Archive Of November 2021 - Colony BMX

Albury Skatepark Jam

We’re supporting the opening jam of the massive new skatepark in Albury. Make sure you get down there on the 11th of December for a good time! You can find more info here.

Backyard Session With Paterico Fallico

Paterico Fallico battling for some solid clips in the backyard.

Joey Battaglia – Welcome To Dans Comp

Joey Battaglia recently got added to the Dans Comp Pro team. Peep the welcome video stacked with classic Joe moves below.

How To Toothpick With Clint Millar

Clint Millar is a master of the toothpick stall so who better to give you the run down on how to do them. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the YT comments and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Filmed by Wayne Cant.
Cut by Cooper Brownlee.

Zac Miner 2011 Colony DVD Part

We close out The Colony DVD with a bang! Courtesy of Zac Miner’s incredible section. From start to finish you can tell Zac put it all on the line for this video part.

Shot and cut by Stewart Munro.

Alex Hiam Bike Check

DIG have a detailed bike check article up on their site which is well worth a look.