo !!

Filming with Pinelli

Pinelli and I have been trying to get together many times over the past couple months whilst he has been living in Melbourne but the weather and our schedules weren’t on our sides much. However the past couple weeks we’ve had some luck and got started on filming his next video. Here are a couple shots from the days out.




2015 Colony Premise video

We put this video together to give you guys an overview of the 2015 Colony Premise which is currently available worldwide from all Colony stockists.

Alex Hiam update

Hey guys !

I have good news!! If you missed it online,I am stoked to announce I am now riding for Fox Australia. Fox flew me to Melbourne and took me around the whole HQ of fox. I got to meet the whole crew at fox and they all seem super cool. I even caught up with Matt Holmes during the HQ tour ! After meeting everyone at Fox, Mick Sinclair took me to Hosier Lane for a photo shoot the new Summer range catalogue.

My Wrist feels better everyday. I have been smashing my physio everyday, It kills me ,but no pain no gain! Haha . It’s starting to get real hot in Brisbane so I have been swimming a bunch and playing around with my camera & photography again. It’s been good having more activities to do as my wrist gets better. I can finally use my camera again because I got a new Macbook pro. My last one was stolen last month!

Cooper Brownlee put a Gallery up of Myself over the past 8 years. It’s crazy it all feels just like yesterday! Thanks Cooper for capturing all the good times over the years. Check it here.


Roast to Toast

Our boy Chris Bracamonte put together this video from his trip to Texas Toast, I think his description is better than anything I could write so… “10 passionate BMX riders and two dogs travel in an RV for two weeks from Oakhurst, Ca to Austin, Tx and making pitstops along the way including Santa Cruz, Lake Havasu, Albuquerque and the Grand Cyn.”

And Chris’s video that we dropped a couple weeks back incase you missed that…

Step Brothers

Nathan Sykes roasts it hard along with his good friend Matt Cordova in this video for there clothing sponsor 100%. Bowl dogging’ at its finest…

Justin Care video

So stoked to have this video done of Justin, we filmed most of it on 2 trips around the USA with him along with some some town goods to finish it all off. Thanks to Ryan Scott, Ryan Landman and Jeremie Infelise for helping film.

Product highlight – Rainbow !!

Our Guardian & Dagger Forks have stood the test of time as some of the most reliable forks in the game. For those that want that extra bling outside of good old Black or Chrome we now offer them for a one off limited run, in Rainbow.

If you live in Australia, you are lucky enough to have access to a very limited run (18 pces only exist) of our 4 piece Hardy Bars in Rainbow. But be fast on these babies.

Our Rainbow Contour Rims have just landed again (for the last time) in both the USA & Australia. Why not get them built up like these full Rainbow wheels sets below?

Of course we also do much of of our alloy parts in Rainbow as well. Such as Squareback & Official stems, gyro plates, CC sprockets, Pivotal seat posts, Wasp Hubs or Free Coaster Hubs & don’t forget our Rainbow Spokes.

These look great in the custom made Front & Rear Clone Wheels we have also available in Australia while stocks last.

Check them all out at a dealer near you or if they don’t have them, ask them to order in for you.




Full Rainbow Wheel Set 6

Full Rainbow Wheel Set 4








Yo yo !!

Jack and Dean @ Flem Banks

A few shots of Jack and Dean from the recent Flem Banks jam. Thanks to James Patterson for the images.




2015 complete bike catalogue

With all our complete bikes now available around the world we wanted to get a catalogue up online for everyone to check out. It’s also stacked with riding shots from some of the team throughout…

Dean Anderson

Dean featured in this photo gallery over on the Focalpoint website from the recent Adelaide trails jam, check out the article here.


Keith Treanor interview

Our good friend and the guy to see when it comes to our product in the USA, Keith Treanor has an interview up on the FL-BMX website which is also stacked with some good shots of the main man still killing it at the age of 43. It’s people like Keith that keep my motivation strong for BMX.


Chris Courtenay x Pushys x Colony edit

To celebrate the fact that Pushys are now carrying a full range of our 2015 products, they got together with Chris Courtenay to bring you this special video. Chris went to work for this one filmed in one day after recently taking off his brakes for something different. Looking the goods.

Hit up Pushys now for our full range by clicking here now.


Yo yo !!

Flem Banks today !!

If you’re any where near Melbourne today, get to this now !!


Yo yo !!

Down Underground final

Get down to Melbourne on the 29th of November for the Down underground series final that is happening at Imax. We are supporting the event and you can read more about there event here.DownUnderGround Round 3 the finals Melbourne November 2014

Product highlight – 18″ product line

With the growing number of little rippers out there we’ve introduced for this year a great range of 18″ products.

Starting off with our 2015 Inception 18″ complete bike which is one of the best 18″ bikes out of the box available. Full CRMo everything, full sealed everything it’s a great bike for the smaller ripper out there.

For those wanting the best of the best our 2015 Sweet Tooth V4 18″ version along with Dagger 18″ Forks & our Pintour 18″ Front & Pintour 18″ Rear wheels featuring our amazingly popular Wasp Hubs are the ultimate choice.

Available now at selected Colony dealers now. If they don’t have them, ask them to order it in. These would make an amazing christmas gift for the smaller riders out there.








Yo yo !!

Collective Two video

The 2nd instalment for the video project featuring as much of the team as possible and with as much diversity possible…

This one features Zac Miner, Paddy Gross, Dean Anderson, Chris Bracamonte, Nathan Sykes, Jack Kelly, Mick Bayzand, Luke Parker, Clint Millar, Bobbie Altiser,, Mike Brennan, Pete Radivo, Brandon Van Dulken, Cooper Brownlee, Jourdan Barba, Michal Mycek, Stas Shatilo, Liam Marshall, Shuhei Maz Azuma, Alex Hiam and Polly.

Tom Stretton update

Hey guys just a little update to say what I’m up to. To be honest things just haven’t been going my way lately. With my dog passing and my ankle still not going it’s a struggle to keep finding motivation. However I’m still positive. I have no idea when I’ll be back on my bike as my ligaments are pretty much toast but I’m riding my Fixie and constantly trying to build the muscle up, so hopefully real soon.

On a good not I’m pretty sure my edit comes out super soon. We have finished all of it, edited and everything, and I think it will drop in the coming weeks. There’s also a little photo treat that will be for download thanks to the insanely talented Jack Birtles and his camera skills. Super pumped on the photo.

Anyway that’s it from me. Keep riding for me because I can’t at the moment hahaha.



Product high light – 2015 Premise in Green Storm

Our latest limited edition colour in the 2015 Premise complete bike has just landed & is Green Storm as pictured below.

This colour will only be offered this once so act fast of you want one. Featuring full CrMo construction, full sealed everything the Premise is a killer bike out of the box. Check them out at a dealer near you now.






Yo yo !!

Dealer highlight – Evolution Cycles NZ

Coming off the back of our new distribution through Launchpad Group in New Zealand is a fresh new dealer in NZ for Colony.

Evolution Cycles now stocks a full range of our 2015 ranges which you can check out here now. Hit them up for all your Colony needs & they will get you sorted with free delivery NZ wide. Check the full range by clicking here now.

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 9.00

Yo yo !!

Introducing Launchpad Distribution in New Zealand

We’re stoked to announce that we have a new & exciting distribution outlet in New Zealand.

The Launchpad Group has now taken over exclusive distribution rights for Colony in New Zealand & has stock ready to go right now. Our full product line will now be readily available throughout New Zealand in more dealers than ever before. Pricing will be sharper than ever before as well, great news for all no doubt.

For all dealers wanting to carry Colony in NZ please contact Steve at Launchpad & he will get you sorted.

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 8.53

Yo yo !!

Ryan Winterbotham update

Right, so june this year I got back from an absolutely insane 10 week trip to California, first off meeting some of the boys for the first time was a good time. Had an absolute blast, met a bunch of really good people and rode my bike a hell of a lot. I owe a big thank you to all of those people that helped me out with a place to stay, driving me about and taking me to some really good places. Unfortunately 2 days before I flew home I flew over the bars on the trails at Woodward West and broke my collar bone, hit my head pretty hard and ended up concussed worse than I’ve ever been before and had a huge hematoma on my hip. Again a huge thanks to the medical staff at Woodward, an even bigger thanks to Danny Josa and Robert Barranco for being there for me, getting me to hospital and then back down to LAX and sorting all my luggage out as I was pretty damn dazed still at that point.

Spent some time chilling when I got back, went to Boardmasters festival in Newquay that has a mini ramp contest at every year, always a bit of fun and had a blast seeing the homies riding and partying.

Since then I have ended up getting back into work, riding around the times I’m not at work having fun and enjoying the last of the British Summer, which always comes to an end way too soon. Through out the next month I will be filming a ten clips at some point, after that I’m going to start working on a full Colony video.




2015 Colony Endeavour

We put this video together to give you guys an overview of the 2015 Colony Endeavour which is currently available worldwide from all Colony stockists. You can get more information right here.

Thanks to B0NNAZ for the beats.

Polly bike check

Polly has been running this Prody set-up for a while now and I finally got a chance to shoot some photos of it. Stacked with our product including the Hardy 4 piece bars, our prototype gyro and Guardian Forks with mounts.








David Pinelli Perth trip

In june I moved to Melbourne and I have been loving being able to ride my bike heaps! But I recently went back to Perth for a month to do shows and some coaching.. Everyday for one week at the Perth Royal Show is always a good time, hanging out with mates and riding bikes. Then some skatepark coaching and more demos with Freestyle Now.

Just thought I would share a few rad shots from the trip! Back in Melbourne now and I cant wait to start filming with Cooper within the next week or so!